14Shrine Of Talos Massacre

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Despite the narrative focus on the White-Gold Concordat (a treaty which outlaws worship of Talos and allows the Thalmor to rule Skyrim), the concordat seems to hardly affect the land. A man openly praises Talos in Whiterun and multiple statues of Talos are scattered throughout Skyrim.

The Shrine of Talos Massacre

reveals the darker side of the treaty. Five bodies lie at the base of the shrine, including a Thalmor carrying orders to investigate the region for worshippers of Talos. Many characters in Skyrim express disdain for the Thalmor; this massacre shows the consequences of such disdain.

Although a path leads from the Guardian Stones to the shrine, the location is unmarked on the map and thus can easily be missed by players. The shrine lies just southwest of the Stones.

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