10 Most Hated Enemies From Fallout 76

Annoying enemies exist in every game, and Fallout 76 is no exception.

Whilst traveling through the wastelands of Fallout 76, you get distracted by a red flash and your HP suddenly takes a hit. You turn around to see nothing… Red flashes again dance across your screen as your character grunts and even more HP disappears. You’re thinking “What the heck is doing that?!” Well, you’ve been hit by the annoying Bloodbug!

Annoying enemies exist in every game, and Fallout 76 is no exception. From hordes of ghouls charging at your position as you wet yourself, to the hard-to-hit Bloodbugs that seem to ninja dodge every shot you fire at them. Come with us on an irritating journey as we showcase 10 annoying enemies you’ll encounter in Fallout 76. Grab some spare ammo and don your power armor — you will probably need it.

10. Radroaches

Not many people can say they love roaches to begin with. They are attracted to decay, death, and carry icky diseases. Now, let’s add some mutations in the mix and BAM: we have the humble wasteland radroach.

About the size of a house cat, and usually found in underground sewers in installations such as vaults, these pesky insects aren’t a real threat alone. A plucky vault dweller can easily subdue them with bare hands. However, when a few bands together, you better grab something to defend yourself fast. Masters of camouflage, you usually don’t realise you’re being targeted by a radroach 'till you hear the all too familiar scratches.

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9. Mole rat

When you think of moles, the naked mole rat may spring to mind. They're cute slender looking rodents that burrow through the ground searching for food to munch on. Parts of the above statement can apply to the mole rat of Fallout 76but replace "cute" with vicious and "food" with your face.

These demented critters travel in packs foraging for sustenance on the surface. Taking the initiative to land the first strike is a must for these rats. Once startled, the mole rat pack will burrow into the ground and emerge somewhere close to you and bite you in places you don’t want to be bitten.

8. Bloodbugs

Picture yourself minding your own business when you hear that all too common high-pitched whizzing sound. Yes, that is a mosquito somewhere in your vicinity. You suddenly spot it but for the life of you, you can’t hit the annoying thing. Bloodbugs are the same; albeit slightly larger due to radiation mutations: they're hard to hit and super annoying.

Usually found in a swarm, these insects descend on their unlucky prey in multiple directions, causing the player to wildly fire in a panic. Thin and fast, they can evade bullets quite easily, but a well-timed melee strike should dispatch them. Just watch your six for any more out for your blood...

7. Feral Ghouls

To the unfortunate humans who have absorbed absurd amounts of radiation, a fate worse than death awaits them: becoming a feral ghoul. A long part of the Fallout lore, feral ghouls are ghouls who have lost the ability to think and reason. Falling into an endless madness, they will aggressively attack anyone and anything they sense. Unable to operate complex weapons, they are usually equipped with whatever was in their hand at the time of their descent into despair. Found everywhere in the wastelands, from open fields to hardened bunkers, headshots make quick work of single targets. But be warned, they are easily alerted by gunfire. Once attackers have been identified, feral ghouls are known to concentrate in hordes at perceived threats — overrunning their targets all the while jibing as they tear you asunder.

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6. Protectrons

You just don’t know what the go is with these robots. Are they on your side? Are they the enemy or are they just here for the show? Protectrons were created to perform tasks for us humans, such as manual labour, office work, and protection. In the Fallout 76 landscape, you will most likely meet the hostile version of these robots in facilities and routes that they once protected. They are also found in their charging pods, awaiting instructions from a nearby terminal to either assist or attach. Not only armour plated (armed with flesh sizzling lasers), it's best you make your mark true (in the vulnerable middle) to down these annoying mech foes.

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5. Rad-Rat

As master scavengers, rad-rats are the bane of the wasteland adventurer. Touched with radiation, rad-rats are irritating vermin about the size of a small dog, which possess no fur but a wrinkled skin instead. These critters are downright aggressive, sprinting towards unsuspecting waste-landers or executing long lunges, using their teeth and claws to eviscerate their prey. Players beware, when you find one rat, you are bound to run into a few more. With their fast attacks, the chances of contracting a disease are high when facing this foe.

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4. Scorched

When you first meet a scorched enemy, you may first notice the strange green crystal-like protrusions jutting out of their skin before being met with a hail of pain. The scorched were once humans, yet they had the unfortunate luck of being infected with the scorched plague. Robbed of their individuality and human attributes, the scorched are easily identifiable by their pinkish peeling skin and their ability to operate complex weapons, such as pistols and shotguns.

Something of the mind must remain intact as the scorched have been heard saying things from their past lives before snapping back under the control of the hive-mind that puppeteers them. Although there are many creatures on this list, they can be dispatched if met with surprise and accuracy. However, once alerted, be sure to expect retaliation by means of extreme firepower directed toward you.

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3. Mole Miner

Via: Riotarms

If you are brave enough to venture out to the desolate minefields of Appalachia, you may run into a band of hulking hooded figures slowly walking around the sites in which it protects.

Mole miners were once human workers, but as the radiation took hold of their bodies, they became entangled in their mining suits, forever binding them. They usually travel in packs of three-to-five and have a wide range of weaponry from shotguns and rifles. For an added shock value, if one charges you, be sure to expect some pain as these melee variants will pummel you with their mining gauntlets.

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2. Liberator

I play with general subtitles on. It helps me with dialogue when characters speak in-game or detecting enemies. So, when you see "-Speaks Chinese-" across the screen, it’s always a hilarious moment until your character is struck multiple times with red beams of light from a multitude of Liberators.

Always appearing in mass, these robotic nuisances were meant to be the first deployed force to soften up defenses before the main Chinese invasion was unleashed. Due to the great war, the invasion never happened, but still, these robots continue their mission to attack and repel any enemy it faces. With the ability to fly and whizz about, getting a sight picture on one of these suckers is hard enough, let alone the many that are sure to accompany.

1. Turrets

Via: Riotarms

You found it — a radio relay station! You check the clearing to ensure no feral ghouls or security is around. After all is clear, you start creeping ever so slightly to the door. You are nearly at your destination when suddenly your screen lights up red like the fires of Hell as your health bar plummets.

You have been on the receiving end of the machine gun turret.

Attached to the sides of installations or frequented thoroughfares, these deceptively hidden domes of death have one mission: to fill you with as much hurt as possible. There are also laser variants, which are hardier than its machine gun brethren. Twp strategies to defeat them are either snipe their middles with armor piercing rounds or run up with a shotgun to subdue them. Your rewards will be military grade boards, targeting cards, and other high-tech goodies.

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