10 Best Mobile Puzzle Games Out Right Now

Though some gamers might disagree, mobile games have reached the same level of importance as most platform games. Which makes sense, as most people have access to smart-phones and tablets. According to Mediakix.com, the revenue generated from mobile games is projected to exceed $180 billion in 2021 and with games made to suit everyone that number will only climb higher further in the future! And one of the most played types of mobile games are puzzle ones, that challenge players to use their wits to come up with solutions. Here are the 10 Best Mobile Puzzle Games Out Right Now.

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10 Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a beautiful looking indie puzzle game by the company ustwo. Players control the character of Ida as they guide her through mazes made of optical illusions. Every level has its own set of mechanics that players have to figure out to find the maze's exit. Each level has its own specific interaction to solving it, from creating bridges and platforms to climbing up towers. Monument Valley is not only an amazing puzzle game but a stunning one as well. And with a recent sequel, players get to experience even more challenging puzzles from this series.

9 Threes!

Lots of puzzle games involve math and can be frustratingly challenging at times. But the indie game Threes! is a math-based puzzle game that's simple and addictively fun. Created by Sirvo, Threes! has players slide numbered tiles across a four-by-four grid to try and get addends and multiples of three. Levels are short but fun, and players swipe across their screen to move the tiles in the direction they want it to go. The design is simple with a touch of cuteness from the faces at the bottom of the tiles.

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8 Two Dots

Two Dots is the sequel to Dots, a mobile game that came out in 2013. It takes the previous game to a whole new level by adding objectives, a campaign, and power-ups. Levels are grouped into different worlds, and each world has its own set of objectives, obstacles, and themes. The gameplay is simple enough, players have to connect dots of the same color, removing them from the game. There's also a weekly Treasure Hunt where players worldwide compete to be the first to complete a series of seven levels and earn items.

7 The Room

The Room mobile game first came out in 2012 and it continues to be one of the best puzzle mobile games with its sequels. The story of the game is simple but compelling, drawing on the curious nature of human beings. Players must solve a series of strange puzzle boxes found in a room. Each box requires certain mechanisms to go about opening them. As more puzzles are solved players are pulled deeper into the story. The dark atmosphere and haunting audio just add to the game's eerie air of mystery.

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6 Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope is an adorable mobile puzzle game that can be enjoyed by all ages. Originally released in 2010 it has a number of sequels and spinoff game titles where players have to figure out ways to feed the cute little green monster Om Nom. The gameplay is simple, there is a piece of candy dangling over Om Nom and players have to figure out how to get that candy to drop into his mouth. Each new level brings a new challenge and obstacles, all in a fun and colorful cartoon style.

5 Prune

It's easy to get stressed out by puzzle games as their difficulty ramps up, but Prune is a puzzle game that's good at offering both a challenge while still keeping a pretty relaxed atmosphere with its soothing music and gorgeous Sumi-e inspired art style. Players plant seeds and cultivate their very own tree, helping it grow by trimming branches to make it reach the sunlight, and avoiding obstacles. Flowers will sprout on the branches when that happens and players have to sprout a certain number of flowers to beat the level.

4 Dissembler

When first looking at Dissembler it might be difficult to understand exactly how this puzzle game is played. But once a player dives in they're on their way to enjoying one of the most colorful and entertaining mobile puzzle games. Dissembler has players flip pairs of tiles to make matching color groups. The goal is to match all the tiles on the screen and clear the board. Each of the over 170 puzzles is a handmade work of art, with free daily puzzles and a color-blind mode to make the game accessible to even more players.

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3 Brain It On!

Brain It On! is a mobile puzzle game that's all about testing player's knowledge in physics. And also about testing their patience. Players have to draw shapes to solve each puzzle, which looks deceptively easy at first glance. There is more than one way to solve each puzzle and players can compete with their friends. Players can also unlock all the levels for free when they earn stars in previous levels. And even more amazing is that they can create their own levels and have others in the community play them!

2 Hocus

The mobile puzzle game hocus takes a unique spin on puzzles dealing with optical illusions and impossible geometry. An indie game made by the husband and wife duo Yunus and Kubra of GameBra.in, hocus is inspired by the works of M.C. Escher. The objective is to get a red cube to a designated point on the shape provided in each level. With shapes that can visually trick a player's mind, each level holds a challenge that encourages players to change their perspective as they try to figure out a solution.

1 Euclidean Skies

Euclidean Skies is a stunningly beautiful puzzle/action mobile game. The sequel to Euclidean Lands, Euclidean Skies has over fifty levels that make up colorful and interactive worlds. Players shift and rotate the world to fight off enemies and move on to other levels, with each level more challenging than the last. It gives off a high fantasy whimsical feel to it with it's floating castles. This game can be enjoyed by casual gamers, but more hardcore puzzle gamers will enjoy the difficulty that comes from the long levels and tough boss fights.

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