15 Crazy Things You Might've Missed In The E3 Kingdom Hearts III Trailer

Grab your Keyblade! Get Hyped!!! I SAID GET HYPED!!!


It's the New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer!!! Sora, Donald, and Goofy are coming back to our favorite Disney-Final Fantasy mashup.

At E3, we got a new trailer about the whole assorted cast of new and familiar faces who are continuing their quest to rid the worlds of Heartless (and maybe even Nobodies). This game may be called Kingdom Hearts III, but this is the thirteenth instalment of the series! This is the game that fans have been waiting for for years. I bought my PS3 day one in the hopes of getting to play Kingdom Hearts III. That being said, I thought Kingdom Hearts went the way of Half Life into the forever abyss of "eventually." As a long time fan, and self proclaimed Disney enthusiast, watching the trailer was amazing to say the least. There's nostalgia from my childhood and excitement for a new future of the franchise. Plus now that Disney has acquired the Star Wars franchise, and the Marvel Universe, who knows what worlds Sora and the gang will explore next!

We're gonna break down the E3 trailer, but talking about 15 awesome time things we noticed. Watch for spoilers!

15 Dynamic Drop Into Combat

I think we're gonna feel like full-blown heroes entering combat at terminal velocity and this was a great way to showcase the changes in Kingdom Hearts III. The first glimpse we get of Sora is a thrilling, beautiful fall into Olympus. Immediately, we see how the graphics are clearly using the next generation processing power of the PS4 and Xbox One. Not to mention Sora has clearly got some new duds!

Hopefully this is how we get to transition into combat at the beginning of every world. This is exciting because it means Square Enix's heroes are really amping up the dynamix fight system for a cinematic experience. Now, I don't know about you, but I cant wait to see our Keyblade toting hero start whoopin' some Heartless tail.

14 Olympus Is Back

Olympus is back. Hercules' home turf has never looked so beautiful and well...fluffy! In Kingdom Hearts I, we got to see the Coliseum, with Kingdom Hearts II showing us Hades' Underdrome! Now it looks like we'll get the chance to explore the realm of the Gods. We can see in the bottom right corner that we are definitely getting some help from the famous Demi-God himself, Hercules. Hard to top the Herculean strength of Hercules. At the same time, I'm sure we will be running into some of our old friends like Hades and Zeus, and hopefully Cerberus stays in the Underworld for this round.

13 RSVP With Your +1 Party (Member)

In previous Kingdom Hearts games, when Sora landed on a new world, the player would have to choose their party members. Donald and Goofy are always an option, though sometimes there are new characters you can add to your party who are stronger. In the other games, though, the max party size was three, including Sora. For KH3, it seems like you may not have to boot Donald or Goofy out of your party and the world's character may be your 4th party member.

Either that or you may get the character from that world to assist you at certain moments. This is definitely a little bit of speculation, but regardless, it's pretty cool to see that we'll either get an extra party member or some backup in hectic moments. Definitely makes for an immersive experience!

12 Keyblade Transformations

That, my friends, is the CounterShield! It looks like an added game dynamic is going to be some kind of Keyblade Transformation. Even if Sora only gets the option to choose a Keyblade or the CounterShield, that's still going to be a huge change for combat. We can assume that different transformations will come with different abilities, or maybe even stat changes for Sora when he uses the weapon. This will add an awesome dynamic of how combat is approached and will allow players to be creative with how they choose to take care of their enemies.

In the trial, we can see one of the abilities of the CounterShield when it creates a wall of fists to knock Heartless into next week. It was very visually stunning.

11 New Heartless

It seems like Sora isn't the only one rockin' a new outfit. The Heartless are back, but with some new armor and new moves. As the trailer continues, we see some new Heartless faces, as well as some old enemies. Whether they are new or old, the Heartless look badass with the improved graphics and fight mechanics. It will be interesting to see how Square Enix has changed how the Heartless behave in combat, especially with the implementation of the Keyblade Transformations.

While this trailer doesn't show any of the Nobodies from Kingdom Hearts II, we know from that game that anytime a Heartless is created, a Nobody is too. It will be interesting and exciting to see if the Nobodies make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts III.

10 Shotlock (Focus) Is Back

Anyone who has played Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, or anything in Kingdom Hearts 2.8, is familiar with the Shotlock. For some fans, this will be their first interaction with the combat feature on the big screen. How it works is that Sora is able to lock onto multiple enemies, before using "Unleash" to do some awesome damage and crowd control. One of the reasons I love Shotlock is for the cinematic and dynamic change of pace in brings to combat. Overwhelmed? Shotlock is a great way to deal some damage and take a breath from being jumped. The animation that accompanies this one is pretty fantastic too. It's going to be great to see how Keyblade Transformations might combine with the return iof the Shotlock.

9 New Limits - Goofy Is Surprisingly Nimble

Limits are another great way to deal massive damage and do some crowd control. In Kingdom Hearts II, nothing was better than combining strength with Auron or Simba. It's incredibly satisfying and fun, so it's great to see it make a return. Assuming they keep the same mechanics as Kingdom Hearts II, Sora is invulnerable throughout the Limit. This is the difference between life and death, and can come in clutch for a boss fight or hard group of Heartless. Also, you get to turn beloved Disney icon Goofy into a weapon of mass destruction, so that's amazing. Who doesn't like using their childhood memories as a nuclear ordnance? It's always a great cinematic that's worth watching because of how each of the different combinations of characters and bonuses that come with Limits.

8 Spoiler: Someone Has Survived

Last we saw these two baddies in Kingdom Hearts II, in Organization XIII's castle in The World That Never Was, Sora and the gang were about to be overrun by Heartless, when Maleficent and Pete showed up to buy the heroes some time to escape. From their appearance in the trailer, we see that they made it out of the World That Never Was and are still working together. Now, Maleficent did said before fighting the Heartless that she was not done with fighting Sora. It will be interesting to see if they return as baddies (which is how it seems) and how their relationship has changed now that they helped Sora survive Organization XIII's base. But as we see in the next scene, my guess is all bets are off with these two Pro-Heartless Villains.

7 What Are The Black Boxes?

Uh oh. Distinctive Black Boxes? That sounds...vaguely menacing. On top of that, the fact that we see Maleficent and Pete with Hades again doesn't bode well for Sora and Hercules. It's impossible to tell what the Black Box might be, but we know Maleficent isn't an idiot (that's what Pete is there for) and she's not going to waste time pursuing something that doesn't have potential power. Plus, we know there's more than one, by her saying "in this world." Maleficent must have seen one already or taken one. If they're powerful, we will have to figure out how much power they have and what her intentions are with the box. Let's hope Sora and the gang can keep them from getting their nasty little paws on something that sounds intimidating.

6 Sora's Attack On Titans

See what I did there? Attack on Titan. Like the Anime. Fine, nevermind. Alright back to the goodies. Now, I loved fighting the Titans in Kingdom Hearts I, but I always felt like the fight was not as epic as it could have been. Apparently Square Enix heard me complaining in my basement because the new Titans look insane. This boss battle looks dynamic and, for lack of a better term, badass. This one looks like it's going to set the bar pretty high for the boss battles in Kingdom Hearts III. Hopefully, they make all the other fights as fast paced and changing as this one. Plus, who doesn't like running on walls! It beats ODM Gear any day! Okay, we're done with the Colossal Attack on Titan references.

5 Xemnas!? Ansem!?

Holy Mouse Ears Mickey. This is insane for a few reasons. First up, Xemnas isn't dead apparently and he's accompanied by Ansem. Now whether that is Ansem, Xeanort, or Riku on the left is up to anyone. No one said these games weren't insanely complex and complicated, but name a Final Fantasy game that isn't. Alright, we can also see that they're both still rockin' the Organization XIII coats, which may mean that the organization is still going strong. If the Organization is up and running, Nobodies may continue to accost Sora and the worlds.  There's a whole lot of craziness going on that pretty much made me spill my Captain Crunch in my bed. The other harrowing thought is what Xemnas is going to say to Sora...

4 Sora Is Trying to Free Roxas

The only way that this trailer could've raised more questions is if it was directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Another questions is the implication that Sora has been looking for a way to bring Roxas back. For the uninitiated, Roxas is Sora's Nobody. When Sora became a Heartless for about fuve minutes, Roxas was created and is pretty much half of Sora. Like we said before, these games are far from simple. Last we saw Roxas, he was (for lack of a better term) absorbed by Sora. If Sora is trying to free Roxas, this is insane. No one has ever split with their Nobody once they were "absorbed" and to think that Sora is willing to maybe die, just to free Roxas, is shocking. Either way, seeing Sora back in Twilight Town hopefully means we'll see Roxas return.

3 Sora Might Use The Darkness

Xemnas, you sneaky little shrew. Xemnas told Sora in the trailer, who has never used the Darkness as weapon before, that this may be the only way to free Roxas. Bomb dropped! Sora is willing to do anything for his friends, which he has made clear time and time again. However, will Sora bind with the Darkness to free someone? Is this just Xemnas' plan to corrupt Sora? Also, we saw Riku come back as Ansem's Heartless, so will Sora get a whole new look with his new power? Wow, this is gonna get wild guys. Comment on FB with what you think is going to happen here! My bet is that Xemnas is trying to seduce Sora to the dark side. Maybe they'll do a Star Wars world? Hmmm.

2 Multi-Console Jump

Xbox fans rejoice! You guys will finally get a taste of console support for a Kingdom Hearts game, This will be the first Kingdom Hearts game designed for the next generation platform, rather than remastered from the PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo DS.  The game is running on a new engine too, so it'll be cool to see what new advancements Square Enix has made with the new platform. We have our fingers crossed on Co-Op.

The cross-platform support will be nothing but a benefit for both sides. Obviously, with Square Enix expanding its market, we would be more likely to end up with more money invested into subsequent games!

1 D23 Expo: Next Trailer Release Date

D23 Trailer Date- Via YouTube!

We really weren't expecting this trailer, so to get another trailer so soon is amazing. D23 is like Comic Con for the Disney fans, which hopefully I can be at to give you guys a sneak peek. Thankfully, we're going to see a new world! From here, I'd love to know what you guys thought of the trailer. What do you wanna see in Kingdom Hearts III? What made you mad? What made you pee of excitement just a little?

Hopefully Disney and Square Enix don't keep us waiting for that much longer. But for those of you who haven't had a chance, go pickup Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and 2.8, and get your Disney on!


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