10 Reasons To Skip The Xbox One X (And 5 Reasons To Buy It)

With every big press conference out of the way, we now know what to expect in the next few years when it comes to gaming. Each company had their fair share of surprises and missteps. However, there was only one company who announced a new console to join their hardware lineup: Microsoft.

Ever since last year, consumers have wondered what Project Scorpio would become. Now they've revealed it to be the Xbox One X. This new system is going to contain unprecedented amounts of power and allow for some gorgeous gaming. Regardless of how you feel about Microsoft and the Xbox series in general, there's no denying that there's a lot of tech in this machine.

A lot of people were quick to ask something about the Xbox One X though: who is it for? It's an impressive machine, no doubt, but is there any incentive to buy this? This is a huge question for the people who already have Xbox Ones at home. The short answer here is that it's really up to you. That are certainly those who will lose their minds over the Xbox One X, but others who will be perfectly content having a regular Xbox One S.

Because of this, we've put together 10 reasons why you should skip the Xbox One X and 5 reasons why you might want to start putting money together for it.

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15 Skip: No Exclusive Games

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I want to state firsthand that I really appreciate that Microsoft chose not to create and entirely new generation but instead improved on the one we already have. Despite the Xbox One X's graphical advancements, there are no exclusive games for it. Anything you can get on that console can also be played on other Xbox One systems. While this is brilliant in terms of their public image, it doesn't do much to justify shelling out the money for the One X.

Without any exclusive games, many people will simply feel like they won't need to buy such a system. Yeah, the load times and draw distance might be better, but at the end of the day, that's not going to matter enough to some to drive out to GameStop and get the newest Xbox console.

14 Skip: Games Moving To PC

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Another move from Microsoft that I really appreciate is that many of their console exclusive games will be made available on Windows 10. What this means is that another aspect of video gaming is now possible for those who have massive towers in their homes. Unfortunately, this all but alienates the need for the Xbox One X (for those who have big computer setups).

Think about it: a powerful PC has just about the same specs as an Xbox One X, but has the capability to play thousands of more games that aren't available on the Xbox. Those who own said PCs also have the option to customize their setup however they want, which isn't much of an option when owning a console. Basically, if you have a gaming PC, there isn't much here for you.

13 Buy It: The Raw Power

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Games are getting much more graphically intense as the years go by and Microsoft wants to allow developers to push the limits of visuals. That's where the Xbox One X comes in. This powerful machine boasts specs that could rival even the beefiest of gaming PCs and that's saying something.

This kind of power will allow for people to play any game they want on the system without worrying about stuttering, poor draw distance, or just about anything else that might plague a lack of power. This means that games will look better, run faster, process more things on screen at a time, and do it all better than any other console on the market. Just imagine how good games like Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Star Wars Battlefront II will look on the system.

12 Skip: $500

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When it was announced that Microsoft was working on a machine that would be the most powerful gaming console ever built, we all knew that it wasn't going to come by cheaply. I will admit that the price point of $499 is a bit more reasonable than I was expecting (that was how much the Xbox One was when it came out), but that doesn't mean that it's affordable.

$500 goes a long way in today's market, especially for those who have homes and bills to pay for. Many people will look at the cost and simply turn the other direction, not wanting to take the time or money to get one. This goes hand in hand with the fact that people can just shell out $200-$250 to nab an Xbox One S that can play all the same games and still has 4K capabilities (for those that are into that).

11 Skip: You Need A 4K TV

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Don't misunderstand here. You don't need a 4K TV in order to use the Xbox One X. However, the machine is heavily marketed as a true 4K console, and Microsoft is really driving that point home. That said, they have further stated that in order to get that 4K experience, you need to have a 4K television.

While more people today are getting 4K TVs, that setup is still a little on the expensive side. Most these days are sporting 1080p screens. While plugging an Xbox One X into one of those won't look bad, it won't look as good as the console provides. If you have a 4K TV, then getting the best image probably matters to you and the One X might be right up your alley. But if you have a 1080p display and are a bit short on money, you'll probably want to wait several years.

10 Buy It: Faster Load Times

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As society advances, we want our technology to be faster. We want to wait less and play more. However, as games get much more advanced, we still have to sit while the massive levels or impressive cutscenes load. If this interrupts your gaming experience, then look no further than the Xbox One X.

Even if you don't have a 4K TV, you will still be blessed by how this console handles load times. Due to the specs inside, we guarantee that it will blaze through just about anything you throw at it. On top of that, when you actually play the game, this will mean you'll see less pop-in and keep a rock solid framerate as you go. When more impressive games are created, they'll likely all run at 60fps on the One X, while the other systems only sport 30.

9 Skip: What Do All Of The Specs Mean?

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Microsoft made a big deal about the Xbox One X during their presentation, even going so far as to talk about all of the new specs that they have managed to cram into their console. It's sporting an octa-core processor with 12 GB of DDR5 RAM and automatically has a storage capacity of one terabyte. That all sounds impressive, but what does it all mean?

More importantly, specs are cool, but to the layman, they're not going to make a lick of a difference. The people most educated about specs are going to be those who own big PCs at this point (and they have no reason to get a One X). There are exceptions to this, as many people are excited by the new potential in the console.

8 Skip: Only For The Hardcore Crowd

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One of the biggest questions asked about the Xbox One X is this: who is the console for? While the sheer power is a huge selling point, it's clear that this console isn't for everyone. Where it stands right now, the One X is only for the hardcore crowd at this point. Think about it: all games work on the Xbox One family of systems. The One X is simply the hardware that will give you the best graphics and load times.

There are some people who will be gushing at this idea, but those people are ones who are huge enthusiasts of the Xbox. People who really pour out their lives into this ecosystem will be loving the Xbox One X, but what about the rest of the crowd? Most people are going to look at the system and fail to see why they should $500 on a console that can play all the same games.

7 Buy It: Same Equipment

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Nothing is more frustrating when getting a new console than realizing you have to get new hardware as well. Gamers know that acquiring new controllers and games will set you back a lot of money (it can very well double the cost of the system itself). Thankfully, people wanting to upgrade to the Xbox One X aren't going to have to worry about that.

On top of being compatible with the same games, the One X will also support simple Xbox One controllers. This means that when you want the console, you'll just have to shell out the $500 and already have a plethora of software and controllers to go with it. No doubt this will be an enticing selling point for those interested in getting a much more powerful experience at home.

6 Skip It: Does The Same Stuff

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Again, I really like the image Microsoft is going for in regards to the Xbox One Family of systems. That said, it still brings up a point against the Xbox One X. It is nice that it does support playing UHD movies and running 4K games. Those are all nice selling points, but functions that can be accomplished with the Xbox One S, which is at least half the price.

Whether the One X will be for you or not is dependent on whether or not you care that it does 4K and UHD better than the One S. If not, then you might be better off skipping the console. From a logical perspective, there isn't much of a point to getting one if you already own the One S or are on a tight budget.

5 Skip It: Simply The "Best Experience"

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When all is said and done, the Xbox One X is nothing more than the "best experience" when playing any games in their family. With the upgraded memory, graphics, and processing power, you're guaranteed that Anthem, Assassin's Creed Origins, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps are going to look better than on any other console.

However, there isn't much else to the console other than that. While the One X might be the best experience, the look and function of the One S is still nothing to scoff at. Furthermore, upgrading a console for $500 just so one can have the best experience is a proposition you might have a hard time justifying. If you're into the One X and still want to make the jump, then more power to you! It will just be a hard sell for most people.

4 Buy It: Like A Gaming PC

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Up to this point, console gaming and PC gaming have been worlds apart. You could spend a few hundred dollars to get a console that you then purchase controllers and software for, or you could go the extra mile and spend upwards of $1,000 to get a nice tower that can run just about any game for the next 5-10 years.

Now with the Xbox One X's amazing specs, it runs just about as well as any gaming PC. What will make this more attractive to hardcore gamers is that it sits at around half the cost of a big PC and you don't have to take the time to put it all together. It seems that Microsoft is trying to blend these two crowds together with the One X. Hopefully that console will be running big games for the next several years.

3 Skip: The Direction Is Unclear

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With the Xbox One X, Microsoft is touting that 4K gaming is the way of the future. However, there isn't much else outside of that. With what the console has become, it makes us wonder what Microsoft's direction is. Will they simply expand the Xbox One brand for years to come?

Apart from the console itself, we wonder what their big angle is for the future. Nintendo is working the hybrid console thing, Sony is trying to make VR more accessible to the public, and PC companies are just upping the horsepower. With the launch of the One X, it's unclear what Microsoft's plans are for the future or what they hope to add to the gaming world other than fitting more pixels on a screen.

2 Skip: Unnecessary

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While the Xbox One X is quite the amazing machine, the execution communicates a message that it's extremely unnecessary. At $500, you simply get a beefed up version of a console you can already purchase at a much lower cost. Because of this, the One X just seems like a luxury system at this point, which will only be purchased by Xbox fans who have a bit of money on hand.

The biggest point to drive home here is that you don't need the Xbox One X. It doesn't do anything that the existing Xbox One S can't already do- it just does it better. If you're content with your Xbox One setup as is, there is no reason for you to make the jump over. You'll be better off keeping that $500 for other things.

1 Buy It: The Design

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Out of all of the surprises Microsoft had in store, the biggest one was the design of the Xbox One X. Judging by how large their systems have been in the past, nobody was expecting it to be the smallest console Microsoft has ever made. Yes, the One X is smaller than the Xbox One and the One S.

Keeping in mind that the One X also has the biggest specs of any gaming console, it's a marvel of engineering. The jury is still out on whether or not it has any flaws, but having such a small system pack a powerful punch is one of the most impressive feats that Microsoft has accomplished in recent memory. Where do you stand at this point? Will you be getting an Xbox One X?

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