14Smell Ya Later

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No one can forget the incredible Gary Oak, the guy who got ten out of eight Kanto badges, because math just doesn’t apply to him. On the other hand, I can’t really remember the rival from Gold and Silver, who is referred to most commonly as Silver (including

in the Manga). It took a few years, but a backstory finally came out about this silent, sullen rival. In Fire Red and Leaf Green, we learn that Giovanni has a son with red hair, which led to the speculation between Silver and Giovanni. It was finally confirmed in Heard Gold and Soul Silver, as there was an event in the Ilex Forest, if you had the event Celebi, that let you go back in time and see the son and father fighting. I’m not sure if Nintendo was planning it from the beginning or they heard the fan theories and thought, why not? Either way, you gotta love Pokémon world building.

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