10 Messed Up Sims 4 Challenges All Simmers Will Want To Try

When the aspirations and career goals aren't enough, Simmers can turn to these strange, dark, and entertaining challenges to spice up their game.

The Sims marked a cornerstone in simulation video games back in 2000, taking everyday life and simplifying it into a fun simulation that can be enjoyed by any kind of player.

But as most seasoned players know, even with all the expansion and stuff packs, the game can become a little monotonous. Once you’ve spent hundreds of hours nurturing your beloved families and pets, even spoiling them with the motherlode cheat, you may long for a fresh take on the game.

Worry no more as we at TheGamer have collated a top 10 list of the best, most messed up Sims 4 challenges to satiate your absurd Sims 4 needs.

10. 100 Baby Challenge

via: EA

The miracle of childbirth is an important feature in Sims 4, prolonging the family legacy and ensuring that the genes (or traits) are passed down the generations. Trying for a baby, being pregnant, and having a child is a fun part of Sims 4, but how many times can you really do this?

In the 100 Baby Challenge, your objective is--you guessed it--to give birth to 100 children in as fewer generations possible. Sounds easy right? Remember, you have to simultaneously raise all these children, whilst continuously popping out babies like a queen bee.

There are rules, for example, you must play with the aging on and normal lifespan. To read the full details of this challenge read the official 100 Baby Challenge thread here.

9. Cult or Commune Challenge

via: EA

Cults and communes--who isn't fascinated by them? Everyone has had that little thought in the back of their mind, ‘what is it really like?’ It's no wonder there are so many shows and movies that delve into these strange and private societies.

Well, now you can experience life in a cult or commune yourself (or rather through your Sim)! In the Cult or Commune challenge, you take a group of Sims and create either a cult or commune. You can live off the land and banish all modern-day technology, or spread wildly archaic views through generations of Sims. Regardless, there’s an opportunity for all types of cults and communes.

Read the full details on the Cult or Commune challenge thread here.

8. Asylum Challenge

via: EA

Based on the Sims 3 Asylum challenge, the Sims 4 challenge of the same name lets you create an unofficial ‘asylum’ with 8 Sims all having the ‘insane’ trait. These Sims cannot be self-assured and the other two traits should be randomized.

The main goal of this challenge is to take control of one Sim and complete their lifetime aspiration, proving they’ve gained control of their life allowing them to leave the ‘asylum’. With limited household utilities, this challenge will live up to its namesake for any Sims 4 player.

To read the full details of the challenge visit the Asylum Challenge thread here.


7. Black Widow Challenge

via: EA

The black widow challenge is a pretty messed up undertaking, but hey, it’s just a video game! Killing off your husband in exchange for a new one seems a bit crazy, but in the world of The Sims, not much isn’t crazy.

In this challenge, the aim is to get a husband/wife, cheat on them, get caught, kill off the husband/wife, and marry the new partner. Repeat this until you have ten deceased spouses and you’re a black widow! Read more on the rules here.

6. Serial Killer Challenge

via: EA

Three weeks, one serial killer Sim, how many bodies? This challenge requires you to kill as many passer-by Sims in three weeks, with lifespan set on long.

That’s right, you have to be a serial killer. In this challenge, you will wait outside your house until somebody walks past. Using your high level of social cunning, you will invite said Sim unknowingly to their demise. Once invited in, lock the Sim away by deleting the door and starve them. Alternatively, you can drown the Sim.

This rather sadistic challenge has a set of rules and an even more disturbing additional objective you can read in the challenge thread here.

5. Ghost Prison Challenge

via: EA

Unlike the previous challenge, in this one, you want to make your victim suffer. With the lifespan set to normal, and prison cell of 3x3 or more, you must doom ten Sims to ten specific ends.

After getting a Sim to move in, you will need to imprison them in a cell, decorated with tools for their demise. The deaths include by cowplant, fire, electrocution, old age, embarrassment, overexertion, drowning, hunger, anger, and hysteria.

Once they have passed, you need to enshrine their urn inside their prison, forever condemning their poor souls. To read more on the rules and specifics of this challenge follow this link here.

4. The Truman Show Challenge

via: EA

This one is based off the fantastic movie The Truman Show starring Jim Carey. In this challenge, you must create a Sim who is unknowingly trapped in a reality show, where their entire world is fake and orchestrated. This Sim is living in a giant movie studio, without them knowing.

Now, this kind of seems a bit like Sims 4 itself. A fake world, orchestrated by an all-powerful idol (you!), be it the player or a reality TV show director. However, the catch here is that you cannot control the Sim being subjected to the challenge. Instead, you influence this Sim through other Sims and try to make them lead an entirely normal life.

A very interesting challenge inspired by a classic. Read the rules and specifics in the challenge thread here.

3. Mooch Off Your Neighbor Challenge

via: EA

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be Homer Simpson and mooch off your overly kind neighbor your entire life? Well, now you no longer need to just wonder.

This Sims 4 challenge lets you live your life at other people’s homes. In this challenge, you must use your neighbors’ home and utilities to live your life, enjoy your hobbies and earn your money.

From making money on other people’s computers to going to the museum to paint, read the rules and specifics in the challenge thread here.

2. Alien Takeover Challenge

via Sims Expressie

From planet Sixam, you must infiltrate this Sim race and populate their world with your own kind! This challenge puts you in the shoes, or boots, or whatever aliens wear, of an alien. You must create an alien Sim who, around others, wears a disguise.

This Sim must not be found out to be alien and must reproduce to infiltrate the unknowing Sim population. Ultimately, you will want every household to house at least three aliens to complete the challenge. Read the rules and specifics in the challenge thread here.


1. 100 Heartbreak Challenge

via: EA

Taking heartbreak to the extreme, you have to break the hearts of 100 Sims in your chosen Sim's lifespan in order to complete this challenge. Taking your icy cold heart, you must make 100 Sims fall head over heels for you, and then bring their world crumbling down around them.

Picking traits like ‘Hopeless Romantic' and using the aspiration ‘Serial Romantic’ can very much help you in the game as well as using the long lifespan. Read the rules and specifics in the challenge thread here.

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