15 Awesome Areas In Fallout 4 You Had No Idea About

There is something about Fallout 4 that draws people in. Sure, visit any of the fan forums dedicated to the series and you’ll immediately notice an overabundance of posts claiming Fallout: New Vegas is the dominant game. However, Fallout 4 did many, and I do mean many, things right. For instance, Bethesda managed to improve upon the graphics, features, and technology of the past few titles. We laid witness to numerous new features, albeit some included in previous mods from the community, such as the settlement building and weapon customization tools. But it’s the world that really captured our sense of wonder. It was enrapturing.

Oh, and what a world Bethesda has crafted this time around. Boston and its surrounding region are rife with alleyways to explore, overpasses to traverse, and creepy apartment buildings to scour through. Each of these locations is filled to the brim with loot, crafting materials, and enemies of all types. One thing stands true, though: Each site is unique and enticing to the player. These are the top 15 most awesome areas in Fallout 4 that you probably didn’t know about…yet!

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15 Prost

Via: Fallout Wiki

The Prost Bar is unmarked location of the Commonwealth. The entrance to the bar is immediately southwest of the Massachusetts State House and directly west of Swan’s Pond. Upon first glance, the building may appear to be just another bar. However, Bethesda had some fun with its design.

First off, did you know Prost means Cheers in German, like when giving a drinking toast. The entire bar is models after the television series Cheers, which ran from 1982 to 1993, and starred Ted Danson and Shelley Long. There are even baseball posters referencing Danson’s character, and a skeleton in the corner dressed as a postman, just like Cliff Clavin in the show. Overall, it’s a fun little tidbit to include in the game, especially for the older generation who grew up with the series.

14 Ted Williams’ Seat

via reddit.com

Fallout 4 is known for its detail, pure and simple. Bethesda ensures a variety of Easter Eggs and hidden locations to entice players to explore more often. One such egg was the red seat at Fenway Park, commemorating the farthest home run every hit in the stadium – a 502-foot hit by Ted Williams in 1946.

The iconic red seat is hard to spot. You may even overlook it one-hundred times while visiting the stadium in-game. You cannot walk directly up to the seat, but with a high-powered scope on your weapon, you can scour the stands and recognize the red hue. The seat is intermingled with the usual green, which you’d think would help it stand out. In reality, you’ll need to be looking at exactly the right moment. The lighting of the game really shadows the stands well.

13 Old Gullet Sinkhole

Via: FragHero

Located just near Malden Middle School and Vault 75, the Old Gullet Sinkhole was once a prospering neighborhood swallowed whole by a sinkhole after the Great War. There is now only one inhabitant: a deathclaw at the center. If you explore further, you may notice the river flowing into the sinkhole crater. This river leads to a cavern beneath the sinkhole, which allows entrance to the cave underneath. Inside, you’ll find a few dead bodies, some radroaches, and feral ghouls.

Exiting this sinkhole cavern, you’ll instantly be greeted by a pack of super mutants awaiting their next meal. This area is awesome due to the high-level of detail and complexity Bethesda put into its story. Furthermore, that deathclaw we mentioned? It actually won’t attack the player on sight. Instead, it sits patiently and watches your every move. The monster will attack other creatures, though.

12 Carhenge

Via: Imgur

Another hidden location within Fallout 4, Carhenge does not appear on any map or document within the game world. You’ll simply stumble upon its location one day unless you look up its exact coordinates online.

The name, apparently, comes from the structure itself. It’s like Stonehenge, but with old-model cars and a truck. This incredulous monument was crafted from wrecked vehicles and can be found just south of Walden Pond. Of course, like most areas in the post-apocalyptic game, monstrous enemies lurk nearby. You’ll want plenty of ammunition and Stimpaks on your person at all times, especially when snapping a screenshot for your friends. Here’s a little tip to defeat the big, bad monster in the area: Clamber atop the bus and snipe from afar!

11 Rocket Shed

Via: YouTube

The Rocket Shed is another hidden area of the game that does not appear on the in-game map. Just to the northeast of Relay Tower 0BB-915, you’ll notice a simple, unassuming shack atop a cliff overlooking the land below. It is inside this shack where a secret lay dormant.

Inside of the aptly named Rocket Shed, players will notice a homemade explosives station, including propane canisters adorning makeshift rocket launchers aimed towards the Commonwealth. Whoever owned this shed sure loved pyrotechnics. Of course, they were kind enough to leave behind a stash of ammunition for your weapons, too. Make use of anything you want and maybe have a little fun while you’re visiting the rest stop. Thankfully, you won’t find any unusual enemies lurking about, so take your time.

10 Crashed UFO

Via: Fallout Wiki

While traveling through the wasteland, you may notice an assortment of odd noises. This is entirely normal. What’s not normal, however, is the sound of a crashing airplane. But it’s no aircraft! Instead, you’ll be greeted with the wreck of a downed UFO.

This is an entirely random encounter, so you can easily miss it on your first playthrough. Heck, if you ignore the sound or are in middle of a gunfight, you may miss the event anyway. Once you hit level 20, while traveling for long enough, the event may take place. The ship passes quickly over your head, then crashes just in the distance. The explosion is too distant to recognize, but thankfully the ship crashes in the same spot. Take a trip to the east-southeast of Oberland Station to find the site.

9 Wreck Of The Orca

Via: YouTube

While it is entirely possible to navigate across the bottom of the forsaken ocean in Fallout 4 (with the help of power armor), it’s not quite advisable. You see, the murky, dank water is completely pitch-black. It’s almost impossible to see anything more than a few feet in front of your face…er, helmet. Out there, in the wildest parts of the ocean, something surely lives. Right?

The Wreck of the Orca is yet another hidden location within the game that does not appear on the in-game map. Just to the north of the Salem Museum of Witchcraft, in a small bay, players will find a marooned fishing vessel. Aboard this ship, the corpse of a large oceanic predator and his last meal can be found. The setup is an homage to the original Jaws film, where the namesake shark breaches the Orca and attacks Captain Samuel Quint.

8 Jamaica Plain

Via: Imgur

Jamaica Plain is unique: it’s both a marked location and a settlement, which means players will wind up there of their own accord sooner or later. Located directly southwest of University Point, Jamaica Plain is surrounded by walls and partially intact buildings. Getting in, however, is difficult. The area is rife with feral ghouls.

What’s unique and awesome about this location? Oh, just the treasure. By finding Hadrian’s body, which spawns at random, you’ll acquire the Treasures of Jamaica Plain holotape. This tape points you to the basement of the town hall, which is said to hide immeasurable goods. The “treasures” within are yours to discover. We won’t spoil it. Just know, the feral ghouls are indoors, too, so be wary of any strange footsteps or noises.

7 General Atomics Galleria

Via: Fallout Wiki

A pre-war relic of a compound, the General Atomics Galleria was meant to be a commercial district run entirely by robots. Today, in 2287, that goal reigns true. Inhabited solely by Mr. Handies and Mr. Gutsies, the location is oblivious to recent events, including the war.

The various shops are completely open to the public, but you’ll need to perform the Grand Reopening first. Due to an error with the robots’ programming, many of the interactions result in an attack. Destroying these robots will result in vendors closing shop permanently, even after the reopening ceremony. There is quite a bit of lore and mystery surrounding this barren shopping center, so explore and learn its secrets while you can. For instance, The Director (the head robot) is suspected of murdering the last human supervisor.

6 HalluciGen, Inc.

Via: YouTube

Upon first discovering HalluciGen, Inc. you’ll immediately notice several NPCs going insane and attacking each other wantonly. This is the result of a chemical leak from within the facility. Thankfully, there is a decontamination chamber inside that will cure all radiation poisoning you’ll receive from entering.

The entire layout of the facility is rather confusing due to the number of collapsed floors. There are some hidden rooms throughout, though. One such room entices the player to test out new products via the intercom. By pressing various buttons, you’ll emit poisonous gasses downstairs, right where the Gunners are relaxing. There is quite a bit to discover, including plenty of loot and an oddly friendly Gunner female. She’ll immediately leave the building once you free her, should you choose to.

5 Yangtze Submarine

Via: Fallout Wiki

The Yangtze-31, a Chinese nuclear submarine, is commanded by Zao. Upon discovering the monstrosity in the water, just off the south coast near the Boston Airport, you’ll be tasked with entering the ship. Before this, however, a young boy on the pier claims to have spotted a monster in the water. This is the world of Fallout, so you may immediately think of a gigantic whale or a killer shark that has been grotesquely mutated. That’s what we were hoping for, at least.

In reality, the nuclear-powered submarine operated by a Chinese ghoul is actually more impressive. It leads to a few different side quests, quite a few feral ghoul kills, and a lot of radiation poisoning. This is the only location to get Zao’s Sword, a unique melee weapon, plus 200 caps for completing the captain’s tasks.

4 Ted

Via: Imgur

If you’ve watched Ted, the comedy film by creator Seth MacFarlane, then you’ll probably notice the various Easter Eggs throughout the game. In fact, there are a couple of obvious nods to the comedy film in the form of a teddy bear.

First off, you’ll notice a teddy bear wearing sunglasses while sitting on the toilet in a bathroom at Back Street Apparel. You can pick up both the bear and the newspaper he is reading for your collection. Another instance of Ted comes in the form of a teddy bear and skeleton sitting on a couch, seemingly watching television before the bombs fell. This is a direct nod to the film, as both the teddy bear and Mark Wahlberg’s character would smoke weed and watch TV all day.

3 Suffolk County Charter School

Via: YouTube

The Suffolk County Charter School is unique and awesome to discover for one reason: its mysterious story. You see, before the war began, Principal Jackie Hudson agreed to implement the Nutritional Alternative Paste Program (NAPP) in exchange for government funding. This program, unfortunately, was a test performed without the consent of the parents, students, or remaining faculty. The school children were used as lab rats.

The NAPP had a distinct effect on the kids, including an increase in problematic behavior and a pink complexion. You’ll notice the ghouls in the immediate area are a bit pinker when compared to those wandering the wasteland. Whatever was in the food paste turned these children in feral ghouls once the bombs fell. Careful of the glowing one by the library, though.

2 The Parking Garage Dungeon

Via: Stack Exchange

While traversing the wasteland, you’ll come across a few unmarked locations in the world. These places, despite having no map marker, are notable in numerous ways. The Milton Parking Garage, for instance, features a terrifying, dark secret.

Sitting adjacent to the Milton General Hospital and Fallon’s Department Store, the Milton Parking Garage was home to a psychopath. There’s no skirting around this fact. The interior of the garage is a veritable torture chamber of the most macabre. Whoever the previous inhabitant was, they actually enjoyed terrorizing innocent wanderers. You’ll have to traverse the maze-like interior, complete with prison cells, manikins, and traps. You’ll need to survey the area carefully and look for signs. Choose wisely, for one door leads to riches, while the other leads to a fiery death.

1 Vault 75

Via: VGamerz

Like every Fallout game, there are various vaults designed and constructed by Vault-Tec scattered throughout the Commonwealth. Vault 75, however, is unique. Located just underneath the Malden Middle School, the vault was conceived as a safe place for children and parents once the bombs fell.

Being Vault-Tec, however, an experiment was planned. The children, families, and faculty were separated. The adults were instantly executed by Vault-Tec security, while the children were sent to “orientation” – essentially brainwashing. The surviving children were mentally and physically stronger. These kids are long gone, though. The only people inside are Gunners. It’s unclear where the children escaped to, only that they killed everyone within to break free. Just thinking of encountering a mutant child in the wastes is horrifying to consider.

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