15Final Fantasy VII Was Almost For SNES

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One of the coolest (or lamest) things about Final Fantasy VII is its block style graphics, as it’s one of the earliest attempts at 3D. The RPG became a staple for Sony’s original PlayStation and Cloud Strife and crew were known for their characteristic blockheads.

That almost didn’t happen, as Final Fantasy VII almost made it on the SNES.

Square created Final Fantasy VII for the Super Nintendo. All of the characters were sprites and the game had a 1995 release. Chrono Trigger was in development at the time, however, and dominated the creative focus. Final Fantasy VII would’ve likely been buried under Chrono Trigger had it been released in 1995.

Square bounced back and forth between 3D and the sprite concepts. The gaming giant rendered several Final Fantasy VI characters into a block format and it led to the ultimate decision of 3D graphics. It still would’ve been cool to see sprite versions of the characters.

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