10 Games To Play if You Love The Sims

The Sims is one of the most successful and enjoyable life simulator games on the market. But it is not the only game that can provide players with the ability to create virtual worlds and lives online. There are many other games that can provide players with a similar gaming experience online. And though many are happy to stick with what they know and play their faithful, tried true, and beloved games until the end of time, some people do enjoy branching out every now and then and seeking something new. This list is for those who want to explore something new but are unsure where to start and don't want to step too far outside of their comfort zone.

10 Second Life

If one prefers the life simulation aspect of The Sims, then Second Life could be a wonderful option for someone seeking a new game. Second Life is an online game that launched back in 2003 and has held a growing community since (though some have claimed that player numbers have declined in recent years.) In this, players can create their own character, home, and virtual life to live through vicariously. Not recommended for those who are not comfortable playing an online game.

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9 My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia is a new game (released in early 2018) which allows players to create a life in a small and sweet little town. The main focus of this game is to simply create a little life for oneself in the quaint town of Portia. Players can farm, practice animal husbandry, and interact with/do favours for the locals. There is a calming nature to this game and it is perfect for players who prefer an untimed, casual, and relaxing gaming experience.

8 Fable II

The wonderful thing about Fable II is the fact that it is essentially two games in one. On the one hand, there is an intense action based game which follows a tight storyline. But players can easily ignore that storyline entirely and spend endless hours of gameplay simply enjoying the world. In a similar fashion to The Sims Medieval, players can carry out quests and missions they select from the world around them. Players can also ignore any form of structure at all and buy a house, find a spouse, start a family, and enjoy a nice and quiet life.

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7 Avakin Life

In a similar vein to Second Life, the game Avakin Life allows players to create a virtual life for themselves in order to live out their wildest dreams and secret desires. This game is a free mobile game which allows players to create a custom and unique character and interact with players from across the entire globe. Players can also completely ignore the other players and simply pursue their own goals if they so choose.

6 Cities: Skylines

For those who prefer the building aspect of The Sims over the human aspect, a lovely building sim like Cities: Skylines could be a perfect choice. This game allows players to create a city their own way. But this game is so much more than a standard building Sim. It adds a layer of realism by allowing players to take part in the functions of the city itself including managing taxes, city zones, and figuring out public transportation.

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5 Choices

For those who prefer the human aspect of the Sims series, this "choose your own adventure" style game may be the best choice. Choices is a game that contains dozens of 'minigames' broken down into different stories that players can create characters for and insert themselves into. These stories encompass numerous genres and are fully free to play. Players can become rulers of foreign nations, help ghosts cross over into the next stage of existence, harness their magic powers, fall in love, and save kingdoms from destruction.

4 Dream House Days

Dream House Days is a mobile game which allows players to build and lease adorable little homes. Players can build the dream apartment building and lease it out to virtual tenants who will rely on their landlord (the player) to solve each and every one of their personal problems. And though that sounds like a lot of responsibility, the cute and casual nature of the game itself keeps things light and fun.

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3 Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the most beloved relaxing games of all time. Look, action-packed story-based games can be thrilling but sometimes one is not in the mood for such an intense game. Sometimes one wants to play a simple and gentle game whose entire premise is dedicated to being as relaxing as possible. In Stardew Valley, players can build a small farm, raise animals, go fishing, learn how to build objects, and befriend the members of the local community. This game also includes multiple options for customization of both one's character and the land itself.

2 BitLife

For those dedicated Sims players who love the chaotic nature of the game, BitLife may be a wonderful second choice. BitLife is a life simulation game whose entire focus is making life as difficult and random as it possibly can. Players can play through a characters' entire lifespan in as little as three minutes and there is no limit to the mayhem that one can cause. Players can choose to give their character the best or worst life possible thanks to the numerous options within the game. Send the character to medical school or prison, the choice is up to the player.

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1 Animal Crossing


Any player seeking a calm, relaxing, and adorable life simulator should look no further than Nintendo's Animal Crossing series. In this series, players are able to create an extremely cute and cartoonish little character (in their own likeness if they so choose) as well as a home for their little virtual friend. And the gameplay itself comprises of the sole task of allowing said character to spend their days enjoying and befriending the community around them. The game is focused on the concept of friendship and kindness.

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