10 Couples That Hurt Nickelodeon Shows (And 10 That Saved Them)

The shows from Nickelodeon helped bring our childhoods to life with the likes of Cartoon Network and Disney cartoons. What makes Nickelodeon truly unique is its take on some of the strangest concepts and its ability to make them into a great show. These include SpongeBob SquarePants, The Fairly OddParents, Rugrats, and so much more. Even live-action shows have their charm, creating relatable characters and have plots that are easy to follow. A lot of kids back in the day would take about shows like Drake & Josh, iCarly, and many others.

There is one element in these shows that are not the main focus but help flesh out the show, and it is the romance. Nickelodeon has done an amazing job in creating memorable relationships that either last or don’t, giving kids and even some teens a perspective on the genre. The couples can even make or break the show, depending on the situation at hand. There are couples who are definitely better than others, and the show can benefit into developing the characters for better or worse.

Even after some of these shows’ conclusions, fans still pair them and discuss their own ideas and thoughts on what would happen if the couple in question are still together. Then there are those who like to believe that not all canon pairings will always stick together, and they are right, since anything can happen.

Here are ten couples that hurt Nickelodeon shows and ten that saved them!

20 Hurt: Spaulding And Moody

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This choice might seem like a stretch, but The Amanda Show features a parody sketch of Dawson’s Creek called Moody’s Point. Amanda plays Moody, whose name is a given for what her character is about. Then there is Spaulding, who has a huge crush on her, but always fails to express his feelings for her.

These two will never get the proper ending due to finding out that Moody is not the real Moody and the fact that The Amanda Show was canceled after the last episode in the sketch ended with the words “To Be Continued.”

19 Saved: Arnold And Helga

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Hey Arnold! has to be one of the greatest cartoons in general due to showcasing real-life problems in a mature way and having characters with relatable situations, even if they are taken lightly. Helga is rude and harsh to Arnold, but her feelings for him are clear and it is hard to express them, given her family background.

The Jungle Movie finally gave closure to these two and they finally became a couple. Arnold might not have had a crush on Helga at first, but their developing chemistry later grew into a fleshed-out and nice romance.

18 Hurt: Beck And Jade

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Beck and Jade from Victorious are one of those couples that look good together, but their problems greatly outweighed their relationship. For starters, them still being together after the show’s abrupt cancelation shows that they endured a lot.

However, there are more flaws than positives in their relationship.

Jade is the one to blame since she gets incredibly jealous when Beck mentions another girl, and he had to literally show proof that he is not with her or anything. They were even titled “The Worst Couple” when they and their friends entered a game show. Maybe over time, Beck and Jade will form into a genuine couple.

17 Saved: Chas And Kira

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Rugrats does an amazing job in not only making the toddlers interesting characters, but their parents are too. Chas is very realistic and endearing as he and Chuckie still struggle from the loss of Melinda. The second Rugrats movie is where he is able to find love again as well as give Chuckie a new mom.

Kira was always supportive of Chas and in the end, they would get married and start a new life together with Chuckie and Kimi having new parents to love and spend time with, filling the holes in their familial lives.

16 Hurt: Nat And Rosalina

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The [Bare] Brothers Band is an interesting take on a mockumentary, featuring two real-life brothers Nat and Alex Wolff. The older brother Nat certainly has been through the hardships of being a rock star, including forming a romantic relationship with band member Rosalina. The final season really tested the waters in their relationship.

Even though they have pulled through, Nat and Rosalina’s relationship shows that being in a serious relationship while also being in a band can be incredibly risky, and it takes a lot of trust and dedication to make the relationship work. They are not the worst couple, but given their circumstances, their relationship can ruin the band if they were to break up again.

15 Saved: Danny And Sam

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At first, Danny and Sam were just great friends who had each other’s backs. But Sam would later form a crush on him, despite her denying her feelings whenever asked. Plus, Danny was in love with Paulina at the time, so it seemed impossible for the two to become a couple.

But then the third season happened.

They begin to express signs of interest in each other and once the series finale arrived, they finally got together. Fans of Danny and Sam being together must have been jumping in excitement when they kissed, and those who never saw it coming were in for a pleasant surprise.

14 Hurt: Logan And Dana

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What is interesting about this spot is that Logan and Dana actually never end up together. Originally, they were to become a couple, but due to the writers leaving out Dana after the first season, she gained no closure, thus leaving Logan to end with Quinn, which is a better pair in terms of character development.

These two could not even stand each other, so it would probably have been a destructive relationship if they were endgame. Dana and Logan are both rude, so it might seem like a match made in heaven, but there would have been more arguments than dates between these two.

13 Saved: Cosmo And Wanda

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Timmy could have easily had a terrible life, but once Cosmo and Wanda arrived in the picture, his life got better, albeit crazier. Cosmo and Wanda are also an interesting couple. It might be tiring for Wanda to deal with Cosmo’s idiocy and she could have easily found a better partner, but she truly loves Cosmo for who he is.

Say what you want about Poof, their son, but him being born does strengthen their relationship further, since they have to care for both Timmy and their biological son. Despite the show getting progressively worse, Cosmo and Wanda as a couple are the true stars of the show.

12 Saved: Ned And Moze


This couple came out of nowhere, but in the end, Ned and Moze were truly meant for each other. Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide went over the basics of getting through middle school, and while it is not really realistic, it does provide a funny and interesting perspective of this section of schooling.

Having crushes and whatnot are definitely in the guide.

Even though they remained nothing more than friends at first, it was cool to see Ned and Moze’s relationship grow. Like with other shows, one person has feelings for another, while the other likes the one they have known for so long. It would have been awesome to see their relationship evolve in high school, but that is only in our dreams for the time being.

11 Hurt: Katara And Jet

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Katara had a handful of suitors that fans love to pair her with. There is Aang, who she ultimately ends up with, Zuko, who was originally going to end up with her, and Jet, the one who, unfortunately, met his demise. Katara was attracted to him for being a freedom fighter, but with him willing to hurt innocent people, this angered the waterbender.

When she met Jet again, Katara was willing to believe that he changed, but then fate decided to cut the former’s life short. He eventually succumbed to his wounds and was left to perish. Even after his passing, Katara still felt anger about his ideals and past actions.

10 Saved: Jimmy And Cindy

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Who doesn’t love pairings that have an intense rivalry, only to grow into love? Jimmy Neutron and Cindy Vortex from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius are a perfect example of this. Since they are kids, of course, they are going to bicker and argue who is better in academics.

Over time, their rivalry dropped, and Jimmy and Cindy start to acknowledge their feelings for each and become a genuine pair. Funnily enough, their relationship is like Arnold and Helga’s from Hey Arnold!, so it was bound to be endgame for these two.

9 Hurt: Freddie And Carly

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This is definitely a controversial choice since there are a lot of Creddie shippers for the show iCarly. Freddie and Carly got to become a couple in the episode “iSaved Your Life,” where Freddie gets hit by a taco truck to make sure Carly does not get hurt. It really made some fans happy to see them become a couple, but there are problems.

It would revert Freddie’s character development since he begins to see Carly as a close friend while his crush for her fades. Not to mention, later on in the episode, Freddie begins to think that Carly only fell in love with what he did, and not him. Sorry Creddie fans.

8 Saved: Chase And Zoey

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Zoey 101 might just focus mostly on Zoey’s adventures in PCA, but the friends she made along the way manage to grow alongside her. Ever since he first saw her, Chase fell in love with Zoey and his feelings stayed strong for a good number of years. Once the episode “Goodbye Zoey” aired, fans were impatiently waiting for Chase to drop the bomb and tell Zoey his feelings for her.

Zoey would find out, but not directly.

Even though she dated other guys before, Zoey harbored feelings for Chase. They did their best to make it work while she went back to PCA and Chase went to England. Even though they didn’t officially become a couple, at least until the series finale, Zoey and Chase remain one of the sweetest and time-consuming couples in Nickelodeon.

7 Hurt: Kendall And Lucy

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Ever since Jo left to go to New Zealand for doing a movie, Kendall was left at the airport and the Palm Woods heartbroken. But when the new girl Lucy arrived, she caught a quarter of Big Time Rush’s eye. Lucy and Kendall and it looked like they were about to hit it off.

Once Jo came back to Palm Woods, Kendall had to make the ultimate choice: get back with her, or continue his new relationship with Lucy. The episode “Big Time Decision” made it look like he was going to go for Lucy, but the twist was crazy and heartbreaking.

6 Hurt: Mr. And Mrs. Turner

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="628"]Image result for fairly odd parents mr and mrs turner via: fairlyoddparents.fandom.com[/caption]

It is safe to say that Mr. and Mrs. Turner are pretty bad parents. Sure, they have shown from time to time that they care for Timmy, but they are incredibly ignorant about Timmy’s problems and keep wasting their money on Vicky to babysit him. As a married couple, they are alright and do get into arguments once in a while.

Mr. Turner saved the day for Mrs. Turner when Dinkleberg broke up with her when they were young adults. They even forget Timmy’s birthday, just showing them how dedicated they are to their son. They might not be loafers, but as parents, they should try harder to be better.

5 Saved: Korra And Asami

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It must be kind of awkward for Mako’s previous relationships to canonically end up together, but the fact stands that Korra and Asami are an amazing couple. Even though both have dated the same guy, their support for each other throughout the show is wholesome and sweet.

When Korra offers Asami to come to the Spirit World with her, that was a predestined fate for them to be together. Asami was there for Korra at any needed time, and the latter is a strong fighter that can protect the former from any kind of danger. Korrasami fans rejoiced when the final scene in the series played out with the astounding music in the background.

4 Hurt: Timmy And Trixie

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Timmy Turner might have his awesome fairy godparents, but when it comes to love, he is just unlucky. Trixie Tang is the most beautiful and popular girl at Dimmsdale Elementary, but she sees Timmy as unworthy.

Trixie does manage to fall for Timmy when they were the last people on Earth, but her constant need of being told she is pretty really does get grating, even for Timmy. Then again, she has gotten used to Timmy from time to time and has grown to like him. It is really hard to tell if she will end up with Timmy in the future since Tootie is also a candidate for being his lover.

3 Saved: Josh And Mindy

In a lot of shows created by Dan Schneider, there are those couples who have an intense love-hate relationship. One of the first of these relationships is Josh and Mindy from Drake & Josh. They are very competitive towards each other, with Mindy always one step ahead of Josh, but they grew to have feelings for one another.

Their relationship is more interesting than Drake’s attempts on getting girls, and that’s saying a lot. So for them to be endgame in the series finale made a lot of fans happy when Josh and Mindy get together, but the former also gets to be the manager at the Premiere.

2 Hurt: Mr. Krabs And Mrs. Puff

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The episode “Krusty Love” is a classic. We get to see SpongeBob as a great advisor for Mr. Krabs on how to find love and these two are an interesting pair. However, in the episode “Plankton Paranoia,” Mr. Krabs had the audacity to think that Mrs. Puff was working with Plankton, banning her from the Krusty Krab for a while.

As of season ten, they have secretly been dating for so long. These two have gotten into some conflict, but if they manage to work out in the end, then all the best for them!

1 Saved: Freddie And Sam

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One of the more interesting relationships on iCarly is without a doubt Sam and Freddie. For them to hate each other so much at the start, only to grow more accustomed to each other shows character growth and a rather nice romance along the way.

Seddie is the most popular pairing on the show.

They shared their first kiss together, then years later, Sam would start having feelings for Freddie. Even though they dated, they sadly broke up and with the cancellation of Sam & Cat, it is hard to tell what the fate of Seddie is. With Carly being in Italy, Sam and Freddie is more of a possibility!

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