15 Awesome Things You Had No Idea You Could Do In Resident Evil

The Resident Evil series is awesome enough as it is, there has never been another series of games that even comes close to capturing an iota of the atmosphere that the Resident Evil games seem to lay on thick with minimal effort. The zombie killing, herb mixing, and Tyrant dodging all contribute to some of the most memorable games  ever made that are held in the highest of esteem by gamers across the globe.

Even though the Resident Evil games are undoubtedly awesome, the developers have always insisted on going the extra mile, adding even more sterling content into games that seem to already be at the peak of their coolness. From exploding shotgun shells to Albert Wesker's secret stash of heart shaped diamonds and Rebecca Chambers photos, the series is fraught with awesome things that few gamers even realize they can do. Even one of the worst entries in the series has some pretty killer secrets that'll shock longtime fans of the series! Survival-horror aficionados take note, every single Resident Evil game is jam-packed with easter eggs and things you definitely missed. If you don't want to scour the Spencer Mansion hallways, or creepy abandoned villages, you can dig into our list and learn all the ins and outs of the franchise — in fact: you should!!

15 Lending A Hand

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In a few chapters of Resident Evil 6, a particularly troublesome enemy can be disposed of in a QTE that’s equal parts funny and satisfying. The Rasklapanje, the dudes that look like wads of chewed gum with limbs, require some serious dismantling on the part of the player to kill successfully. Gamers who have run through RE6 and fought this troublesome foe know that their arms become sentient when they’re blown off, meaning that they’ll crawl after the player and attack them.

Usually, mashing the prompts on screen results in the character throwing the hand and stomping it to death, among a few other limited animations. Be in the right spot though, and Leon will throw said hand into a microwave, resulting in a satisfying explosion that renders the hand cooked. In later chapters, the hands can be electrocuted, ground up, and a variety of other gory ends.

14 Wesker's Hidden Wank Stash

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Some people have nothing but time on their hands, and whoever found this must have had bracelets, watches, and pinky rings made out of the stuff. Search the desk of Wesker in the S.T.A.R.S. office in Resident Evil 2, and the game will tell you that there is nothing there. Search a second time, and again, the game will insist that there is nothing there for you to take notice of. Just an unkempt desk that belongs to a sunglasses wearing turncoat agent and nothing more, so please, don’t search again.

Search that desk for a 25th time and still, nothing unusual for you to see. If you search Wesker’s desk a controller cracking 50 times, you will recover “Film D,” which like all the film in RE2 can be developed in the dark room. Developing this particular roll will reveal a picture of S.T.A.R.S. cutie Rebecca Chambers in a basketball uniform. So many questions; why does Wekser have that picture, why was it buried so far in his desk, why was that photo submitted to S.T.A.R.S., and why the hell did the developers put it behind 50 failed search prompts?

13 Great, Now We Need Another Camera


Resident Evil 2 is a seriously excellent game, one of the best original PlayStation games, survival horror games, and video games in general, of all time. With an excellent game usually comes a variety of awesome stuff that gamers are able to uncover while messing around inside one of their favorite virtual spaces and Resident Evil 2 is definitely not an exception.

One of the stranger, and seemingly useless, secrets that can be found in RE2 deals with the fixed camera angles and some well-placed buckshot. At certain points in the game, turning Leon or Claire towards the camera and unloading a shotgun blast at the screen will result in bullet holes appearing, breaking the fourth wall. Seems like an odd, unnecessary detail, but is just a testament to how much developers will put into a game that they’re truly passionate about.

12 You Got A Fishing License?

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Before the infamous Del Lago fight, the one where Leon must desperately stick a giant salamander from hell multiple times with a harpoon, player’s are able to step out onto a dock where the boat used in said boss fight is tied. Curious players may have studied the water and noticed a couple of bass and other mixed sea life swimming around (which doesn’t make much sense with that water being so damn dirty), before making their way onto the tiny boat that serves as a cracker for the Leon flavored hors d'oeuvre in the battle that follows.

Look a bit closer and you can actually see the silhouette of the mighty Del Lago as it floats motionless under the water. Take a few pot shots, laugh with your friends; what’s that giant scrotum salamander going to do anyway? Well, it’s going to jump right the hell out of the water and eat Leon right off the dock, no cracker necessary.

11 A Good Beefcake Substitute

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Resident Evil 2 features the 4th survivor; a mode where HUNK (the dude in the gas mask that gets killed by William Burkin in the sewers), runs through a small section of the game with limited items. A neat addition to be sure, it adds a little extra content to an already excellent game. Unlock the 4th survivor and clear the game’s Leon/Claire scenario three times with an “A” ranking and gamers will receive the ultimate reward for their hard work and dedication: Tofu Survivor.

That’s right, gamers can play as a giant chunk of gun wielding Tofu in RE2. Originally a place holder to test collision detection, the developers figured they’d throw him into the game as the ultimate reward, a true bragging right for the most gung-ho gamers. Tofu screams in Japanese when hurt and slowly turns crimson as it takes damage, which will happen. Also, Tofu only has a knife and a few herbs for the entirety of his scenario.

10 So Much Powder, So Little Time

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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis featured an odd, but not totally unwelcome, addition to the series only featured for the one outing in Raccoon City; creating your own ammunition. Through the use of different gunpowder mixtures and a reloading tool, Jill is able to concoct a series of different ammunition types, from handgun rounds to freeze grenades.

If players are willing to dedicate some serious time, intellect, and luck (or just look it up on the internet), some seriously crazy ammunition types can be made to dispatch the many horrors found in Raccoon City. Advanced handgun rounds that do more damage or exploding shotgun shells that, well, explode, can be made with some tinkering, while advanced types of grenade ammo can be achieved by slamming all types of powders together, all to help in the battle against the clingiest tyrant in the series.

9 That's My Jacket!

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In the “Separate Ways” game unlocked after completing the main story in Resident Evil 4, gamers get to experience all the Spanish yelling and sickle throwing fun from the perspective of Ada Wong. Gamers who played through the main story of Resident Evil 4 (everyone), will notice that after Leon and Luis get tied up by the Ganado that Leon’s trademark jacket is missing. Most people think that it was just a lazy design choice, a mistake that was forgotten by the developers, or a detail that the developers didn’t think that players would notice.

Well, all of those theories are wrong because as Ada later discovers, a dead Ganado is actually wearing Leon’s jacket. The sucker will take a few extra rounds to kill and can be inspected after Ada puts him down. This dude may have his brain controlled by an awful virus, but he still knows a sweet jacket when he sees one.

8 And The Gold Tyrant For Best Zombie Goes To...Wesker!

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In the Sega Saturn version of the original Resident Evil, completing the main game will allow gamers to access “Battle Mode,” a combat filled romp through the mansion and surrounding grounds. Players are tasked with killing all the enemies in an area before they can progress to the next, interspersed with boss battles and save rooms where gamers can reevaluate their inventory.

In the midst of the action, some gamers may have noticed that there is a particular zombie that takes an insane amount of damage and stands out from the other zombies in the game; zombie Wesker. That’s right, the biggest butthead in the series returns in zombie form to be satisfyingly blasted by the game’s protagonists. Also present during the timed killing spree is a Gold Tyrant that can stomach an ungodly amount of the limited magnum rounds afforded to players in the timed challenge.

7 "Seven Minutes...It Won't Even Take Seven Minutes"

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About halfway through Resident Evil 5, gamers are treated to a thrilling game of cat and mouse involving Wesker and a brain washed Jill. Being chased through an ancient tomb by a super human Wesker and acrobatically annoying Jill is a test, especially when Jill can’t be killed and Wesker takes an ungodly amount of ordinance to put down. But, Wekser can be put down if gamers are able to dodge Jill and his attacks, resulting in his seven minutes being cut a bit short.

If gamers do put down the fifth installment's antagonist, he’ll drop the heart of Africa, a diamond cut into the shape of a heart that is worth 10,000 credits. The heart of Africa can only be obtained by putting enough rounds into Wesker (or a well-placed rocket launcher round), and can earn gamers some credits to upgrade their weapons. Along with the monetary reward also comes the satisfaction of totally handing Wesker his ass during an encounter that was cut a bit short.

6 My Mom Lets Me Come Here All By Myself

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Chapter 3 in Resident Evil 6 will find players traversing back streets, passing by a jungle gym. Some gamers may have taken it simply as scenery that adds life to an artificial environment that would otherwise feel uninhabited.

More curious players may have ventured into the playground’s enclosure to poke around for items or admire the developers’ handy work. Line up the right way with the playground equipment, and prompts will flash that allow Chris, Ada, and Piers to blow off some steam on the slide. A useless addition for sure, but still pretty cool that this much attention went into a background detail that most gamers would simply run by. Plus, it adds more of a human element to wooden characters starring in a wooden game.

5 Chicken Heart Vickers

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Brad Vickers is the cowardly bastard that leaves the Alpha team to die in the woods in the original Resident Evil and Nemesis’ first dance partner before getting a tentacle through the head in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Brad is jerk and fittingly dies an jerk death, as he should.

Gamers who are able to make it to the police station in RE2 without firing a shot can venture into the station’s outdoor overpass, where they will find zombified Brad Vickers stumbling around. He takes a few more rounds than the average zombie, and will drop a key that unlocks the hidden outfits in the police station. It’s cool that the developers had the foresight to put a dead Brad in RE2, knowing he’d be force fed death by Nemesis in the following installment.

4 The Halls Will Run Red, With Hunters

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The REmake is a love letter to fans of the series and one of, if not the best, entry in the series. Gamers are thrust back into the tackily decorated halls of the Spencer mansion, fraught with new puzzles, areas, and enemies. There is also a variety of Easter eggs and secrets that are included just for the sheer heck of it, a reward for curious players who leave no corner unexplored.

One of these Easter eggs is the illustrious red hunter, the only one ever seen in the series. As Resident Evil fans will know, hunters are those lizard looking dudes badly in need of a manicure that’ll chase down even the quickest S.T.A.R.S. member and cut them to ribbons. This one just happens to be red, without much of a difference to your run of the mill green hunter. Still a cool, and rarely encountered, beast specific to the remake.

3 A Game Of Angles

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The Lost In Nightmares DLC for Resident Evil 5 is a neat, albeit short, expansion that takes the series back to the familiar trap laden mansion setting, as Jill and Chris investigate reports of some usual Resident Evil shenanigans. If gamer’s check the mansion’s front door, they’ll get a prompt telling them that they need to complete the mission before they think about leaving.

Check the door three times, however, and the prompt turns into a string of question marks that unlocks a hidden feature that will really take gamers back to the 90s. After the question marks, gamers may notice a serious change to the game; the original fixed camera angles that the series is so famous for have reappeared, making the adventure through the mansion take on a seriously nostalgic feel. Aiming can be particularly difficult with fixed camera angles, but it’s a neat nod to fans of the series.

2 How Do You Really Feel, Chris?

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The beginning of Resident Evil 5 is a short jog through an African village that sets the frantic pace for the rest of the game. However, if gamers have a bit of patience, they can listen to Chris spout some serious political philosophy.

Sheva inquiries that Chris would probably rather be in the states instead of Africa, to which Chris replies, “Not necessarily,” before dropping some real talk about the nature of living in America. Among his musings, he points out that a capitalist society relies on the rule of people having to lose for others to win, among other insightful views. Most likely a little-hidden philosophy snuck in by the game’s writers, it’s a shame that most gamers won’t have the patience to wait long enough to hear the conversation trigger.

1 No, Thank You, Mr. Mikami

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The first Resident Evil was a passion project that attempted to revamp NES game Sweet Home for a generation of 3D consoles. The end product that gamers received in 1996 was more than a bit different than its NES inspiration and jump-started an entire genre that is extremely popular in video games today.

The game was a serious success and inspired an HD remaster that the developers packed as much content as they could into, keeping gamers that enjoyed the series iconic brand of gameplay entertained, including multiple time restraint based achievements and the like. Eventually, dedicated zombie slayers can unlock “Invisible Mode,” where every enemy in the game is, you guessed it, invisible. Besting invisible mode takes some serious knowhow of the Spencer Mansion, but players who beat the game in less than five hours in Invisible Mode will be treated to a message from director Shinji Mikami sharing his feelings on the game, thanking the player for their dedication, and showing off some unused costumes.

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