10 Games To Play If You Loved Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4 is a great, open-world game, but if you are thirsting for more, then you should try out these videogames.

Spider-Man PS4 was an incredible hit with gamers and fans of the web-slinging universe, with the game being one of the greatest open-world superhero titles of all time, players were able to spend hours upon hours exploring New York as the popular Marvel character.

While Sony and Disney might be fighting over the movie rights, people can still jump into the Spider-Man universe with Insomniac Games' fantastic PlayStation 4 game, but at this stage, the vast majority of people have already experienced it.

Even though the game was superb and can be explored for a long time with a variety of easter eggs to be found, gamers are now looking for the next big thing, and within this list, we will look at 10 games you should play if you loved Spider-Man PS4.

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10 Batman: Arkham Knight

Prior to Spider-Man PS4, Batman Arkham Knight was considered to be the greatest superhero game in history. With breathtakingly detailed graphics, incredible action, and a fantastic story, the game had everything you could want.

With all of your favorite Batman villains just waiting to be taken down, with the main focus being on finding out who the Arkham Knight is and why he is helping Scarecrow destroy the city.

The franchise is a fantastic one, with this being the ideal final installment in the series that any gamer should play through, especially if you enjoyed Spider-Man PS4.

9 Infamous Second Son

This is the most recent entry in Sucker Punch's take on the superhero genre and is certainly a game that people will enjoy if Spider-Man PS4 was their cup of tea, with this game sticking in the superhero world.

Infamous Second Son cranks things up from the first two titles, with the game being set in a futuristic Seattle where super-powered conduits are hunted down as criminals, making this a little bit darker than the Marvel web-slinger.

However, despite it being a little grittier, it is certainly a lot of fun as you are forced to take on different challenges as you look to get to grips with new powers in a game that is packed with a great narrative story.

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8 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

If it is the classic superhero world that is what made Spider-Man PS4 so entertaining, then Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 would be a perfect choice of game to follow it up, as this game offers a loaded roster of Marvel's very best characters.

While the story may not be quite as detailed, this game is tons of fun with lots of different Marvel characters being featured, and several options coming from the Spider-Man universe.

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance series is an incredibly popular one and this version of the game really does offer up some fantastic gameplay with tons of action to keep any gamer busy.

7 Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive is another game created by Insomniac, who made Spider-Man PS4, and has all of the explosive action that anybody could want, with players having to blast their way through mutated hoards of rabid mutants.

The game allows players to fly along rails and over rooftops, offering up a similar sensation to Spider-Man swinging around New York, with the focus of this particular game being all about survival.

With a stylish design, the game requires players to be as creative as possible, whether it be building a plane or uniting gangs to lead an assault, the game is packed with things to do.

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6 Middle Earth: Shadow Of War

While The Lord of the Rings world and Spider-Man may not have anything in common, that doesn't mean that people who enjoyed the Marvel game won't appreciate Shadow of War, which is a fantastic game.

Just like Spider-Man, this is a fantastic open-world game that only gets better the more you explore, although it does provide a very different pace to that of Peter Parker's masked character.

The game is as addictive as Spider-Man though, with players needing to raise an army and forge a brand new Ring of Power to take on Sauron who is attempting to overtake the land for darker purposes.

5 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This is another game that fans of Spider-Man PS4 will enjoy, mainly because it also features Spider-Man himself in a similar situation around New York, working as the friendly neighbourhood hero.

This game is focused on the Amazing Spider-Man movies featuring Andrew Garfield, rather than the more modern versions with Tom Holland, so it is a little dated, but that doesn't take away from the fun of swinging around the buildings.

While the game isn't anywhere near the level of Spider-Man PS4, it is still a lot of fun that people will enjoy, even if it isn't going to take as long to complete or explore.

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4 GTA 5

Of course, the main difference here is the age restrictions, with many people who enjoyed Spider-Man PS4 being unable to play GTA 5 due to how old they are, yet those who are old enough should certainly give the game a go.

When it comes to open-world action, there are few games better than GTA. It is one of the biggest gaming franchises of all time, with GTA 5 being the pick of the bunch, breaking sales records upon its release.

You get to control the lives of three different criminals, and the world has so much to do that you are never really going to get bored, with missions keeping the actual story narrative alive as well.

3 Prototype 2

While the graphics might not be at the same level as Spider-Man PS4, Prototype 2 offers a very fun experience for gamers, as they get the chance of being in control of a superhero who isn't fighting for the good of other people.

In this sequel, you take charge of Sgt. James Heller, who has the sole aim of killing the original games hero, Alex Mercer, giving you the ability to be as brutal and gory as possible along the way.

Slaughtering enemies can become quite a fun feeling as you play a villain for a change, with the game having similar combat to the Batman: Arkham series, making it feel quite familiar to people.

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2 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

For open-world games, The Witcher 3 is one of the very best available right now, so if having the freedom to stroll around and do as you please was the highlight of Spider-Man 4, then this is a game for you.

While it might be very different in terms of its storyline, that isn't necessarily a bad thing as the main story in The Witcher 3 is very interesting and entertaining, keeping people on edge throughout the game.

The game was a standout in 2015 when it was released and is ageing very well, making this a game that any Spider-Man fan should get to play at least once.

1 Horizon: Zero Dawn

One of the best elements about Spider-Man PS4 was the open-world element, being able to explore the city and venture around on your own accord, without having to follow a strict script like previous Spider-Man games have enforced.

This is one element that Horizon: Zero Dawn boasts, with a fantastic open-world map that also offers fast-paced combat and upgradable gear, which boasts plenty of similar elements to Spider-Man.

The game is also different enough for it to feel totally different at the same time, wandering around in nature instead of the big city, which keeps things fresh and exciting for the gamer.

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