15TNA Impact!

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When developers Midway announced that they were creating a game for the wrestling promotion TNA, gamers were intrigued. THQ were producing the stale SmackDown Vs Raw titles, so it was seen as a breath of fresh air. In execution, however, what looked good on paper didn’t exactly manifest itself in


Now that’s not to say that the game doesn’t do anything right, in fact, some elements of the gameplay are pretty slick. It’s the lack of effort that’s gone into move variety and the reversal system that really brings it down. Almost every wrestler has identical movesets to each other, barring their finishers. And the less said about the grating A.I. the better.

If you can pick it up in a bargain bin for cheap, then by all means do. However, don’t expect there to be much in the way of longevity. Once you’ve played through a few matches, you’ve pretty much seen everything it has to offer.

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