10 Best Easter Eggs Hidden In Red Dead Redemption 2

Some eagle-eyed gamers have already discovered all sorts of secret places and items in the game.

The sense of discovery that video games offer is a feeling almost unmatched by any other form of entertainment. Deep down, you know that a developer went out of their way to create a mystery for the player to solve, or to put in a cool reference to another work of art. But in the heat of the moment, in the thrill of the chase, you feel like a detective pulling at a thread, ready to unveil whatever may be behind the curtain. There are few developers better at eliciting this feeling than Rockstar, and the Easter Eggs in Red Dead Redemption 2 certainly keep their reputation alive. Here's what we've found so far in Red Dead Redemption 2.

10 Bigfoot

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Yes, Bigfoot was a much-rumored inclusion in the original Red Dead Redemption back in 2010, and while they weren't in the original game, they were included in the Undead Nightmare DLC.

Naturally, the moment Red Dead Redemption 2 released, eagle-eyed gamers were on the case.

And what do you know? There was actually something to find. Up on Mt. Shann, a little searching will reward you with a find big enough to make any archaeologist jealous. A massive skeleton lies solitary among the snowy mountains, begging the question: Is that really the end of the hunt? Or is the truth still lurking somewhere?

9 Strange Statues

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If you're like me and usually seem to have a rather large bounty on your head, then you might need to make (or loot) a quick buck. If you're in the vicinity of Fort Wallace, then head West, cross the river, and go up the mountain pass at Window Rock. You'll find some cave paintings. Arthur will make a note of them in his journal, and from there, cross the river and head just Southeast of the "I" in Ambarino on the map.

There's going to be a little crevice, eventually leading to a cave. In there, you'll find stone statues, seven in total. Taking another look at the cave paintings, you'll find that the statues in the painting are accompanied by eagles with varying numbers of tail feathers. The feathers correspond with fingers on the statues, the winning combination being: 2, 7, 5, 8, 3, 4, 6. Once the combination is put in, you'll be rewarded with three gold bars.

8 Hobbit House(?)

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There's a bit of a debate around this one. Just Northeast of Bacchus Bridge and Southeast of Donner Falls lies a hole in the ground. A somewhat familiar looking hole in the ground, for Tolkien fans. That being said, something about the whole house seems... off. Other than the obvious similarity of being a literal house in a hill, there isn't much about the house that seems like its Lord of the Rings counterpart. Style-wise, they're pretty distinct.

And what's the deal with the turtle painting on the roof?

There seems to be more to this humble abode than caught at first glance.

7 Viking Ruins

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Just across the river north of Annesburg lies an old ruin. It appears to be an old Viking tomb, and it's not entirely empty. Lying inside just waiting for someone with sticky fingers are three different items.

The first item is the Viking hatchet, found near the altar in the middle of the ruins. Careful throwing this; you'll only ever get one.

Another item in the tomb, hiding on a stone shelf sits the Viking helmet, wearable if you really just aren't a fan of hats.

Lastly, there's an old Viking comb lying behind some skulls in one of the rooms. My best guess? The helmet gave some awful hat hair.

6 Tomahawk

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Another item you'll want to snag in your travels is the ancient tomahawk, located East of the Wapiti Indian Reservation, on the Eastern part of the Calumet Ravine. It lies embedded and forgotten in an old tree trunk, awaiting its new destiny.

Just like the Viking hatchet, you'll want to be extra-careful throwing this; you don't get any replacements. And also just like the Viking Hatchet, you get bonus style points for using it.

5 Pirate Loot

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Another couple of pieces on the collectible item list is the Broken Pirate Sword, complete with a stylish Tricorn Hat. To snag these items, you'll need to head just South of Saint Denis, to the small cluster of islands nearby. Keep an eye out for alligators as you search for an old and mostly destroyed boat that's washed up on the shore. Sticking out of the boat is--you guessed it--the Broken Pirate Sword, entirely usable as a melee weapon.

In order to grab the hat, you'll need a boat. Head out towards the biggest island around, and you'll find an even bigger, still mostly destroyed pirate ship. Inside lies your prize; the coolest hat in the Seven Seas.


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Is the truth really out there? At least in the Red Dead Redemption universe, that seems to be the case. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just head between the "N" and "O" of New Hanover on the map, and you'll come across an old building. Inside, you'll be met with a pretty weird scene. There are beds lining the sides of the building, with a desk at the end. On the desk lies a note, which rather cryptically hints for you to come back to the building, or stay there, until about 2 am.

When 2 am hits, you'll know. As long as you're in the building, a UFO is going to appear right above you, hovering and basking the whole room in green light. Shooting at the flying saucer yields no result, and it will simply leave after a couple of in-game hours, or as soon as you leave the building.

Is this the first clue in a journey to a new frontier? Maybe. But even if not, it's still pretty cool.

3 Meteor House

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One of the more gritty locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 is called the Meteor House. Dubbed so, because everybody inside the house appears to have been utterly disemboweled by a stray meteor. If you've got a mind to check out the scene, you can head just West of Brandywine Drop, keeping South of the Abandoned Trading Post.

You also won't be left unrewarded.

The dastardly meteorite itself can be picked up, and either kept as a cool collectible or it can be sold for a decent chunk of change.

2 The Outhouse Inmate

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One of the spookier finds thus far has been the discovery of a woman chained inside of an outhouse. She's been disfigured and continues, with apparent difficulty, chanting off numbers in a specific order. If you'd like to see or hear her for yourself, you can head to the Braithwaite Estate. On the outer edge is the outhouse with the inmate in question. What's her story? What do the numbers lead to? Is she locked in there for good reason? Or is it simply because she's different?

Regardless, this one's a little spooky... and a little sad.

1 Witch's Abode

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Another spooky location can be found North of the Grizzlies, just above the "N" in Ambarino. Searching the woods around there reveals an apparently abandoned shelter that appears to have previously housed a witch. One that has not been abandoned for too long, either, because inside is a seemingly fresh cauldron full of some sort of bubbling liquid. If you're capable of mustering the courage required to take a swig, you'll black out and reawaken a distance away from the cauldron.

Maybe it isn't quite so abandoned...

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