14 Disney Cartoon Collectibles That Are Worth A Fortune (And 13 That Are Too Embarrassing)

Disney is one of the biggest corporations on the planet. While they now own what seems like the entire movie industry, it all started with a little movie called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs back in 1937. Since that time, Disney memorabilia has been major business, and entire stores devoted to Disney can be found in malls around the country.

And, like most memorabilia and collectibles, they greatly range in price and quality. Some collectibles are exceptionally valuable and go for hundreds, and even thousands of dollars online and at various auctions. These toys are often exceedingly old or rare, a piece of history just as much as it is a toy. But some collectibles have also missed the mark by a wide margin. These are the toys that were cheaply produced, ill-advised, or poorly-made, resulting in loads of ire from the fans (and certainly enough memes to go around). Some of them also generated controversy due to their inappropriate nature and have since been recalled, making them all-but worthless.

Disney is a piece of film history, and the “classics” are revered. But Disney is also a corporation, and it has gotten very greedy in recent years, resulting in a less-than-stellar reputation. In a way, these collectibles represent the history of Disney as a whole – some timeless and immeasurably valuable, others cheaply-manufactured and meme-worthy.

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27 Worth A Fortune: Little Mermaid Water Sprinkler ($100)

via cellcode.us

Disney really will go to great lengths to tie merchandise into their properties. Case in point, The Little Mermaid water sprinkler, which is a normal water sprinkler, just… Little Mermaid-themed. Because nothing gets the kids excited like a water sprinkler! We guess water serves as the connection here? Either way, it’s actually quite valuable, and it sold for $100 on eBay in 2015. Sure, it’s not much (we’re just getting started after all), but that’s pretty expensive for a basic water sprinkler…

26 Embarrassing: Olaf Snow Cone Maker

via amazon.com

There’s nothing like eating Olaf’s snowy innards to get the kids in a good mood! According to Amazon, “this snow cone maker transforms ice cubes into delicious icy treats.” It’s too bad you have to crank the ice cubes through Olaf’s stomach, which of course makes it look like you’re eating pieces of Olaf. Who confirmed this design!? And if the Amazon reviews are anything to go by, it’s not a very good snow cone maker. So really, this is just a lose-lose.

25 Worth A Fortune: Sun Colors Pocahontas ($250)

via eBay.com

The Sun Colors Pocahontas Deluxe Gift Set was manufactured by Mattel and is currently going for $250 on eBay. According to the seller, this gift set is extremely rare and hard to find, and the figurines have never been removed from the box (which of course increases its value.) Included in the gift set is the titular Sun Colors Pocahontas figurine, smaller Pocahontas and John Smith figurines, and a plastic locket. This MUST be rare if that stuff is going for $250!

24 Worth A Fortune: Megara Gift Set ($300)

via eBay.com

If Pocahontas isn’t your girl, there’s always Megara. This Megara gift set is practically the same thing as the Pocahontas one, as it includes a Meg figurine (even if it doesn’t really look like her,) a change of clothing, smaller Meg and Hercules figurines, and a plastic locket. Unlike the Pocahontas Gift Set, however, this is slightly more valuable – it’s going for $300 at the time of writing. So, if you have $500 laying around, these two gift sets are yours for the taking!

23 Embarrassing: Creepy Woody

via YouTube.com

Yeah, Toy Story is technically Pixar, but Disney owns Pixar, so we’re counting it. The Creepy Woody action figure was manufactured by Japanese company Kaiyodo, and like most of their toys, it came with various faces to choose from. One of Woody’s faces was immediately compared to the troll face and Quagmire from Family Guy, which resulted in many buyers placing the Woody doll in inappropriate and depraved positions. Creepy Woody became a meme on the internet, ensuring its tarnished legacy.

22 Worth A Fortune: Aladdin for Sega Genesis ($439.99)

via gamesrevisited.com

This entry serves as a bit of a crossover between “valuable Disney goods” and “valuable old video games.” The video game, titled Disney’s Aladdin, was released in 1993 for the Sega Genesis and became an instant smash hit, selling over four million units and earning rave reviews. A copy of the game, still in its original case, was sold on eBay for $439.99, although this seems to be the exception rather than the rule. That's still pretty darned impressive, though.

21 Embarrassing: The Emma Watson Belle Doll

via onecountry.com

Some dolls become rarities and go for good money. Some dolls become internet memes. This is the latter. When Disney released the Belle doll accompanying the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, fans were quick with the ridicule. Some thought it looked absolutely nothing like Emma Watson OR the animated Belle, while others guffawed over the thin cheekbones and enormous forehead. Some fans even thought it looked more like Justin Bieber than Emma Watson! Yep, this was a fail on every level.

20 Worth A Fortune: Beauty and the Beast Black Diamond VHS ($500)

via eBay.com

Everyone, check your basements! If you are in possession of an original Black Diamond Beauty and the Beast VHS, then you are sitting on a goldmine. An original black diamond Beauty and the Beast, in its original plastic, clam-shell packaging, is currently selling for $500 on eBay. This is certainly a huge ROI for people who bought it twenty ago for like $5 at a garage sale. You probably don’t have a VHS player, but hey, it makes for a neat collector’s item.

19 Embarrassing: Lightning McQueen Car

via shopdisney.com

In January 2019, the story of an inappropriate Lightning McQueen toy began making the rounds. In a YouTube video posted by user Boo Tube, a man is seeing pushing the buttons on the plastic car, resulting in a rather inappropriate song emanating from the speakers. While it was bad enough to make headlines on mainstream media news outlets, one YouTube user helpfully pointed out that the toy was a knock off manufactured somewhere in the Middle East. So, you know, keep your eyes peeled.

18 Embarrassing: Controversial Maui Costume

via youtube.com

While the inappropriate Lightning McQueen car was thankfully declared a knock-off, Disney found themselves in some very hot water for their controversial Maui costume. The costume contained Maui’s signature curly hair and a brown-skinned bodysuit adorned with tattoos. Unfortunately, the costume offended many people, as it was thought to promote racism and was deemed an example of cultural appropriation. Disney swiftly apologized and pulled the costume from its website and stores. You won’t be seeing that again any time soon.

17  Worth A Fortune: 40” Genie Plushie ($1,000)

via worthpoint.com

The eBay seller utopiard is currently selling a rare Genie plushie that was once sold in the Disney Store. The plushie measures in at 40 inches tall and 24 inches wide and weighs 15 pounds, so this isn’t your everyday plushie. It’s currently selling for $1,000, although it’s probably going to get even more valuable as people desperately cling to their memories after seeing that horrifying Will Smith… thing. For only $1,000, you can cuddle up to the Genie and cry about how Disney tarnished his name.

16 Embarrassing: Buzz Sippy Cup

via lobshots.com

Just… what on Earth were they thinking with this one? Shoppers began to notice a very odd and rather upsetting Buzz Ligthyear sippy cup around various stores. The sippy cup sees Buzz standing with his arms crossed, and the elongated straw is situated near where his groin would be. It doesn’t exactly take a dirty mind to figure out why this would be deemed inappropriate, especially seeing as how it’s marketed towards children. Did no one spot this during quality assurance testing?

15 Worth A Fortune:  Walt Disney’s Comics And Stories #1 ($25,500)

via Disney.fandom.com

Now we’re getting into the true valuables! The item in question is a comic book titled Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories, which was originally published in October of 1940. It features Donald Duck on the cover and contains early Donald and Mickey Mouse comic strips. This comic book would be a fantastic grab for either Disney or comic book collectors, as it is exceedingly rare and in fine condition. In 2011 the comic sold on Comic Connect for $25,500 after 23 bids.

14 Embarrassing: Darth Vader Goofy

via flickr.com

We don’t think anyone in the history of this world has asked for a Goofy Darth Vader action figure, yet here it is. The action figure looks exactly like Darth Vader, only it’s Goofy’s head and face in place of Darth Vader’s iconic mask. We don’t know why this is a thing, and to make matters even worse, it’s currently going for about $50 on Amazon. AND Goofy has a clear angry grimace, which is very un-Goofy-like. Who is this toy geared towards?

13 Worth A Fortune: Original Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Poster ($27,995)

via IMDb.com

Now this is a must-have for any film history buff (provided you have the money, that is). eBay seller cinemasterpieces is currently selling an original 27”x41” Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs poster for $27,995. According to the seller, the poster is a guaranteed original that has been paper backed and is ready for framing. And we have to say, the poster is absolutely gorgeous. We can only imagine proudly displaying this piece of art in our living rooms! We just don't have $30,000 laying around.

12 Embarrassing: The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs

via amazon.com

The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs were highly praised upon release, even earning a place on TIME’s Top 10 Toys of 2010. It’s too bad that it’s so horrifying. According to the product description, each Sing-A-Ma-Jig has its own unique look and voice, and it includes three modes of play – chatter, singing by itself, and singing in harmony with other Sing-A-Ma-Jigs. They certainly seem to be well made, but they’re definitely a little creepy. Just look at that mouth! What on Earth is that!?

11 Worth A Fortune: Hungry Hoboes ($31,250)

via YouTube.com

Hungry Hoboes is so rare and in-demand that Disney themselves gobbled it up. Sorry, potential buyers. Hungry Hoboes is a silent short that was directed by Walt Disney himself. It stars the characters Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Peg Leg Pete, and it centers around the two hobos hopping trains and looking for food. Despite disappearing before World War II, the original film was found by the Huntley Film Archives in 2011 and was swiftly purchased by Disney for $31,250.

10 Embarrassing: Sadness Doll

via Amazon.com

Inside Out was praised for its mature and adult themes, but maybe the accompanying dolls are a little TOO mature for kids. Some people took issue with the Sadness doll, which could be purchased through the Disney store. When the doll’s hand is pressed, it speaks in a melancholic tone and says things like “Goodbye friendship, hello loneliness” and “crying makes me slow down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems.” Pretty heavy stuff for a child to hear.

9 Worth A Fortune: Vintage Mickey Mouse Poster ($101,575)

via animationdigitaldigest.com

This isn’t exactly news, but vintage posters go for a lot of money! This poster of Mickey Mouse was originally bought by a man named Crowell Havens Beech back in 1928, and it’s the only known copy to exist. Beech kept the poster in his home until it was stolen by a handyman and sold to a buyer in New York. After learning that it was stolen, the buyer returned it to the family, and it was recently sold at auction for $101,575.

8 Embarrassing: This Weird Donald Duck Ride

via reddit.com

Children’s ride collectors (is that a thing?) may want to avoid this creepy and downright inappropriate Donald Duck ride, which has since become a rather famous internet phenomenon. The ride sees Donald Duck relaxing with his hands behind his head and looking straight forward – directly into the child rider’s crotch. We have to ask again – how did this get by quality assurance!? Did NO ONE notice how horrifying this was? Regardless, this is one ride you do not want to be putting your kids on.

7 Worth A Fortune: The Ultimate Mickey and Minnie Dolls ($151,534)

via rubylane.com

These dolls were originally manufactured in the early 1930s by famous seamstress Charlotte Clark, and they quickly became a hit around Los Angeles. Their popularity soon spread to the entire country, officially kickstarting Disneymania (this was well before Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.) These exquisite and finely-detailed dolls of Mickey and Minnie measure 44” and 48,” respectively, and were created as rare promotional materials. They were even photographed with Walt Disney himself! And in 2007, both dolls sold for an astounding $151,534 on hakes.com.

6 Embarrassing: Hipster Belle Funko Pop

via eBay.com

Just…why? Why does this exist? Funko Pops are obviously big business, and it seems as if every fictional character has been made into one (even if they don’t deserve it). It makes sense for Belle to be made into one, but why does it need to be HIPSTER Belle!? The figure looks exactly like Belle, complete with her signature yellow dress, only she’s wearing black, thick-framed glasses. Yeah, Belle is a book nerd and everything, but come on. Was this really necessary?

5 Worth A Fortune: Hands Off My Playthings ($204,000)

via flickr.com

Hands Off My Playthings is a gorgeous painting by Carl Barks, the famous cartoonist and creator of Scrooge McDuck. This particular painting was the seventeenth done by Barks in 1975 alone and is said to be Barks’ personal favorite. It’s a part of what’s called the “money-bin” paintings, which are exceedingly rare and precious (Barks didn’t do many because he hated painting each individual gold coin). This painting eventually made its way to Bonhams where it sold for $204,000 in 2007.

4 Embarrassing: Wishes And Dreams Potty Set

via amazon.com

Little kids like Disney, and little girls like Disney princesses. It therefore makes sense to market Disney princesses to very young girls. But… a toilet seat? Don't know about that. We suppose there’s nothing really wrong with this, especially if it encourages children to potty train. But nothing says, “I love this character!” than sitting on her face and peeing on her! And speaking of which, the product itself is apparently quite bad and… leaky, if the Amazon reviews are anything to go by.

3 Worth A Fortune: The Band Concert Film Celluloid ($420,000)

via reedart.wordpress.com

Like Hungry Hoboes, The Band Concert film is exceedingly rare and extremely valuable – even more so! WAY more so. The Band Concert is a historic film in that it was the first Mickey Mouse short to be produced in color, and the story follows Mickey and the band struggling through a performance and ignoring various distractions. One celluloid, which shows the entire band playing together, sold at a private auction in 1999 for $420,000! For those curious, that’s about $635,000 in today’s money.

2 Worth A Fortune: Celebration Mickey ($4 million)

via shopdisney.com

When something is made out of gold, it’s going to be expensive. The Celebration Mickey was built in 2001 to commemorate Disney’s 100th birthday. It was originally cast from 3,000 troy ounces of 24-karat gold, and the completed sculpture contains over 1,500 troy ounces and weighs just over 100 pounds. It was certified a “one of a kind” piece by Disneyland Resort and was valued at $4 million by the director of the National Institute of Appraisers. Now that is one expensive Mickey Mouse.

1 Embarrassing: Simba and Rafiki

via movies.disney.com

This toy – which shows Rafiki lifting Simba – was allegedly found in a special edition Smarties box. The finder, known as Simon Jenny, uploaded footage of the toy to YouTube, where it has been viewed over 2.5 million times. The toy sits in a suggestive position, and when Rafiki’s tail is pressed (to raise Simba above his head) and quickly released, it looks like Rafiki is performing a highly suggestive act on the young Simba. The kids probably shouldn’t see that.

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