15 Awesome Things You Didn't Know You Can Do In GTA Online

GTA Online has an incredible amount of content available and sometimes it can be pretty confusing. While stealing cars, killing people and committing robbery can be pretty fun, it can get pretty boring after a while. Who am I kidding, it never gets boring, but if you're in the mood for a change of pace, then I think this list might have some new activities for you to try. Although GTA Online has been out for years, it's pretty much impossible to do every activity that Los Santos has to offer. GTA Online has so many easter eggs, secrets, and just completely unknown things that players will probably still be finding new things for years to come. Or at least until they decide to make the next GTA.

If you've been playing GTA since you can remember or you're a new player, then there will definitely be something for you in this list. GTA Online has just as many leisurely activities as it has murderous contracts for you to enjoy. After all, what kind of world would Los Santos be if you couldn't enjoy some relaxing activities after a long day or robbery, murder, and drug dealing? I guess it would be pretty normal, but hey, Rockstar didn't create an amazing game such as GTA V without going into excruciating detail. In this article we'll be exploring just that; all of GTA Online's somewhat unknown details. If you know about all of the activities in this list, then you're definitely a Grand Theft Auto veteran.

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15 Get a Submarine

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You might have known that you can get a submarine in the campaign mode of GTA, but you might be surprised to find out that you can do the same in GTA Online. If you haven't sufficiently explored the oceans of GTA, then you might as well do it in a submarine. Go big or go home as the kids like to say. Seriously though, whether you want to explore underwater or you want to escape the grasp of police or other players, getting a submarine in GTA Online is a pretty cool experience. Once you get the submarine and go underwater, you're pretty much untouchable, since there's no way players or police would ever be able to touch you either by air or boat. Even if you've accumulated five stars, there's no way for the police to get you. There are four different locations where you can find them scattered around the map and the photo above showcases them.

14 Live Feed From House

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Most GTA Online players probably know that you can hire mercenaries and muggers to mess with other players in the lobby. Mercenaries hunt down your target and kill them, while muggers literally knock out your target and sprint away with whatever money they had in their wallet at the time. This can be extremely fun, especially with friends, but it's less satisfying if you can't actually see it happen. Well, you might not have known that if you place a bounty on someone or call a mugger/mercenary on a player from your home, you can then tune into your TV and watch a live feed of the player. This is the best way to experience your money being well spent as you can watch the entire situation unfold from the safety of your home.

13 Highlight Players

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GTA Online is a complete primal battleground where people don't really think about the consequences of their actions, mostly because, well, there really aren't any. It's very common for players to come and kill you or blow up your vehicles for absolutely no reason, and sometimes it can be frustrating. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to track a player that pissed me off in a fast vehicle and not been able to catch him because I can't accurately lock his destination on the map. Well, you probably didn't know that if you go into the contacts app on your phone, you can scroll over any player in the lobby, click on them, and choose the "highlight" option. This basically puts a live beacon on the target, which makes it very easy to track them and get revenge or avoid them. Whatever your motive, it's extremely helpful for keeping track of players.

12 Playboy Mansion

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You may or may not know about a pretty insane looking house in Los Santos called the Richman Mansion. It's pretty hard to miss, but if you're like me and are more concerned with mischief rather than real-estate, then you probably showed no interest towards it. What you may find interesting is that the Richman Mansion is actually an exact replica of the Playboy Mansion. If you go inside the property at certain times of the day, you can actually find Playboy models around the yard and pool, drinking beer and dancing. Oh, and since it's the Playboy mansion, the girls are topless. Just thought I'd share that information. Do with it what you want.

Location: It is bordered by Americano Way to the south, West Eclipse Boulevard to the east and Picture Perfect Drive to the north in Richman, Los Santos, next to the golf course.

11 Chug Beer

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You probably know that convenience stores in GTA Online sell an assortment of snacks and also beer, just like normal convenience stores do (unless you live in Canada, eh). If you go to a convenience store and buy "Pisswasser," which is a pretty funny joke about crappy American beer (piss beer), you can drink beer and get your character drunk like you probably already know. What you probably didn't know is that if you go to the quick menu and hold A/X, depending on your console, you can chug the beer at a much faster rate. If you chug the beer and down at least seven of them in a quick fashion, your character will actually pass out and you'll spawn in a random location. While this isn't something you would do a lot, it's a pretty funny activity to try out if you haven't already.

10 Civilian Joyride

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GTA Online sadly lacks a taxi service. It's obviously not necessary since the game is pretty much built around stealing cars, but if you're a roleplayer and just happen to be playing the role of a working class American, then you probably wish there was a taxi service in GTA Online. All jokes aside (unless you actually roleplay working class Americans), there's a pretty hilarious activity you can do with up to three friends that turns any civilian into your personal driver. Get your friend to throw any driver out of their seat and sit in the car. While your friend steals the car but stays stationary, go in the back seat. The NPC will then pull your friend out of the driver seat and take back control of the vehicle. The NPC will ignore you in the back seat and continue to drive around normally. It's pretty interesting to see how far the NPCs go and it just goes to show how alive the GTA Online world is.

9 Play Golf With Friends


There are a crazy amount of things to do in GTA Online, but many of them include either robbery, murder or arson. Though doing destructive activities is always fun, what happens when you retire? When you hit retirement, you're not gonna be in the same shape as those youngins that go around stealing cars, robbing banks and selling drugs. Even criminals need to retire at some point and when you do, you need a peaceful, non-violent hobby. What better hobby than golfing? If you're feeling rather relaxed and peaceful, you can join up to three other friends and play each other in friendly games of golf. The great thing about golf in GTA Online is that nobody gets shot, stabbed, robbed or beaten to death. Imagine that!

8 Watch a Movie

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Honestly, GTA Online could be described as a real life simulator because of the amount of subtle details they put in the game. Though similar to real life, it tends to have a lot more murder, betrayal, robbery, arson, and terrorism than we're used to in our daily lives. Either way, GTA Online actually has a surprising amount of activities to enjoy besides shooting people and robbing them. You can actually get together with friends and watch short films at the Los Santos Movie Theater. While watching movies in a video game might not actually interest you since you can do that in real life on your own time, Rockstar does make some pretty hilarious short films and they also hide references to their other games within the films. If you haven't gone to the movies in GTA Online, I definitely recommend grabbing your buddies, making some popcorn and enjoying some timeless flicks.

7 Hit The BMX Parks

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Driving can occupy a huge amount of your time in GTA Online since it's kinda hard to get around the game without a fast car. Sometimes, simple things are the most enjoyable and in the case of GTA Online, biking can be incredibly fun. And you're saving the environment while you do it! No, but seriously, grabbing a mountain/BMX bike and ripping up the many parks that GTA Online has to offer can be pretty cool since the physics system allows for some pretty awesome stunts. While all you have available control wise on bikes in GTA Online is a bunny hop, you can combine it with your movement and do some pretty sweet tricks. Different bike parks offer different terrain such as half-pipes, quarter-pipes, and pools. Definitely give them a visit if you're an avid GTA Online biker.

6 Strip Clubs

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Ah, strip clubs. The dream for all pre-puberty teenage boys and the downfall of all middle-aged alcoholics. Finally, a game that teenagers can play to see topless ladies and not get caught by their parents. All jokes aside (not really), in GTA Online you can visit strip clubs and get lap dances, or whatever suits your fancy for that matter. They also double as a great place to hold up for a shootout with police coincidentally. Anyway, you can actually go in to the strip club and get lap dances from the strippers. The only problem is that you can't touch them during the dance and, if you do, you have to make sure the security guards don't see you or they'll kick you out. Somehow, Los Santos has the most reputable and respectable strip club in the world. Anyway, it's a fun little mini game you can play and, if they kick you out, you can always charge back in guns blazing with all your friends.

5 Play Tennis With A Friend

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Tennis is a pretty popular sport in real life and, apparently, it's pretty popular in video game form as well. If Wii Sports had a successful tennis game, why not put tennis in GTA Online? I'm not sure if that's what was going through Rockstar's mind when they decided to implement tennis into GTA Online, but regardless of their motives, it surprisingly worked out well. Who knew that playing sports in an online RPG could be fun? I mean, stealing cars, shooting people in the face and blowing up their vehicles is fun enough, but sometimes taking a break and enjoying some harmless games of tennis can be a nice change of pace. Hit the courts with one other friend and see who comes out on top. It might surprise you how fun it is.

4 Betray Your Friends

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Teamwork can be fun and all, but that's what real life is for. In video games, you can do things that you normally wouldn't do in real life for various reasons, mostly morality based but hey, GTA Online is fair game as far as I see it. If you're riding around with your buddies on a cool, quiet night and decide to rob some convenience stores, as one does, consider pulling one over on them. As you know, if you rob a convenience store with a friend, whoever touches the cash will solely receive it and he/she can then decide to keep it or split it with you. Why split the cash? Have some fun with your buddy and try to escape with the cash and leave him/her to deal with the cops. If your friend gets the cash instead, secretly call a mugger at the next destination and watch as your friend gets knocked out and robbed, totally unaware of who did it. You share all the time in real life, so why not have some fun in GTA Online? I'm sure your friend will forgive you.

3 Create Custom Deathmatches/Races

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If you're a veteran of GTA Online, you've most likely played all of the Rockstar created races and deathmatches. After a while, they can get quite dull and downright boring. If you have a creative mind, definitely consider putting some work into the GTA Online Content Creator where you can make completely unique deathmatches, races and capture missions. The GTA Online Content Creator is constantly getting updated with GTA's newest DLC and the possibilities are endless. The limit of the content creator all depends on your imagination and creativity, so, naturally, players have created some pretty insane content. GTA Online players can then share and download different custom races/deathmatches onto the community Rockstar pages. Get your work noticed or check out the most trending creations!

2 Car Meetups

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GTA Online has an insane amount of cars and there's a lot of potential to customize and make your own unique version of each available car. Between sports cars, lowriders, motorcycles and trucks, the variation for vehicle customization is truly amazing. Real life car enthusiasts really have fun with this game because they get the opportunity to customize their favorite cars, without the restrictions of life's tough monetary system. Just like in real life, car enthusiasts in GTA Online will organize huge car meetups on servers where players can bring and show off their favorite cars. It's one of the most peaceful things that goes on in GTA Online, since usually any large gathering of people tends to turn into a blood bath.

1 Yacht Parties

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Have you ever wondered what you would buy if you became a millionaire? I wonder if it gets to the point where you just need to buy expensive things because you have so much money. One of the most lavish purchases you can make in GTA Online is a yacht. It's definitely the most boujee thing to buy in GTA Online because yachts basically serve no purpose other than just being an awesome home away from home on the water. If you're like me and don't have enough money to buy a yacht in GTA Online, don't fret because many of GTA Online's most rich tend to throw extravagant parties on their yacht from time to time. Either through forums or community discord servers, you can attend some badass parties on the water. They can definitely turn out violent due to the nature of GTA Online, but regardless they are always a fun time.

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