15The Reaching Hand (Majora's Mask)

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Majora’s Mask would be the strangest of all Zelda games simply by its premise: the moon, now with a dark grin, will fall on Termina in three days unless you find the necessary mask. Still, it’s the quests available that send the game over the top. Majora’s Mask deals with

many uncomfortable subjects such as death, vengeance, and bullying, and yet, its most unexpected side quest is a simple bathroom incident.

In Clock Town, if Link goes into the inn at night, he will notice something peculiar in the bathroom. Indeed, there is a human arm reaching from inside the toilet, desperately asking for paper. Unfortunately, the Zelda universe has not yet heard of 24 hours stores, so Link has to improvise with what’s lying around: a land title deed, a man’s letter to his mother, or a love letter. Whichever paper you decide to use, the hand is instantly relieved and rewards you with a piece of heart. As for the precious words of love that you just sent down the drain, don’t worry about them. You can just warp back to the start of the 3-day cycle and act as if nothing happened.

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