15Dunmeth Pass

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Because Skyrim’s borders are invisible walls which produce an annoying message when touched, most players avoid the edges of the map. Generic terrain usually lies beyond the border, but Dunmeth Pass includes a snow-covered road leading to Morrowind. Dunmeth Pass shows players a glimpse of the world beyond Skyrim, grounding

the game in a larger context and tempting newcomers to play the previous Elder Scrolls games.

This unmarked location can be found next to Refugees’ Rest, a watchtower which wonderfully illuminates the significance of Dunmeth Pass. A book titled Decree of Monument rests on a pedestal beside the tower, explaining the tower served as a resting place for refugees escaping a natural disaster in Morrowind. The tower has become a sad location since then; the nearby graveyard and the monsters occupying the tower show how dangerous the road is for current refugees.

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