15 Awesome ME: Andromeda Side Quests You NEED To Find

Mass Effect: Andromeda saw its fair share of scrutiny and controversy when it first released. Many gamers were up in arms about the graphical quality of the title, complaining of odd looking characters, terrible animations, and game-breaking glitches. The lengthy development process and poor delivery left a sour taste in a lot of players mouths.

Fortunately, developers have done a good job in attempting to address some of the game's major flaws. Patches have been released and graphical fixes were included to update some of the poor visuals. The release has come a long way since it first launched back in March.

Graphical flaws and minor glitches aside, Mass Effect: Andromeda is teething with rich story-laced environments and quest lines. The main story arc will take you to some interesting places, but there is a ton of content to be discovered and enjoyed via the side quest system.

There are tons of missions to complete, with some being a bit more entertaining and worthwhile than others. It's for this reason that we decided to toss together a list of 15 of the most enjoyable and interesting side quests to find during your Mass Effect: Andromeda journey.

Is there a particular side mission you really enjoyed? Let us know!

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15 The Secret Project

Via: Youtube (Video Game Sophistry)

The first mission on Eos has Pathfinder Ryder pushing to gain a foothold at Site 1: Promise. The main goal is to reactivate the power for this area, but you may miss an exciting side quest if you don't hang around long enough to search the power station. After turning the power back on, Ryder can sift through a datapad (located on the first floor) that contains information about Site 2: Resilience.

The datapad speaks of a scientific endeavor gone awry. This sidequest will lead you to the curious site, which is abundant with locked doors and barricaded rooms. After finding the entrance to the base and discovering exactly what went wrong, you'll find yourself thrown headfirst into a dangerous firefight against some Kett. It's bad enough having to fend off your enemies, but the scientific experiment you released makes this fight all the more difficult.

14 Making An Impression

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Your biggest contribution to the planet Eos comes from the completion of a mysterious vault. After conquering the primary objective, Eos will begin the terraforming process. This will help to eradicate all of the surface radiation.  It feels good enough to bring the planet back to a hospitable state, but it also unlocks some additional side quests.

One particular quest is too exciting and challenging to miss. After Eos has been terraformed, you can speak to Hanley in Prodromos to receive this mission. The bulk of the mission has you traveling to different locations to activate special underground hammers. Along the way, you'll have to deal with the occasional Kett threat. In true Mass Effect fashion, you'll be faced with a moral decision at the end.

The main mission itself is fun, but what happens at the end is the real bread and butter of this side event. Once you complete your tasks, you'll find yourself battling against an Architect.

13 Defeating The Kett

Via: Youtube (Video Game Sophistry)

Like "Making An Impression," this particular side quest is only available after you've terraformed Eos. If you've made it this far towards liberating the planet, you've probably noticed the rather imposing threat of the hostile Kett. You've slaughtered countless baddies up to this point, but it's time to finally liberate the planet from the Kett scourge.

"Defeating The Kett" is the major ending side quest for the planet. After locating a massive Kett presence, Ryder and his crew set out to destroy the enemy cell and bring peace to the now hospitable Eos. Your task starts at the door to a massive Kett Shield Station. After cracking the door code (and plowing through waves of enemy forces) you'll slip inside and work your way towards toppling the station.

There are side tasks that can be completed to make the incoming fights even easier. The final showdown is a battle against an elite Kett Ascendant.

12 Life On The Frontier

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Most of the missions on this list have to do with conquering a peculiar boss, laying waste to an enemy horde, or changing the atmosphere of a planet. Life On The Frontier doesn't feature any of these things (although you'll still fight some enemies), but it still finds a way onto this list for its twist-like conclusion.

After completing "A Trail of Hope," you'll receive an email from Vetra's kid sister, Sid. The email states that Sid has uncovered something most suspicious. She points out that some Initiative ships have been attacked by a mercenary group known as The Three Sabers. It's up to you to gather data about these attacks and confront the group at their base (on Kadara). After wiping out the enemy resistance and finding a datapad, you'll discover that the group's former leader (Stanton Yale) is stationed on Eos.

Yale claims that he ducked out after the crew went rogue, but the real shocker is that Director Addison is the one responsible for originally hiring the group. You'll have to confront her on Nexus, adding more to the dynamic between Ryder and Addison.

11 Restoring A World

Via: Youtube (Savage Discavage Films)

Voeld is a terrible place. The entire planet is covered in a thick layer of ice, causing frigid temperatures and hazardous landscapes. Thankfully, there aren't any Priority Ops here, but you'll still need to touch down on Voeld if you hope to strengthen the Angaran resistance against the Kett.

When you first arrive, Voeld is an uninhabitable nightmare teeming with Kett, Remnants, and environmental dangers. Thankfully, there is something you can do to help allied forces conquer this freezing world. Remember the spooky vault you had to access to help clear the radiation on Eos? There is another one on Voeld and you'll need to find it in order to help transform the planet.

After activating three Remnant monoliths, you'll gain access to this important landmark.

10 Missing Science Crew

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The fastest way to die in a Sci-Fi game is to be part of a science crew. For some reason, these individuals are always finding themselves in hot water (or in this instance, cold). Voeld is not the best place to go missing. If the frigid temperatures don't get you, the abundance of enemies will.

To receive this mission, you'll need to have already established Taerve Uni. From there, you can talk to Priya Blake, who's located on the ground level of the central building. She'll give you information pertaining a science crew that mysteriously vanished while on a drilling expedition. Priya seems to think this is the handiwork of the Kett or some Remnants. The truth is much more frightening.

After locating a pile of bodies (which includes some of the aforementioned enemies), you'll gain access to a datapad which points to a nearby valley. If you decide to brave the elements in search of a culprit, you'll be rewarded with a battle against another massive Architect.

9 Uncovering The Past

Via: IGN

This side mission is only available once you complete "Remove The Heart." During the previous mission to dismantle the Kett control tower, you come across a mysterious shield that's blocking progression to a certain part of Voeld. After the control tower falls, that shield dissipates and will allow you to explore the bowels of the planet.

You'll meet some leftover Kett forces as you make your way through the newly opened path. After a short hike, things begin to look a bit more architectural, hinting that you're entering a manmade structure. Along the way, you'll run into a captured Angaran male, who gives you more information about where you are. He notes that the Kett were attempting to blast through a nearby cave tunnel.

All of your hard work and exploration is rewarded with the discovery of an ancient A.I. You'll be forced to make a key decision here, allowing your newly saved Angaran friend to die (by the hands of the A.I.), or to destroy the artificial intelligence. If you let the A.I. live, it will return with you and integrate with SAM, which opens up some interesting dialogue later in the game.

8 A Dying World

Via: USgamer

Havarl is similar to Voeld, as it doesn't contain any Priority Ops missions on its own. Although, you may find yourself visiting this small and strange planet as a product of your choices made during "A Trail of Hope." Havarl is a lush Jungle-like planet that serves as the initial homeworld of the Angaran people. When you first arrive, this planet doesn't feel like much of a home, although it is teeming with dangerous wildlife and hazards.

In order to begin fixing Havarl, you'll need to depart on another "vault" quest. This one comes packaged with a unique variable that turns it into quite the lengthy affair. With most vault missions, you're tasked with activating three separate monoliths. Unfortunately, the third Havarl monolith is nowhere to be found.

To begin this journey, you'll need to speak to Kiiran Dals, an Angaran found within the walls of the research facility that you come across when first landing on Havarl. The long-winded mission that follows is a depressive journey with a bittersweet ending.

7 Healing Kadara's Heart

Via: Polygon

Kadara is one of the coolest locations in all of Andromeda. This mountainous planet was originally home to an Angaran settlement, but now offers refuge to Nexus scum. The Wild West-like world is a haven for all pirates, criminals, and exiled peoples. The terrible people aside, Kadara is suffering from high surface temperatures and toxic water.

If you have any hopes of transforming Kadara's image, you'll first need to start by fixing its atmospheric issues. You know what that means. "Healing Kadara's Heart" will lead you directly to the planet's vault, which you must conquer in order to begin the environmental healing process. The vault itself is teeming with enemies, puzzles, and of course, the ever so annoying noxious gas.

To begin this arduous task, you'll need to locate the first monolith, which should be fairly close to your landing point.

6 Out Of The Frying Pan

Via: IGN

This particular side mission does a fantastic job in underlining exactly how far Kadara has fallen. We know that the planet is inhabited by crooks and thieves, but we don't really get an accurate picture of how messed up the local society is until this side event. To begin "Out of the Frying Pan," you'll need to speak to Grayson Wessler in Kadara Port. He can be found standing under the stairs, next to the Slums.

Grayson will tell you that he wrongfully banished someone named Remi, to the Badlands. He's hopeful that you will help him out by tracking her down and bringing her home. After some detective work, you'll find yourself infiltrating a base. The climactic end sees you battling against Johan and his gang of exiles, but the real shock happens when you make your way to free Remi.

You'll find Remi alive, locked in a cell upstairs. Unfortunately, you'll also find a pile of mutilated bodies. It appears that Johan and his crew were cannibals, feasting on individuals they'd kidnapped.

5 Old Skinner

Via: Youtube (Sebastian Engvall)

We've already established how messed up Kadara is from a social standpoint, so don't be surprised when you find yourself investigating a cult. The "Old Skinner" side quest can be obtained from Christmas Tate, on the newly built Kadara outpost. Christmas will give you details concerning a local cult that is causing trouble and provide you with a last known location.

Your goal is to confront Bishop, the leader of this corrupt sect, and bring him to justice. Strangely, things are a little too quiet when you finally reach your destination. You won't see any cult leaders around, but you will find a lone datapad and a dead body. The device outlines a late Bishop's last moments. The careless cult leader met his demise at the hands of an Architect and it's up to you to slay the towering creature for the safety of Kadara.

4 A Packaged Deal

Via: Youtube (CappySmack)

During your quests through Karada, you'll come across a vendor named Thrasia. She's located on the eastern side of the planet and offers a variety of wares and minerals. She also offers a quest, asking Ryder to investigate a nearby weapons cache that has been stolen from the Nexus. Once you manage to locate this cache, you'll realize it was a setup and be forced to fight off a few enemies.

The weapon cache is there, but Ryder finds Thrasia's involvement suspicious. Upon returning to the vendor, you'll learn that she actually sold the location to numerous bidders. As consolation for your efforts, she offers to sell you items at a reduced price.

This side quest was the subject of an "infinite money" glitch. Players were capable of purchasing minerals from Thrasia at a reduced rate and could then sell them back to her for profit. This exploit has since been patched out.

3 High Noon

Via: NeoGAF

The social injustice on Kadara can only progress so far before things reach a boiling point. The "High Noon" sidequest aims to put an end to all of this inward fighting once and for all. The mission begins after Ryder speaks to Sloane (after "Night on the Town"). Sloane informs the player that the fabled Charlatan is planning to challenge her for the leadership of Kadara.

You'll need to meet Sloane near a cave to the west of Kadara Point. Once you meet up, you'll discover the true identity of The Charlatan. Reyes, who you had become friends with, has been planning to seize control of Kadara, and promptly attacks Sloane in a duel of sorts. Sadly, Reyes doesn't plan to play fair, as he has a sniper in position to kill the Collective leader.

You'll have the opportunity to save Sloane or let her perish at the hands of Reyes. Your choice has a minor effect on the ending of the game, deciding who will show up to help you during the final struggle.

2 Taming A Desert

Via: USgamer

Elaaden is to heat, as Voeld is to cold. This desert-like planet maintains a steady 125-degree surface temperature, making it nearly uninhabitable for most species. Good thing the Krogans aren't most species. Known as Habitat 2, Elaaden plays host to a faction of Krogan exiles. It's difficult for anyone else to settle there, thanks to the scorching temperatures and lack of water vapor.

Thankfully, you can change this. By scanning a monolith to the west of your initial landing zone, you can begin the "Taming A Desert" side quest. A few monolith later, and a few Sudoku-like puzzles, and you'll be rewarded with access to the Elaaden vault. Inside, you'll find an abundance of useful items and a bonus room. Most importantly, you'll find a way to make the surface of Elaaden a little more habitable.

1 Search For The Stolen Remnant Drive Core

Via: IGN

This mission takes place after "Investigate Remnant Derelict" and is important to your overall efforts on Elaaden. You'll be tasked with locating a stolen Remnant drive core, which was last seen at a Remnant site near the west side of the planet map. Upon arriving, you'll have to subdue some Wraiths and Fiends. From here, you'll set off on a quest to find the missing drive core.

After some detective work, and the discovery of a sinister double-cross, you'll finally have your hands on the core in question. You'll need to take the device back to New Tuchanka. There, you can inform Morda about your findings. This mission ends with two potential choices. The first one will allow you to keep the drive core, which won't do much for you in the long run. The second allows you to pass the core to Morda, who will then open a new outpost where you can find and complete additional missions.

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