10 Things That Can Happen According To Your Honor In RDR2

No action is without consequence in Red Dead Redemption 2 -- find out how your honor can affect your gameplay.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a truly immersive experience. The plethora of side quests and interesting characters make the game a compelling adventure. Rockstar Games is known to deliver with in-game mechanics that give players a deep and rich experience, and in Red Dead Redemption 2 one of the more interesting ones is the Honor System. The Honor System is a cause and effect mechanism based on the decisions you make as Arthur (you can see it as the bar below the HUD). No action is without consequence in Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Honor System perfectly captures this. So, the next time you want to channel your inner GTA monster and unleash havoc as Arthur, here are 10 things that can happen according to your honor.

10. Better Chance Of Loot From Corpses


Believe it or not, this is actually the worst deal you can get by being good guy Arthur. Unlocked at Honor Level -1, this gives players better odds of finding Dead Eye tonics, throwables, alcohol, and tobacco from corpses. It's not a great perk, but then again it is the worst of the lot, so you can't complain too much. Also, it gets better as you level up your honor — some of these rewards are really good.

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9. Increased Chance of Valuable Loot from Corpses

An upgrade from the last one, players have better chances of looting jewelry and consumables like medicine and horse pills (I think you get where this is going). Consumables are always appreciated and having increased chances of finding them off corpses is actually quite decent. As it turns out, Karma is as real as it gets in Red Dead Redemption 2, and being a good guy certainly has its rewards in the West.

8. 10% Discount In shops

Now we’re starting to actually see real dividends of being good guy Arthur. Honor Level +2 unlocks a special 10% discount for players at shops! Sure, it’s not like your favorite sale on a Black Friday but 10% at all shops for that sweet ammunition and clothing is a bargain in the Wild West. Ten percent might not be enough motivation for everyone to be good-guy Arthur, though, so I should probably mention here that these discounts only get better as your Honor Level progresses.

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7. Unlocks New Outfits

This one is more for cosmetics enthusiasts. We all like to look sleek in our RPGs — fashion is still a thing in the West. Honor Level +3 unlocks outfits like the Bulldogger, the Cowpuncher, the Valentine, the Chevalier, the McLaughlin, the Corson, the Roscoe, and the Cumberland (not Timberland). If you’re like me and want your characters to be rocking those style points, then being a good guy is definitely your thing.

6. 25% Discount In shops

I told you that the discounts only get better! This is an exclusive 25% good-guy Arthur discount. If you thought 10% was good, you’re gonna love this one. Honor Level +5 grants players 25% off items like ammunition, clothing, and consumables in shops. The Wild West really remembers and rewards good deeds.

In addition to this, players can also rack up some sweet rewards by helping people in need. Saving that man who was bitten by a snake might end up with him offering to buy you any weapon from the store. So being good-guy Arthur is definitely rewarding.

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5. Unlock More New Outfits

Cosmetic enthusiasts rejoice! We have more outfits to try on. Honor Level +6 grants players access to outfits like the Drifter, the Gambler, the Faulkton, the Farrier, the Dewberry Creek, and the Deauville.

Outfits are not everybody's cake which is why Rockstar Games made the final good-guy Arthur reward a special one that I'm sure everyone can appreciate. Arthur is going to be looking fresh!

4. 50% Discount in shops

This is it boys and girls — the pinnacle of good-guy rewards. It’s your very own personal Black Friday sale anytime, anyplace. My oh my does being a good guy pay off! 50% off in every store in the game is amazing if you ask me. Good-guy Arthur sure does get some sweet Karma on all the nice things he’s done. If you can get to Honor Level +7, you unlock this incredible reward which makes things pretty easy in the mid-to-late game when you want to be stacked up.

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3. Big Bounties On Your Head

On the flipside, being a bad guy and losing your Honor can lead to bad things in the game as well. One of the biggest headaches in Red Dead Redemption 2 is the bounties put on your head, and your Honor has a lot to do with it. Have your Honor way down in the red zone and you might find yourself being overwhelmed by bounties. It might sound cool being a wanted outlaw, but being constantly shot gets annoying after a while. Paying off these bounties can take a heavy toll on that ole' coin pouch. Also, it can affect your ability to play some missions in-game, so just be mindful of that.

2. NPC Attitudes Change

This is more on the subtle side of bad things coming from the Honor Systems, but players with a bad Honor Level will have a harder time convincing NPCs into doing things that favor them. Killed a person and want an NPC to stay hush-hush about it? Well, you might find it harder to convince them if you’re on the wrong side of the Honor spectrum. It's really simple, they just don't like you.

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1. Red Dead Online Experience

Finally! With the beta version of Red Dead Redemption Online coming out soon, you can be certain Honor Level is bound to have an effect on your experience. Players with a good Honor Level might get nicer missions, such as escorting a convoy of valuables safely through bandits, while players with a bad Honor Level might be asked to free an outlaw from a prison and take more heat from the law. Whatever the case, a person's Honor Level is going to play a part in the online version of the game so it’s best to start thinking about that moral compass.

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