15Get a Submarine

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You might have known that you can get a submarine in the campaign mode of GTA, but you might be surprised to find out that you can do the same in GTA Online. If you haven't sufficiently explored the oceans of GTA, then you might as well do it in

a submarine. Go big or go home as the kids like to say. Seriously though, whether you want to explore underwater or you want to escape the grasp of police or other players, getting a submarine in GTA Online is a pretty cool experience. Once you get the submarine and go underwater, you're pretty much untouchable, since there's no way players or police would ever be able to touch you either by air or boat. Even if you've accumulated five stars, there's no way for the police to get you. There are four different locations where you can find them scattered around the map and the photo above showcases them.

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