15 Awesome Missions In GTA V You Didn't Know About

With a map and open world that rivals real world cities like Toronto, London, San Francisco, and even Manhattan, there’s no question that Grand Theft Auto V is immense. In fact, GTA V is approximately three times the size of its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto IV, meaning that there’s an enormous world out there to explore, full of secrets and unsolved mysteries, and maybe even a visit remnants of otherworldly visitors.

Winner of the Game of the Year Award in 2013, GTA V is a ludicrously exciting game to play. From the first mission that hits like a bang and sets the scene in this refined world to the choose-your-own finale, there’s a potentially limitless way of enjoy this compelling yet unpredictable world.

Updated in 2014 for the next-gen consoles, the beauty of GTA V is that its an immersive experience. Whether you choose to play as Michael, Trevor, or Franklin, San Andreas is your playground – from Los Santos to the desert region of Blaine County. This means that there’s a plethora of things to do, and with 69 story mode missions to complete and many more side missions to clear, post-story mode, a few sick days may be in order, once again.

So if you’ve already cleared GTA V and this is your fifth or twelfth playthrough, or you’re picking it up for the first time, here are 15 awesome missions in GTA V you may have missed or didn’t know about.

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15 Lester’s Assassinations

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Now this might seem like a cop-out as this mission progresses as you continue to the main story forward. In "Lester’s Assassinations," Lester will offer Franklin five missions which will require Franklin to assassinate different targets to gain monetary benefits beyond the bounty of the kill. Each target plays a huge role in a company which has stock available for purchase in the in-game stock markets – LCN and BAWSAQ.

What you may not know though, is that there’s a process to investing in these companies before the assassination takes place. If done right, the player can net approximately 80% return in their investments which means it often pays dividends to wait until clearing the main story missions before investing into these missions.

When all is said and done, the player could net a cool $2.1 billion once all the missions are completed – imagine what you could do with all that cash...

14 Hidden Packages

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For those strapped for cash, GTA V has various hidden packages all over San Andreas containing cash ready and waiting for the right treasure hunter to come along. Luckily you’ve stumbled upon this list!

Located in the northern most part of Del Perro Beach, simply grab a jet-ski and venture out into the blue beyond, some hundred feet or so. From there, dive down and locate the sunken submarine which will contain the $25,000 suitcase lying near the submarine’s hatch.

There’s 12 hidden packages in total scattered throughout the map of San Andreas, but this made it onto the list because it contains the most amount of money of any of the hidden packages. At times, the hidden packages may glitch out, so when this happens, simply save your game and reload and your money should be ready for its rightful owner – you!

13 House Hunters: San Andreas

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With such an enormous playground, it would only make sense that video game developer Rockstar would include a property ladder ready and waiting to be climbed and at times, even exploited. After all, there’s no point being a criminal mastermind without a home to go to post-misdemeanor activities.

Each of the three main protagonists, Franklin, Trevor, and Michael can purchase property that they all can use, but there are also some properties that are exclusive to each of the specific characters.

The property ladder opens up to the player after completing the “Nervous Ron” mission. There are 25 properties in total, with eight of those being personal storage facilities for your cool vehicles and toys. There are also various helipads, hangers, garages, and personal marinas for each character lending a sense of personalization as you build up your portfolio assets.

12 Big Game Hunting

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For those needing a break from the daily grind of criminality in San Andreas, step out into the vast wilderness with Trevor and discover a world of wildlife depopulation activities.

Available after the “Nervous Ron” quest, big game hunting includes the introduction of Cletus, a hunting fanatic who’ll want Trevor to join him in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness for some varmint shooting. Clean kills (heart shots) will yield you the maximum amount of points and dineros, and will also unlock the “Master Hunter Challenge.”

Much like real-life hunting, a lot of technicality goes into play while pursuing big game. Technicalities include shooting upwind to avoid detection, baits to attract various critters, and stealth to avoid detection.

There’s plenty of varmint to kill and hunting challenges to complete, so happy hunting. Oh and watch out for those pesky cougars.

11 Drive: GTA Style

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One of the most interesting characters you can recruit as a gunman for the in-game heists is Patrick “Packie” McReary, of GTA IV fame and member of the McReary crime family. To recruit Packie McReary, you must first complete Franklin’s “Pulling Favors” mission which will unlock the “Getaway Driver” mission.

Starting the mission requires the player to go to the Dollar Pills Pharmacy in Strawberry, which is close to Franklin’s safehouse. Upon arrival, you’ll notice that Patrick McReary and his friend in a robbery gone wrong. Why? Because they forgot to recruit a getaway driver. This is where you come in. Get any four-door vehicle and McReary and his pal to safety. From there, McReary will be available for all of the in-game heists, with some of the highest possible skills for a gunman – though at a cost, as he takes 12% of the cut.

10 Altruistic Motivation

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At certain times throughout the game and in random points on the map, Trevor will find random San Andreas citizens who will require assistance. Once they get into your vehicle, it's at this point you can decide if you want to explore the "Altruist Cult" mission to its completion or drop off your newfound friends to their destinations.

If you want to continue this mission, then you must head up Mount Chiliad where the Altruist cult await to welcome your newfound friends for dinner.

Once the fourth victim is delivered to the cult, Trevor will be kidnapped and brought to the camp where the real mission begins. This mission deserves special notice because while you’re clearing out the camp, there’s an opportunity to collect four briefcases each containing $25,000 to add to your bank as well as an assortment of weapons and armor.

The only real question left is... who to bring over for “dinner?”

9 A Spot Of Golf, Anyone?

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Crime is hard work. In the in-game world of Grand Theft Auto, it pays well and has its own rewards, but it is tremendously hard work. For those looking to engage outside of the normal antisocial behaviour, then the world of San Andreas is for you.

Unwind from the daily grind away from the crime scenes and heists, and participate in fun, social activities scattered throughout San Andreas. Discover your inner yogi, play a spot of golf, or even test the limits of the human spirit, there’s an athletic activity for everyone to enjoy.

Certain activities such as yoga can only be unlocked after completing specific story mode missions. And for those of us who are perfectionist players and achievement hunters, certain sports are required to be completed to achieve 100% completion. This includes winning against your opponents in golf, tennis, and darts, as well as winning all three triathlons.

8 Like Fish In A Barrel

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While a day of athletic activities may appeal to some, for others, Grand Theft Auto is all about the mayhem, rocket launchers, and straight running and gunning.

And what better place to safely practice the destructive power of your arsenal than at one of Los Santos fine establishments, the Ammu-Nation shooting range. Located in only two Ammu-Nation stores, one in Cypress Flats and the other in Pillbox Hill, the shooting range provides the player the ability to level up their shooting stat as well as teach the fundamentals of quick shooting while increasing hand-eye coordination, which is a crucial transferable skill to story mode missions and deathmatches in GTA Online.

There are a total of three different challenges for each weapon category and completion of each challenge awards you with Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals which can be applied as discounts at every Ammu-Nation store.

7 Nuclear Waste

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In order to unlock this mission, the player must purchase the Sonar Collections Dock in Paleto Cove and complete “The Merryweather Heist” mission. Once unlocked, the player must find the 30 barrels of nuclear waste scattered throughout the entire island.

Using the Submersible, the player must circumvent the entirety of San Andreas collecting the barrels of waste. This can be done by using the minisub or getting out of the sub and collecting them personally. Each barrel collected can net $23,000 and an extra $250,000 upon completion of all 30 barrels, making this a mission worth investing in. There are also other hidden gems lying at the bottom of the ocean in the form of weapon caches, health kits, and body armor.

Be warned though, if the player dives too deep in the minisub, the water pressure will crush the sub, causing instant death.

6 Crash Rescue

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On the highway near the northeastern side of Paleto Bay and Mount Chiliad, you will encounter a fiery car crash with a severely injured Taliana Martinez. When you stop and help her out, Taliana tells you her story – she was the getaway driver for a botched robbery that went completely awry when it was revealed to be a sting operation. One of the robbers betrayed her, pulling a knife while she was driving at 100 miles per hour, causing the crash and killing the robber. When you drive her safely, but quickly to her safehouse in Sandy Shores, she becomes an unlockable crew member for any future heists you may have.

As a crew member, Taliana is an excellent driver with exceptional driving stats and a cool composure. What makes her extraordinary as a crew member is her 5% heist cut, making her the perfect, budget-friendly getaway driver for all heist missions.

5 The Epsilon Program

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“The Truth” mission is a series of missions in GTA V involving an exploration of just how deep the rabbit hole goes... or rather, just how deep your pockets go.

Consisting of eight exploitative quests, "The Truth" mission is activated by completing an evaluation test on the Epsilon website. Each mission requires protagonist Michael De Santa to delve deeper into the Epsilon Program, a cultish practice, demanding Michael donate increasingly large sums of money as each mission progresses.

A quest line designed to antagonize the player, “The Truth” is a mission that can be played once Michael is unlocked as a playable character. Despite its numerous quests, it’s worth participating in due to the high payout at the end, a potential $2,100,000 reward, or an old tractor – the choice is totally up to you.

Enlightenment awaits!

4 Explore San Andreas

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Want to experience the perfect day in bustling San Andreas? Then read on below.

Start your day with a little sightseeing. Your camera phone allows you to create permanent Points of Interests on your map, letting you create a personal navigable map, complete with your favourite sights, hunting spots, and interesting nooks and crannies littered through San Andreas.

After blowing up your phone with selfies, why not catch a San Andreas original? There are several short films that play for your viewing pleasure – often with crude and satire messages.

Finish the afternoon with an exceptional view of the Los Santos harbour and pier, either through the seaside roller coaster or idyllic Ferris Wheel.

Finally, finish the day off with a strong nightcap, and depending on which of the three protagonists you’ve chosen for your day out in San Andreas, extra dialogue and Easter eggs can be heard. For a truly memorable experience, pick Trevor.

3 The Last One

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Considered by many to be a myth throughout the GTA saga, Sasquatch has been known to inhabit the forests of several renditions of the GTA franchise. Even Red Dead Redemption plays on this myth, featuring the mythical creature in the quest “Birth of the Conservative Movement.”

In GTA V, Franklin runs into a hunter in the Mount Chiliad forest that claims to have found the “squatch.” In order to complete “The Last One” mission, Franklin must travel on foot to the scat site and find the Sasquatch. Once the “squatch” is discovered, the mission plays out as a game of hide-and-seek, with the extra danger of cougars awaiting to prey on you when you least suspect it.

To achieve 100% Gold Requirements, the player must shoot the Sasquatch three times before catching it, kill four animals whilst chasing the Sasquatch, and go to the scat site on foot.

Happy hunting!

2 Death At Sea & What Lies Beneath

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After purchasing the Sonar Collections Dock and playing as protagonist Michael, Abigail will be available to talk to and she’ll inform Michael of her husband’s untimely death due to a “tampered” submarine. The mission will require the player to find the 30 submarine pieces to prove that her husband’s submarine was tampered with.

The player is provided with a dinghy equipped with sonar in the aid of finding the mission submarine parts. Using the sonar will allow the player to locate a radius location of the submarine piece and he will then have to dive down to collect the part. This is a considerably precarious mission as you’ll be diving down in shark infested waters, meaning you’ll have to keep your wits and weapons about you at all times.

A mission with real depth and the chance to collect one of the rarest cars in the game upon completion of the mission.

1 From Beyond The Stars

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane... it’s a UFO?!

Upon completion of “Fame or Shame,” Franklin receives a mission in Sandy Shores in which he meets Omega, a hippy and classic alien theorist (there’s a meme here somewhere). The mission requests that you collect 50 spaceship parts that are scattered throughout San Andreas, making this a very difficult and time consuming mission. Each piece is well-hidden, often inside buildings, underground subways, and even underwater.

Bringing Chop along aids with the speedy recovery of this mission as well as listening to the rhythmic hum of the parts and the pulsing light that each part generates at night.

Once 50 spaceship parts are collected, Omega delivers you one of the most unique vehicles you can acquire in the game – the Space Docker, a special vehicle made from the 50 spaceship parts you’ve just collected.

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