14-Year-Old Fortnite Pro Gets Swatted While Streaming

A 14-year-old professional gamer was swatted while participating in a Fortnite Championship Series this past weekend.

A 14-year-old professional gamer was swatted while participating in a Fortnite Championship Series this past weekend.

Cody Conrad, more popularly known by his Twitch username "Clix", has been having a rough couple of months. Just a few months ago, in August, the young teenager's account was suspended after hackers took over and began broadcasting inappropriate content. But over the weekend, Clix became a victim of another terrible prank - swatting.

On October 26, Clix he was participating in a Fortnite championship when he abruptly announced he would be stepping out. “Police are here..." Conrad said, "Yo, I just got swatted...one second, I gotta go.”

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Thankfully, the incident resolved itself quickly and Clix was able to return to his team and resume the game. Clix's character had died earlier in the game, which was helpful during his brief departure, as it didn't affect his team's playing. Clix and his team emerged victorious, despite the setback.

Following the incident, Clix took to Twitter to express his thoughts. His brief tweet both assured his followers that he was okay, but reproached the practice of swatting.

For those who are unaware, "swatting" is a practice that has arisen in popularity in recent years. The practice, which involves people falsely alerting the authorities of a false crime with the hope of getting a SWAT team - a law enforcement unit that is usually reserved for the direst of crimes and situations - sent to a person's residence for no reason. It's gained notoriety as a dangerous prank in the gaming world. Streamers are frequent targets of this prank; often, police are caught on stream, where a streamer's fans can watch and experience the incident in real-time.

Though no one was hurt during this particular incident, other swatting victims have not been so lucky. This past summer, a 28-year-old man named Andrew Finch was killed after a bitter Call of Duty gamer reported Finch's residence, falsifying him as a dangerous and armed man. Upon arrival at his house, the police killed the innocent man.

Despite this and other serious incidents, Clix's story proves that swatting is still a prevalent issue.

Source: Kotaku and The Daily Dot

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