10 Nintendo Switch Games You Need To Burn (And 5 You Should Play ASAP)

The Nintendo Switch has been out for a little over two months now and, in that time, we've been exposed to all kinds of different games on the system. While some of them have been ports or remasters, there's no denying the appeal of being able to take these titles wherever you want, whenever you want.

However, it's clear already that there will be some games that don't quite hit the mark. As a matter of fact, people have been talking about some titles on the system that you shouldn't bother with. While many of these opinions are subjective, there are some valid criticisms floating around about the various titles on the Switch.

That being said, there are also some really good games that are worth your time and money. These titles come from Nintendo themselves as well as some excellent indie developers. They provide great experiences for their cost and will compliment your new Switch very well. There are some obvious contenders here, but there are several excellent games on the system already.

If you're thinking about getting a Nintendo Switch, then here is a comprehensive (and totally 100% scientifically proven) list of the worst and best games on the console. If you already have a Switch and just want to see what we think, then you keep reading as well.

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15 Burn: Has Been Heroes

via idigitaltimes.com

There was a lot of excitement surrounding Has Been Heroes. For starters, it was made by the same development team that crafted the visual masterpiece known as Trine. Needless to say, many people expected this strategy brawler on the Switch to be equally impressive.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Has Been Heroes sounds excellent in concept, but the execution leaves much to be desired. The game puts you in the role of warriors who used to be legendary fighters who went on missions to save the world. In this game, the only job they can get is escorting princesses to their school and protecting them from monsters along the way. This premise alone would be funny enough if it was fully realized. Has Been Heroes doesn't go all the way with many of its great ideas and it makes some of us wish that the has-been heroes had never come out of retirement.

14 Burn: Just Dance 2017

via just-dance.ubisoft.com

I'm not sure what it is about Just Dance, but they managed to convince Nintendo to make their latest game, Just Dance 2017, a launch title for the Switch. Casual people do enjoy this game, but it won't hold anybody's interest very long.

The problem with Just Dance 2017 is something that has existed in the entire series. It's the same gameplay you would expect; the only difference this time around is that you'll be rocking out to newer songs that you'll hear on 97.9. Apart from that, there aren't any new ideas to distinguish this entry from the rest of the series. That doesn't make it a bad game, but that certainly doesn't place it at the top of your "must buy" list for the Switch. If you ask most of us, you'll be better off skipping this one, especially considering you'll be paying full price at this point.

13 Must Play: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

via ign.com

If you get a Switch and decide not to get Breath of the Wild, double check that you're right in the head. In the years that Nintendo has tried to reinvent the Zelda wheel, they struck gold with this launch title for the Switch.

There are so many great things to say about this game. Firstly, the world is massive. It will take you days, if not weeks, to at least reveal the entire map. There is no shortage of things to do in the world and every corner of Hyrule looks different from the rest. Secondly, the progression of the story is perfect. You only get as much of the story as you want. If you'd rather, you can just raid bad guys until you get all of the resources to go fight Ganon. That's just scraping the surface of all the great things about Breath of the Wild.

12 Burn: Waku Waku 7

via youtube.com

In an interesting move, the Nintendo Switch doesn't have any Virtual Console support but instead has several NeoGeo games available for download from the eShop. Why this move was made, I'll never know, but it's hard to deny that the system had some great hits.

For the most part, there are some great games from the system to download on the Switch, save for maybe one or two. The one that we wouldn't recommend is Waku Waku 7. Taking inspiration from Japanese culture, this fighting game has a host of wacky characters and bizarre movesets to choose from, but there is a brutal lack of content at play here.

This wouldn't be so bad if Waku Waku 7 was the only NeoGeo fighting game you could download, but there are a few others you can look at as well. To make your choice easier, they're all better, like King of Fighters.

11 Burn: Othello

via tiredoldhack.com

There are some games released for a console where you nod your head and see the cleverness. There are others where you just narrow your eyes and wonder why that ever became a thing. That's exactly the case with Othello on the Switch.

If you're wondering how this game functions, don't. If you've ever played the board game, Othello, then you know exactly how to play this game. The problem is that it doesn't do anything else to hold your interest. All you do is grab a buddy and play Othello until one of you gets frustrated or incredibly bored. Granted, it's not a very expensive title, but considering it came out at launch, it only amplified the fact that there were only one or two games worth the price of admission.

10 Must Play: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

via wccftech.com

Here's another obvious choice for a must play game. Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U was a solid and fun game overall, but definitely suffered from some problems regarding the character selection and the Battle Mode.

It's exciting to note, then, that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe fixes all of these problems and more. The Battle Mode is entirely revamped with new arenas and modes to shake up gameplay and bring back the frantic action we love. There are also more characters added to the roster, as well as some guest stars in the form of the Inklings from Splatoon. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is also rocking a buttery smooth 60 frames per second at a consistent 1080p resolution, which is a much more noticeable upgrade than you might expect. It is currently the fastest-selling game in the franchise.

9 Burn: Lego City Undercover

via psu.com

You're going to have to deal with me for a second. There is a point to having this game on the list, so just hear me out.

Lego City Undercover is an overall fantastic open-world adventure. It features some decent combat, a fun story, and a bright and colorful world that will allow kids to experience what it's like playing a Grand Theft Auto game, without getting yelled at by their parents.

However, Lego City Undercover already came out on the Wii U. It's just now being ported to the Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC. While this wouldn't be a problem, the port itself is horribly bland. There are no new ideas in sight and is essentially the same game that many of us Nintendo fans played a few years ago. This would be fine if the game was cheaper, but no, if you want it, you'll have to pay the full $60. It's not really worth that much anyway.

8 Burn: Mr. Shifty

via ign.com

In light of the lackluster support they received on the Wii U, Nintendo sought to rectify their mistakes by bringing all indies on board for the Switch. This resulted in many games being timed exclusives for the system. One such exclusive is the game Mr. Shifty.

Heavily inspired by the 80s-esque Hotline MiamiMr. Shifty features a lot of the same beat-em-up action that you loved from your yesteryears. However, it does it with a bit of a twist. With the tap of a button, Mr. Shifty will teleport a short distance instantaneously. While that feature is great for exploration and traveling through rooms, it makes the game extremely easy. There is little to no punishment for your mistakes, and gaining momentum after you slip up isn't hard. Another problem with the game is that it stutters heavily when a lot is going on. If you want the game, wait until the developers patch it first.

7 Must Play: Snipperclips: Cut it Out Together

via nintendo.co.uk

The Switch lends itself very well to local multiplayer and there is no better proof of that concept than with Snipperclips: Cut it Out Together. Released as a launch title for the Switch, this multiplayer puzzle game combines teamwork with great controls.

The idea is that two people have to work together to complete a certain task. This can range from creating a collective shape or sharpening a pencil. Whatever you may be doing, you'll have to communicate with your friend to find the best solution possible. This brings the game a sense of cooperation that not many titles have nowadays. The game also has a mode that allows for four people to work together. Snipperclips is also peppered with additional modes that will either force you to cooperate with your friends or turn on them. There are a lot of great memories to be made on this console and Snipperclips is just the first step.

6 Burn: New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers

via coin-op.tv

Civilization games are tedious and require a lot of care in order to get right. If you stray too far from a solid foundation, you risk boring the audience and killing your game before it even gets released. If you try to do too much, players will be overwhelmed and not want anything to do with it.

New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers suffers a little from both of these problems. The game sees you trying to construct a town of American settlers. However, much of the realism and interest from that setting is lost in how the game handles it. Instead, you're in a bright utopia that feels like a browser-based game rather than something you bought on a new video game machine. The game also has unfair obstacles to overcome and complicated mechanics all around. When other great games exist on the eShop, this one can be skipped.

5 Burn: Super Bomberman R

via denofgeek.com

As a genuine Bomberman fan, I was extremely excited for this game. When the Switch launched, it was one of the more solid choices we had. Considering the Switch's small launch lineup, that wasn't saying much though.

It was clear from the start that Super Bomberman R could've had a lot more work done. The graphics are extremely underwhelming and don't look like something that belongs on a new console. However, the game was initially locked at 30 frames per second, which was quite painful to look at. On top of that, the online mode is extremely laggy and difficult to deal with. And if you want to unlock more stages and characters, you have to grind through the campaign to get in-game currency. Many of these issues have been improved, but until more is done to the game, there are better multiplayer experiences on the system.

4 Burn: Snake Pass

via snake-pass.com

Nostalgia is a powerful motivator and that has resulted in developers crafting games inspired from the good old days. One such title is Snake Pass. Sumo Digital took heavy inspiration from Rare games on the N64 era when creating this unique puzzle platformer on the Switch and PS4.

You control a snake named Noodle as you slither around a level to collect three keys to beat the stage. However, Noodle controls very differently than any other platforming character. Instead of running and jumping, you have to slither back and forth to gain momentum and raise your head to grab onto to higher objects. From there, you wrap yourself around poles to traverse each level. It's a fun concept that perfectly blends modern technology with an older aesthetic. Also, David Wise composed the music and he was famous for working on Donkey Kong Country.

3 Burn: Vroom in the Night Sky

via youtube.com

If you're ever presented with the opportunity to buy this game, don't. Many of the other titles on this list have a few redeeming qualities, but Vroom in the Night Sky has none of that. The game is downright horrible and easily one of the worst experiences on the Switch.

You play as a witch riding a motorcycle through the night sky. You have to fly through giant circles with really poor controls, something that Superman 64 (one of the worst games of all time) was scrutinized for. To make matters worse, the game is horribly ugly. None of the stages have any life or even textures. You'll be scooting around cities of polygons and nothing else. Then as the cherry on top, you're not going to understand a word of the error-filled speech the characters shoot at you.

2 Burn: 1-2-Switch

via nintendo.co.uk

In regards to games that utilize motion controls, Nintendo has been consistently on point. Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort are both phenomenal and engaging titles. Nintendo Land is about as fun and innovative as a game on the Wii U could get. Then there was 1-2-Switch, the Wii Sports equivalent on the Switch.

If the name is any indication, there is no imagination with this game. You simply play some interesting mini-games and that's it. The game reeks of a lack of effort, something you'll notice as you play each title. There are no menus or bright visuals on display here. Because the game encourages you to look your opponent in the eye, there is almost nothing being shown on screen. The game feels like a tech demo for HD rumble and even then it's not very fun.

1 Must Play: Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

via amazon.com

Yacht Club Games has proven to be the kind of developers that know exactly what they're doing. Ever since Shovel Knight released four years ago, they've supported it with new updates and campaigns to give people their money's worth and then some.

Just recently, because of the DLC like Plague of Shadows and Specter of Torment, Yacht Club put all of them together in a package called Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. This package gets you all campaigns on top of the main story and some extra modes. Anyone who's played Shovel Knight can tell you how excellent the game is from start to finish. What makes this purchase all the more appealing is that there are more updates coming to the game, as well as a new campaign starring King Knight. You'll easily be getting your money's worth here.

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