15 Awesome Quests In Skyrim You Didn’t Know About

The devs at Bethesda had years and years to create this fantastic game, and they made sure to fill it full of random things to do.

Skyrim is going to go down as one of the most culturally important video games of all time. Diehard fans of The Elder Scrolls series will scoff and disagree, claiming that Morrowind or Oblivion make for better games. And while this is certainly up for debate and there's some truth to their claims, Skyrim remains the most popular, most played, and most sold. Since 11/11/11, gamers have been putting hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into their characters, with some making multiple characters to play through the stories all over again. Dragons have been slain, sides have been chosen, and many, many alchemical ingredients have been collected. Like a lot. Like why can't we stop collecting ingredients? Those flowers really aren't that important...

After nearly six years of dragon-slaying and flower-picking, players may find themselves at a loss for things to do. With the major quests completed and pretty much all radiant quests out of the way, the days of vanilla Skyrim are coming to an end (and then it's mod town all the way). So unless gamers want to create a new character to play through the game anew, the quest train has pretty much reached the last station and the journey has come to an end.

Or has it?

The devs at Bethesda had years and years to create this fantastic game, and they made sure to fill it full of random things to do. As such, there are tons of quests that remain unmarked and even unfinished. If you've found yourself at the end of the line, read through these quests to see if you've missed any on this list. Who knows? You may find yourself picking up Skyrim again and traversing all across the land of the Nords.

15 Forgotten Names

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In this unmarked quest, you have to solve the mystery of the lost College of Winterhold students who once attended the higher learning institution of magic. To do this, you'll go underneath the college itself and find their rings. The rings have to go on the fingers of a strange hand with the Oblivion sign. Place the rings in the right order and you'll summon the Dremora pirate Velehk Sain, who was bound by magic until your arrival.

Upon his return, he begins to bargain with you - release him entirely, and he'll give you access to his treasure that he'd amassed in life. Try to kill him, and you're in for a fairly easy fight that unfortunately won't yield a treasure map. If you let him live, his treasure can be found in an unmarked location called the Sea of Ghosts, found just Southwest of Ysgramor's Tomb. Kill him and his treasure won't appear (but you'll have rid the world of a dremora pirate once and for all). Choose wisely!

14 Bugs In Jars

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Now here's something about Skyrim that poses more questions than answers. The only thing confirmed about this "quest" is that Bethesda (perhaps unintentionally) created one of the most mysterious pieces of the game still debated over to this day. On the surface, the bugs in a jar don't mean anything - collect all five (Butterfly, Dartwing, Moth, Bee, and Torchbug) and you'll have...five bugs in jars. Dig a little deeper and you'll see strange markings on the lids. Aside from that, that's about all you can glean from these mysterious items, and most players leave it at that.

But that's where the fun truly begins. Some players have mapped out their locations and have found that they draw a pentagram. Others have tried deciphering the markings and find that they say things like "NEED - HORSE - LAKE" which some have construed to refer to Shadowmere. Even others find meaning in the positioning of the five dead alchemists around Skyrim. What does it all mean? Well, if you've run out of quests to do, try your hand at a Bugs in a Jar conspiracy theory. Who knows, maybe you'll be the one to solve it!

13 Collect All Unique Items

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Skyrim has tons of weapons, armor, and random items for you to loot to your heart's content. For those that like smithing and enchanting, you know you have fun creating all those items yourselves. Taking it to the next level where you decorate your many houses with your treasures becomes a joy and soon you find you're prioritizing your best items and putting those out on display while hiding others in wardrobes and closets.

But which items do you prioritize? Why not go out into the world and collect all the unique items? The ones that there are only one (or in the case of the Notched Pickaxe, two) of? Find all the uniquely named weapons, armor, jewelry, and items and place them on display all over your home. That alone should take you a few weeks, so sit back and enjoy!

12 Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt

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Skyrim is not hurting for treasure - not by a long shot. Every cave has its chests and every dungeon has enemies to loot. Sometimes you'll come across a word wall, while other times you get a dragon priest mask. There are just plenty of places to find treasure, so you won't ever find yourself without it.

But there is one treasure hunt that you may not have been in on - probably because you forgot all about it. The Great Skyrim Treasure Hunt is a series of treasure maps that you receive randomly throughout the game. There are eleven treasure maps scattered across Skyrim and they lead to some small caches of treasure. You won't be a millionaire or anything after finding them, but you'll at least have another unmarked miscellaneous quest finished and isn't that the greatest treasure of all?

11 Ebony Warrior

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Okay okay, it's not like the Ebony Warrior is a total unknown, especially after nearly six years. But not many people that play Skyrim will ever encounter him, believe it or not, because they don't usually meet the crazy requirements to even begin the quest. So it's not like we're totally out of line for including him and, if you've already beat him, then you're one step closer to completing all the quests on this list! Yay you!

In order to meet the Ebony Warrior, you must be level 80 and have the Dragonborn DLC installed - two things that the casual Skyrim gamer may not have achieved. The Ebony Warrior will challenge you to a fight, wherein he hopes he will draw his last breath. You see, his goal is to be sent to Sovngarde by a worthy opponent, so fulfill his wish and defeat him in battle. It's definitely a challenging quest, so don't feel bad if you die once...or twice...or a lot.

10 Ironbind Barrow

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Nestled between Dawnstar and Winterhold seemingly near the edge of the world lies Ironbind Barrow, a draugr-filled dungeon with a uniquely named boss called Warlord Gathrik. If you haven't played this dungeon yet, you're in for a treat, as it's very fun and pretty rewarding to play through. Don't worry if you haven't heard about it before or haven't gotten there yet - it's pretty out of the way and lower level characters will want to steer clear at first since it's surrounded by dragons and other enemies fairly often. But do make your way up there, as it's definitely worth the trip.

Upon arrival, you'll come across Salma and Beem-Ja at the entrance, arguing about whether or not they should go in. When you show up, they decide three is a great number for spelunking and they make their way in. We won't spoil the rest, but crazy stuff goes down and it's totally worth the trouble. Enjoy!

9 Abandoned Prison

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What is it about Skyrim and its quest system? So many quests are unfinished and unmarked, which doesn't make too much sense since there's a perfectly good journal that keeps track of miscellaneous quests for you; on the other hand, stumbling across random unmarked quests is so much fun and gives you a lot of cred for discovering and beating new ones.

The Abandoned Prison is one such quest located in Eastmarch. The prison is filled with ghosts and a good mystery that Scooby and the gang would be proud of. As the story goes, the guards were to evacuate the prison due to an imminent snowstorm. The prisoners were also planning to escape and use the storm to their advantage. Unravel what went down as you quickly explore the ruins of the abandoned prison, (re)killing ghosts along the way.

8 Darklight Tower

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Now here's an interesting location - Darklight Tower. This place is fairly unique and has a unique storyline behind it. Just like Ironwind Barrow, it's different and totally worth the time it takes to complete this quest; also just like Ironwind Barrow, it's really, really fun.

Upon entering Darklight Tower, you'll notice Illia taking on a witch in another room. After its defeat, she'll turn to you and ask for your assistance. It would seem that her mother is going to be turned into a Hagraven and it's up to you two to stop her from completing her transformation. If you're up to the challenge and you accept, you'll find this short little dungeon to have a lot of interesting things about it. For one thing, if you're looking for scaly pholiota, you've hit the jackpot, as the largest concentration of the fungus can be found here. For another, it's one of the few locations that is basically all Hagraven. Crazy, right?

So can you stop Illia's mother from completing the ritual? Play and find out!

7 (More) Forgotten Names

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So it's likely that you had at least heard about the Forgotten Names quest before - that you had already heard about the College of Winterhold's disappearing students. But wouldn't you know it, the college had another set of four apprentices that had also disappeared. What in the world is going on at the college and why aren't they keeping tabs on their students? At any rate, this unfinished, unmarked quest is "given" to you by Phinis Gestor. He'll mention four missing students to you but no quest will be given to you, so it's easy to miss. But Rundi, Borvir, Ilas-Tei, and Yisra, are mentioned and are found in-game.

So where are they? Hard to explain, as only one of them, Borvir, can be found at a marked location (Journeyman's Nook). But Ilas-Tei (between Ysgramor's Tomb and Septimus Signus's Outpost, next to a shrine of Talos), Rundi (east-southeast of Winterhold), and Yisra (East of Dawnstar, along the shore immediately south of Yngvild) can still be found and their bodies looted for their signature rings. Bring these rings back to Phinis Gestor to give him closure and hear a little bit more about what they had hoped they'd become.

6 Hidden Cave Near Dragon Bridge

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It's interesting how much seems to go down near Dragon Bridge. If you're leaving Dragon Bridge and headed towards Whiterun, try not fast-travelling; chose to stick to the road instead. As you travel, you'll come across a cart that has been ransacked. Upon further inspection, you'll find a dead horse carcass, a dead Redguard woman, and a dead Nord man, presumably the woman's husband. There should also be a couple of tents nearby with a journal that explains the grisly scene straight outta CSI. Read the journal to gain some understanding of what you've just witnessed, then take its advice and enter the cave it mentions.

This quest is completely unmarked, so completing it won't result in anything finishing up in your journal. But honestly, these are the best kinds of quests and provide hours of entertainment and bragging rights. So avenge their deaths and discover what happens in that cave - Skyrim depends on you!

5 Frostflow Lighthouse

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Okay, so this one is a complete tragedy. A family of four bought a lighthouse and decided to move into it. The parents had just retired and they wanted to spend their last few years together as a family in this place that they had fallen in love with during their travels across Skyrim. They had figured their retirement years would be peaceful and uneventful. Little did they know what horrors awaited them in their newfound home.

When you enter the lighthouse, you immediately know something is wrong. Maybe the house's contents being in disarray tipped you off. Maybe it was the blood on the walls and floor. Whatever it was, you choose to venture down into the depths of the lighthouse to unravel the mystery of this family's disappearance. You soon find that the Falmer have kidnapped and killed the unsuspecting family, and it's up to you to set things right again and restore the lighthouse to its former glory - the lighthouse the family had come to know and love. It's terribly sad, but at least through this quest you can find some closure in their incredible loss.

4 Kagrenzel

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If the name didn't tip you off already, Kagrenzel is an ancient Dwemer ruin chock full of Falmer. And while Falmer can make some people's skin crawl, this location is a lot of fun and definitely worth it.

The location only has one area, so no loading screens once you enter. You'll notice that the place you've entered is circular and that there's a place for you to stand in the very middle. Do so, and you'll soon find yourself in a predicament as the floor gives way and you're suddenly free-falling down the longest tunnel in existence. After playing Skyrim for hundreds of hours, these are the kinds of dungeons you live for, as that is really unique and interesting. After falling for some time, you'll land in a lake. You'll be able to get out after that, but the free-fall had to have been fun, right? Right.

3 Angi's Camp

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High up in the mountains, secluded from society, lies a small camp that looks really unassuming. You wouldn't know that anything special or anyone interesting lived there - it's just a little camp up in the mountains, like so many you've seen before. What could possibly be awaiting?

Angi's Camp is waiting, and it's actually a great little find if you're close to maxing out your archery. Angi will tell you her sad story about her life and then ask if you're any good with a bow. If you ask for training, she'll take you to an archery course she's built herself. Listen to her tips and hit the targets correctly to gain six more archery points. If your archery is currently at 94 or higher, you can max our your archery within a matter of minutes, and anyone this close to 100 knows how hard it is. After you've completed this, she gives you a uniquely named bow, so you can fulfill the "collect all unique items" quest as well. Not bad!

2 Arcwind Point

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One thing we've all come to know and love about Skyrim is just how vast it is. There's a lot of diversity in the locations and there are some really unique and interesting places to go and discover throughout the game. Many would say that Arcwind Point is one of them and the reasons are readily apparent - for one, the location is completely outside, but there are enemies that spawn to protect it. Skeletons patrol the area and, depending on your level, a Draugr Deathlord or Dragon Priest will awaken from an outside tomb upon your arrival.

Another thing of note is that the Drain Vitality Word Wall has been added here through the Dawnguard DLC, so if you're on a mission to collect all the dragon shouts, you're gonna want to make a pit stop over here. If you wait until you're level 78 to do it, a Legendary Dragon will appear here, perched on the ruins and overlooking the frozen wasteland below. It's really a beautiful sight to behold and makes the trip out there worthwhile!

1 Marriage Speedrun

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So let's just say for argument's sake, you've done all of the above. First, we're impressed. Second, are you sure, you're not lying? Third, we understand you might be feeling like you have nothing left to do. That's how plenty of other players felt as well, so they decided to get a little creative. And I'm not talking about modding or whatever - I'm talking about speedruns.

While the typical speedrun goal is to beat the game within a set amount of time, everyone that's played Skyrim knows that that really isn't all that possible (in fact, the opposite is true - people brag about how LONG they've been playing). But a new speedrun challenge has appeared and it's actually pretty fun - see how fast you can get to marriage. According to Kotaku:

"Right now, the fastest anyone has ever gotten married in Skyrim is in 3:37, and the title is held by Twitch streamer 5exual_Tyrannosaurus. The lucky spouse is none other than Marcurio of Riften."

Hilarious...and FAST!!! Think you can beat that time? Try it!

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