15 Awesome Pokemon Better Than Anything From The First Two Generations

The original few Pokemon games are some of the most beloved games in history, especially if your in your 20s. It’s hard to believe that the original Red and Blue came out almost 21 years ago and kickstarted the franchise with the original 151 Pokemon. Then, Generation II (Gold and Silver) came out and introduced a hundred more Pokemon. However, with a long running franchise like Pokemon, you get those few fans that are so blinded by nostalgia that they wont except anything, but the original and keep complaining how the new Pokemon are terrible.

This list is for those people. The people who constantly go on and on about how Charizard or Blastoise are the best, or that Keychain or Ice Cream Pokemon are just terrible, or how each Gen has to have a version of Pikachu that’s a Squirrel, Hedgehog, or an even Fatter Rat. Sure, there have been some dumb Pokemon post Gold and Silver, but there have been some Pokemon that could easily annihilate the originals. To make this list better, you won’t see any legendary Pokemon on this list. So, here are the top 15 awesome Pokemon that are better than anything you’ll find in Gen I or II.

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15 Mudsdale

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To kick off this list, let’s talk about one from the recent Sun and Moon titles. While Red and Blue had Ponyta and Rapidash, Sun and Moon introduced its own Horse Pokemon in Mudsdale. The evolution for the series’ first Donkey Pokemon, Mudsdale may not be the fastest horse, but it is the strongest one. Able to carry 10 tons (or about a dozen Snorlax), Mudsdale is also able to hold its own with a lot of powerful moves, like it’s semi-signature High Horsepower, which is must have for your journey in the Alola region. Along with that, its design makes this Pokemon stand out, especially with its Dreadlocks that come down to its stomach.

14 Noivern

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How many times did you go into a cave and were forced to fight/run away from so many Zubats, Golbats, Woobats, and Swoobats? You'd think no one likes Bat Pokemon, but one Bat holds its own, which is Noivern. He might start off as a little Noibat, but this Flying/Dragon combo is one of the best Pokemon in X and Y. Noivern’s powerful ultra sonic attacks are so powerful they’ll be able to destroy borders into pebbles. Can Zubat or any of its evolve forms do that? No? Than Noivern easily gets the title of the best bat Pokemon. Also, you won't want to kill yourself if you see another one of these damn things, like it's fellow bats from the caves.

13 Goodra

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How can you not love this gooey Pokemon? While it's pre-evolved form, Goomy, has blessed the internet with countless internet memes, Goodra is pretty much what happens if you cross the blob with Barney the Dinosaur. He’s a big, huggable dragon that will able to take more of a licking than his fellow Dragons (though you'll want to take a bath afterwards). His powerful move set, like Dragon Pulse, Power Whip, and Muddy Water, and his ability to either absorb grass attacks or to heal himself from Rain, makes for something more special than your typical Dragon-type Pokemon, especially those who fall under the fan term “Pseudo-Legendary” Pokemon (PS, Don’t try Google Image Search this guy).

12 Manectric

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Electric-type Pokemon are some of the best Pokemon in the series. Whether it be the yellow mascot of the franchise, the powerful Electabuzz, or the Legendary Zapdos, They make for some interesting and tough Pokemon and Manectric is one of those. This Dog-like Pokemon is able to create lighting clouds by collecting the electricity in the air, making people believe it is born through lightning bolts. Also, it just looks cool and is one of the fastest and strongest Electric-type. Along with a strong set and the ability to paralyze or absorb lightning attacks, this Pokemon also has one the crazier Mega Evolutions introduced in the series, see be on the lookout for its Mega Stone.

11 Hawlucha

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Hawlucha is cross between a hawk and a luchador. I could just stop here and you'd be sold on him, but I’ll tell you why he’s so great. Hawlucha is small, but powerful enough to hold its own against Machamp. It signature move, Flying Press, is able to damage Pokemon weak to Flying and Fighting moves. So, in many ways, Hawlucha could single handedly take out Pokemon like Machamp with no trouble at all. Along with moves like Karate Chop, Wing Attack, and Hi Jump Kick, AND his ability to not be paralyzed, he's essential to any trainer that opens up X and Y. Also, did I mention he’s a cross between a hawk and a luchador? Because it's awesome.

10 Zebstrika

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Zebstrika is one of the fastest Electric-types you can find in Pokemon. This Gen V zebra is probably best known as one the key Pokemon used by Gym Leader Elesa. Along with its speed comes some powerful attacks, like Wild Charge and Discharge. It also has the special abilities of either Lightning Rod and Motor Drive, which will either raise Zebstrika’s Special Attack or speed if hit by Electrical attacks. Along with the ability to learn Flame Charge, that boosts speed each time it’s used, you have a power Electric-type that will kick Pikachu to next week. Also, how can you not love a pissed of zebra with thunder strips all over its body? It just looks awesome.

9 Krookodile

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You'd think being a based on a Crocodile, this Pokemon would be weak to Electricity. However, this power ground-type Pokemon says otherwise. Along with a great mix of Dark and Ground Movies, Kroocodile’s look alone makes him a better ground Pokemon than anything found in Red, Blue, Gold, and Silver. A red Crocodile that looks like T-Rex when it’s walking around. That’s enough to land him on this list and, if you watched the TV Show, he’s got some pretty bad-ass sunglasses. With jaws strong enough to destroy a car and a great move set that mixes powerful Dark moves, that take full advantage of its powerful jaw, and equally strong Ground moves, you're looking at the peak of ground-type Pokemon. 

8 Talonflame

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Oh Pigeot, how much I used to miss you. The various Bird-types you could get in other games couldn’t even come close to you… that is until Talonflame came around. This Fire/Flying-type easily takes the crown of being the best Bird-type around. It’s speed of 310 miles, the amazing Hawk Design the creators gave it, and the fact it can learn Flamethrower, allowing it to shoot fire out it’s mouth, make it incredible. It’s easily the best Bird you can find, that isn't a Legendary of course. Sure, Pidgeot may have a pretty interesting Mega form, but it still doesn't come close to the grace and skill that this bird Pokemon can offer. Heck, it even went face to face with Moltres in the TV show.

7 Aggron

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Aggron is just a badass. While Gen II introduced Steel-types, the type didn’t really come into its own until Ruby and Sapphire and it was thanks to Pokemon like this. Aggron is just a beast of Pokemon. Aggron is so powerful that it claims entire mountains and will do anything to keep invaders off it. That’s cool enough, but the fact that it’s also a Ground-type makes it able to hold up to any Fire-type moves. So you try to use Charizard against Aggron, be in for a shock when it’s beaten down by this powerful Pokemon. Along with a pretty solid move set and a cool Mega form, this is one Pokemon that shouldn't be taken lightly. 

6 Oshawott

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Oshawott is the cutest thing you will ever see in this entire world. He’s cuter than a litter of puppies and kittens put together. How can your heart not melt at the sight of this little guy? With his little arms, his little freckles, and his little shell that can become a mini lightsaber, he’s just too adorable not to love. Sure, he’s not as powerful as other Pokemon on this list, but he’ll always be the cutest Pokemon that was ever made. Seriously, just go watch a clip of the TV show on YouTube to see how cute he can be. Trust me, you'll never find anything this adorable in any other generation of Pokemon.

5 Salamence

Salamence will put any other Dragon-types that will ever come to shame. He might not be the first Dragon-type or even the only one on this list, but he's the prefect representation of why people love this type in the first place. Hell, it’s original forms, Bagon and Shellgon, so wanted to fly that its sheer willpower was able change its genetic structure (Take that Darwinism!). That alone makes it worth owning, but its other powerful attacks make this one a force to be reckoned with. Its also the closest to looking like an actual Dragon and can actually learn Flamethrower all by itself, without TMs. If that doesn’t make you forget about Dragonite, then the fact that you can actually capture it in Sun and Moon, early on even, will.

4 Lycanroc

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Speaking of Sun and Moon, who doesn’t love Lycanroc? This Wolf Pokemon first starts off as the adorable Rockruff, before evolving into either it’s Midday or Midnight form, which depends on which game you decided to buy. In Midday, it looks like a powerful Wolf that will never leave your side. It even has the powerful signature move, Accelerock, that will strike Pokemon first. Meanwhile its Midnight form makes it into a powerful Werewolf that will destroy anything in its path. It’s a powerful Pokemon and a must have if you’re playing Sun and Moon, regardless of which version you ended up picking up.

3 Sceptile

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Sceptile is the best of the Grass starter evolutions. While my heart will always be with Bulbasaur, I cannot deny the simple brilliance of Sceptile. Arm Blades that can cut right through anything, the ablity to reach high speeds with the various jungle tree’s, and having a move set that perfectly matches its blade heavy personality, Sceptile has it all. Sure, Mudkip will always be beloved by the millions of Meme Elitists and Blaziken may be the only Fire-type to whip Charizard's ass in the TV Show, but Sceptile is just a pure win in this writer's book. If you didn’t start out with this guy in Ruby and Sapphire, you missed out on a powerful Pokemon.

2 Lucario

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He may be the lone Diamond and Pearl Pokemon on this list, but Lucario is no slouch. This fighting/steel-type is able to use its powerful Aura to see all. Along with its powerful move set, its signature Aura Sphere will be able to down most Pokemon in minutes. It’s also the first non-legendary Pokemon to have his own movie based on him (though he had to share the title with Mew) and he talked, as he was voiceed by the same guy who does Goku on DBZ. On top of that, he even replaced Mewtwo in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with the ability to grow more powerful the more damage he took. That alone should prove why Lucario is an awesome Pokemon.

1 Greninja

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Honestly, what’s left to say about Greninja? He’s easily the most powerful starter Pokemon, he was able to get into Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, and there's also the fact that he’s a frog AND a ninja. Well, how about the fact that he’s the only Pokemon that can Mega Evolve and doesn’t need a dumb Mega Stone. This form (Ash-Greninja) was first introduced into the TV show before making it’s way into Sun and Moon for fans to get their hands on. Greninja embraces his Japanese heritage and does it justice. He’s easily the best Ninja to come out of Japanese media in years and is the best Pokemon that isn’t in Red, Blue, Gold, and Silver.

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