15 Bizarre And Disturbing Quests In Fallout 4

Fallout 4 loves to make the hairs on your neck stand up. The survival shooter seems to want nothing more than for you to waste a magazine of 10mm by rounding a corner and being face to face with a lifeless mannequin. The game preys on your heightened awareness in new areas, using the dark corners of your mind to create horrors worse than the apocalypse around you.  Fallout 4 takes the creepiness and horror to a new height for the Fallout series. The game throws you into the brutal, dog-eat-dog world of post apocalyptic Boston, on the quest to find your wife's murderer, and your infant son. The Sole Survivor may be ex-military, but nothing could prepare him for the horror and gruesome hell that the wasteland has become.

Fallout 4 is a terrific game, with vibrant color choices, a massive map that rewards you for exploring every nook and cranny, and, of course, Dogmeat. This game had me sitting on the edge of my seat from its announcement, until the last Nuka-World DLC. This game understands horror. The reality of a brutal wasteland where survival is absolute, it's easy to see why the horrors and darkness within humanity is amplified with radiation. Here's the most bizarre and disturbing quests that Fallout 4 throws at you.

15 Hazardous Material

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When Fred Allen asks for you to grab him a HalluciGen gas container, as a miscellaneous quest, it seems like a simple mission. Go in, grab the container, probably bust a cap into some ghouls or Molerats, call it a day. The first thing that you'll notice when you enter the facility is an ominous green gas-fog accompanied with by the musical stylings of laser rifles and gunshots. For a game where radiation is a common hazard, the green gas was worth noting, but not an indicator of the upcoming horror.

As you find the source of fighting, it hits you, Gunner soldiers are fighting each other. But why? They seem to be speaking gibberish and killing each other. Don't get me wrong, I love when someone makes my job easier, but the Gunners are the Seal Team 6 of the Wasteland and it makes no sense why they'd turn on each other. Eventually you make your way to an Observation Deck. A hauntingly calm voice recording plays, giving you an HalluciGen's sales pitch for their biological weapon that makes people go insane. The worst part is you're standing above a huge experiment maze, full of live Gunners and bodies, that can demonstrate some of the weapons on live subjects that HalluciGen has to offer. I hate Gunners, but no human needs to be a guinea-pig for a corporation to profit on.

14 The Devil's Due

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When a guard outside Diamond City mentions there's something strange going on at the Museum of Witchcraft, it's not surprising. It's the Museum of Witchcraft, not the Museum of Interpretive Dance. The Gothic church's exterior seems to be warning enough that this quest is about to give you nightmares. This area is loaded with jump-scares and music hits. As soon as you enter, you can hear a roar and movement. Something is in here. Something big. As you explore, shadows run across the screen, with enough creepiness to make a veteran horror-gamer jump. The quest reveals a holotape of a solider who was tasked with retrieving a Deathclaw Egg. Dammit! Deathclaws!? As you finish exploring, you come face to face, in close quarters, with the mother of Deathclaws. Assuming you waste this demon, the creepiness isn't even over. The Mannequins man...the mannequins. They hide in rooms with machetes over corpses...in a place that celebrates black magic. Once I grabbed that egg, I get TF outta there like that one time a spider decided to hang out in my shower.

13 The Milton Parking Garage

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While this doesn't have a specific quest to bring you here, this garage is hard to miss in your exploration of the Wasteland. See those arrows? Interesting right? Worth a look. But, what's inside is one of the more messed up areas in Fallout 4Inside, the garage has been barricaded and transformed into a maze right out of a Saw movie. Pressure sensitive traps and scores of mutilated bodies? Someone set up this maze for their entertainment. Assuming you make it through the flamethrowers, grenade bouquets, and clapping monkey toys, you will be rewarded with two booby trapped options for loot. Choose wisely, because this psycho only lets you choose one, with the other being destroyed. The whole maze is nerve racking and the 'click' from a sprung trap is enough to make your heart sink into your stomach.

12 The Glowing Sea


The Glowing Sea is an irradiated no-mans-land that puts the Wasteland to shame. This whole massive area is covered in a thick, radiation cloud, with any kind of life stamped out by the deadly fog. What's creepy about this area is the dark shadows that are home to the things that can survive these terrible conditions. Deathclaws, genetically mutated killing machines that have a knack for sneaking up on unsuspecting wanderers, punish them for not being aware of their surroundings. Even freakier is the radiation fanatics that made a religion off of worshiping "the atom." The Children of Atom are a cult of creepy, psuedo-ghoul survivors. Nothing like a cult full of radiation-addicted humans who worship weaponry to make any dark creepy landscape complete.

11 Vault 75

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What makes Vault 75 more terrifying is once you fully understand what happened there, as well as the implications. All of Vault-Tec’s vaults are known for their screwed up experiments that the inhabitants weren't warned about. Vault 75 is one of the more sinister. Children are taken from their parents (who they heavily implied were murdered to cover up the stolen children) and trained to peak condition, educated, then released into the Wasteland on their 18th Birthday. To think that a vault was designed around taking children is one of the more sinister and terrifying concepts in the game; that a company was willing to rip families apart for experiments.

10 Special Delivery

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After exploring the Cabot House, the mysterious owner sends you on a quest to the most screwed up areas in the game; The Parsons State Insane Asylum. The squalid conditions do not seem like they were a result of nuclear fallout, this place had to have been a madhouse for inhumanity before the bombs fell. Going in, and trying to find and deliver a super serum to keep the Cabot’s Patriarch immortal based on a freaky relic, was a very unnerving experience. When you find building blocks that spell “crazy,” it sets the tone as an uncomfortable, creepy area. The last sequence of deciding whether or not to kill Lorenzo is a haunting and nightmare inducing experience. Plus, let's break it down for what it is, it's an insane asylum; asylums and hospitals are creepy without post-apocalyptic raiders and ghouls assaulting you around every corner.

9 Dunwich Borers

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As we explore the wasteland, there’s plenty of creepy interactions with raiders, none worse than the Dunwich Borers interaction. The Sole Survivor comes across a mining facility with a major hole in the ground. The area is crawling with a whole army of raiders. If you're anything like me, you see that many raiders at a distance and put that sniper perk to work.

Where it gets insane, and I mean insanely creepy, is after you clear the raiders guarding above ground and have the option of going underground. I don't know what kind of drugs they slipped into the Sole Survivor, but things get crazy. Ghouls attack relentlessly while the Sole Survivor has flashbacks and visions of what “management” was trying to uncover. We see a cult like following praying to a colossal statue, which is apparently what caused the visions. The creepiness factor is off the charts. The visions are vivid and the ghoul assaults provide excellent jump-scares.

8 Meet Ness At The Crash Site

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Skylanes Flight 1981 is a horror show, providing a glimpse into the past. The goal is to recover the black box from the cockpit, with a decent amount of feral ghouls on the prowl. Seeing the ghouls move among the airplane wreckage and the bones and skeletons are creepy enough, until you raise your gun to take them out. They still have their names like “Mr. Smith” above their health-bars. This gives a creepy feeling of knowing who you're about to execute. The second creepy effect was listening to the black box recording. Specifically there's a moment where the pilot says "Flight 1891" instead of 1981, despite saying it correctly just a second before. That stuck in my head because not only does it show how scared this pilot must have been, but perhaps there was something else going on that we couldn't hear or see.

7 Sandy Coves Convalescent Home

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When completing the “explore Salem” quest, the Sole Survivor comes across this old Convalescent home. Now, just like the hospitals and asylums, there's something inherently uncomfortable about being surrounded by sick old people; specifically their rotting bodies. The con home must have been active pre-war and was clearly nuked into oblivion (ayyy Bethesda reference). The horror and bizarre factor in this place is the Mister Handy robots that still roam the premises. They seem to take care of the long dead residents as if they were still alive. The robots working seemingly normally is scary because it shows how unfeeling a robot caretaker might be, by not being able to tell the difference between the living and dead. It's haunting to think what the residents may have gone through before the war.

6 Botany Class

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This settlement quest (which we all hate Preston Garvey for) takes you to a place called Forest Grove Marsh. The half submerged village is crawling with the zombie-like ghouls and lord knows what else lurks under the water. Other than seeing the seemingly normal town forced underwater, the horde of feral ghouls that chases you from rooftop to rooftop is fear enduing. The part that is scary is the way these ghouls will literally lunge across rooftops, screaming and snarling to knock you into the irradiated water, where you could get easily ripped apart by the ghouls who lurk beneath.

5 Galleria

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The General Atomics Galleria is one of the weirder misc quests. It seems like a great location to do a little looting and get some sweet sweet ammunition. Some of the remaining robots offer to take you on a tour of the facility, which seems cool enough, until you slightly wander off without completing the tour. This turns all of the Mister Handys, Mister Gutsys, and nearby robots aggressive. The robots in the stores and shops are also extremely weird and bizarre. Bump into a baseball? Now you're dodging saw blades and bullets. They treat you as the “incoming supervisor” if you play your conversation right, but be wary; misspeak or lie and you're gonna have to deal with a lot of scrap metal trying to rip your spine out.

4 Fens Phantom

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When given the quest to explore the Fens Street Sewers, the Sole Survivor finds a series of cryptic Holo-tape recordings from a serial killer, who has displayed his victims for you. His motives are made clear in the second tape where he states:

“I want you to appreciate your surroundings, detective. I can only be myself in a place like this. Life up there is exhausting. Everyday you smile at people who don't care about you one way or another because that is what you do. Down here I really get to live. I am happy to share it with you today, detective.”

These cryptic and terrifying displays of a lack of feeling for others is what makes this killer, though we find his skeleton body, so ghostly and haunting.

3 Explore Dry Rock Gulch

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In the Nuka-World DLC, the Sole Survivor gets to explore a dangerous version of Disneyland (we all know what's up here). The creepy factor is a certain amount of child-related rollercoasters with clown made-up ghouls and creepy-ass magician dudes. However. nothing scared me more than the Bloodworms in Dry Rock Gulch. The frontier themed area has hundreds of dead Brahmin, which isn't anything new; until the Bloodworms burst out of their stomach and dive at your face, screeching bloody murder. There’s something terrifying about giant parasites that feed and feast on blood to attack and explode on the Sole Survivor. It's probably all those teeth.

2 Explore Vault 95

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The vaults are messed up, but this one is particularly awful. The Vault-Tec scientists had a field day with this one. They took drug addicts and sequestered them into the vault with no access to drugs... until they planned to release drugs back into the environment. Unluckily for the scientist's experiments, the drug addicts found out about the stored drugs and proceeded to kill each-other and anyone around to try to gain access to the drugs. When the Sole Survivor finds the area, it's crawling with Gunners and remnants of the drug addicts. The most disturbing part of this area is thinking how willing these people were to get their high or get drunk, that they would kill for it. The eggheads at Vault-Tec definitely need a lesson in ethics and the Hippocratic Oath. I love whiskey, but not that much!

1 Pickman’s Gift

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The Pickman Gallery is the most insanely horrific and bizarre location in Fallout history. The mysterious red door in the Commonwealth leads to Pickman’s Gallery. Here we find piles and piles of bodies, all murdered by Pickman himself. But why did this serial killer emerge? To paint with their blood. As you explore the deplorable conditions, you uncover more and more about the serial killer, along with hundreds of tortured bodies. The creepiest part being if you choose to let Pickman live, he'll leave you a note (and Pickman’s Blade), with a heart finger painted with blood and written next to it; “thanks killer.” The artwork in the gallery is a mixture of blood soaked canvases and painted eyes, making me want to grab what loot I could and GTFO before whatever sick bastard came back home.

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