The 10 Best Poison-Type Pokémon, Ranked

One of the best things about playing a Pokemon game is that players can decide on their favorite type and just run with it, only ever catching the types of Pokemon that they're interested in. One of the lesser-appreciated types is Poison, which, frankly, is a real injustice. They've become much more useful since Fairies were introduced and make up some of the most interesting Pokémon of all time.

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Let's take a look at what Poison Pokémon have to offer by picking out just a few of the more powerful, interesting and unique of them.

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10 Seviper

In the real world, snakes are better known for striking their prey with their teeth or wrapping them up in a coil with their strong body, but Seviper thrashes its poison tail at its enemies instead, allowing the sharpened tip to enter the body and administer the deadly liquid. It's not the absolute strongest Pokémon, but it's criminally under-appreciated.

Though many fans aren't particularly fond of this Pokemon's design, which is why it's the lowest on our list, you can't deny the fact that it's a great, defining Poison-type. It has a signature move with the word Poison in it, what more could you ask for?

9 Salandit

Rather than just coming at an opposing monster with poison or venom, this guy is all about spreading toxic clouds that can leave the enemy filled with deadly gas.

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This evolution line, with its unique Corrosion ability, can even poison Steel types, which are usually immune. You've got to admire that dedication to the venomous lifestyle!  That said, anyone that has struggled to get this monster evolved will know that only the females can evolve, something that is not made adequately clear to the player at the start.

8 Garbodor

Fans always joke about the way that the developers of this game sort of lost the plot when it came to the later generations' monster designs, and we have to agree with them when we look at Pokémon like this...

Despite the design, which is nowhere near as cool as some of the other monsters placed high on this list, this is a strong Pokemon to keep around. As far as the Poison concept goes, though, this 'mon's design just reeks of social commentary and the mess we're making of our planet.

7 Weezing

Yes, this evolved Pokémon can end up pumping out some seriously toxic gas while hurting any opposing monsters in the process. This doesn't change the fact that its name and design is just a little too hackneyed for some.

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Its punny name makes it sound way less intimidating than other Poison type monsters. Nevertheless, Weezing has been serving as a top-notch physical wall and tank since the very beginning and deserves a place on this list.

6 Tentacruel

Now we're starting to get into the monsters that we could fully understand people wanting to make part of their main roster, the Pokémon that are Poison-type and should be kept around for good!

Even though it looks rather silly (the huge nose being a bit of a hilarious addition to a monster that could've easily been made to look foreboding), this guy knows how to bring the pain to opponents. It has high Special Attack and Special Defense, allowing it to perform different roles on a team.

5 Toxicroak

Despite its silly name, this is a rather unpleasant Pokémon, one that can really cause some problems for both trainers and monsters if they're not careful! By croaking, they churn up the poison in the sac on their neck, which they can then spit out at foes.

Throw in the fact that they can simply poison opponents by making contact, and this is a silly-looking but genuinely helpful Poison type monster that can be used to great effect by those that know what they're doing.

4 Muk

Being the living embodiment of toxic sludge, we obviously had to put this guy close to number one. However, one thing we all need to keep in mind is that Muk is easily exterminated in a way that isn't true for the other 'mon on this list.

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Since he's literally living sludge, Muk habitats are slowly disappearing as the environment gets cleaned up, and these guys may start going extinct soon.

3 Nidoking

Despite the fact that Nidoking and Nidoqueen tend to be lower-tier material, there's no denying that these Pokémon are capable of throwing out a real poison sting from time to time!

We've put this Pokemon so high on the list because it is genuinely frightening. It boasts a huge variety of moves and the excellent Sheer Force ability. It's a Poison type Pokémon that everyone should think about making part of their standard roster!

2 Ariados

More than anything, Ariados comes in at second place because it looks the part. If we saw a bug this size in real life, we would assume that they were coming in to administer some sort of life-threatening poison, whether they truly were or not!

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Based on real-life spiders, it only makes sense that we would put this guy so high on the list. There are some people scared of things that look like smaller versions of an Ariados in real life!

1 Vileplume

If it were up to us, Oddish would skip its evolution to Gloom and just jump straight to Vileplume. Not only does this thing look the part (being cute but having a sinister side as well), the spores among its petals cause other monsters to become paralyzed.

Is there a better Poison-type than one that can literally shake and burst with pollen that causes other Pokémon to become motionless and unable to move?! We don't think so...

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