15 Bizarre Pokémon Nintendo Wants You To Forget

The concept of Pokémon was something so ambitious that Nintendo and Game Freak both knew that the creatures themselves had to be designed perfectly or the project wouldn't take off. Thankfully, there were plenty of people hard at work who put together some well-structured Pokémon and are still creating great characters today.

We all know a Pokémon or two that we love (for many people, it's just Pikachu). No matter what our interests, it's a testament to the excellence of Game Freak that we all have different Pokémon that we latch on to. Even after being around for over two decades, there are still new and cool Pokémon being introduced with each generation. There was a time when people thought Game Freak was running out of steam, but Pokémon Sun and Moon prove that they've still got life left in them.

However, not all Pokémon are home runs. As a matter of fact, from the very first generation, there have been several creatures that are either ugly, weird, or just plain repulsive. When people play the games, there are a few Pokémon that never get caught because of these major design flaws. That's not to say that most Pokémon are this way, but a large chunk of them are.

We all know some really ugly Pokémon, but here are 15 bizarre creatures from the series that Nintendo wants us all to forget. We'd be happy to forget them as well.

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15 Jynx

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Anyone who still touts Generation One as the best Generation in the entire Pokémon franchise obviously forgets the strange creature known as Jynx. Ever since I was a kid, I liked the first Generation, but there's no denying that this was one character that I never wanted in my party.

If you're unsure why this is the case, just take a look at it! Jynx is clearly some demented version of Nicki Minaj. It resembles a person more than it does a Pokémon (an offense that Game Freak would commit more in the future), and not in a good way. Jynx's bleach blonde hair and dark skin make her one of the strangest-looking Pokémon to date, and we've never been a huge fan. What's worse is that she's also been the source of heavy controversy, as many thought that she was created as a racial stereotype. Come on, Game Freak, you should've known better.

14 Bruxish

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Those of us Pokémon fans who've stuck around through Generation Five know that there's been a bitter taste in our mouths since then. When Game Freak began development on Generation Seven so soon after Generation Six, we were worried that taste would return. Thankfully, there were a lot of excellent Pokémon in the Alola Region. However, the same can't be said for all of them. Case in point: Bruxish.

There are a lot of fish Pokémon and I will give credit to Game Freak for trying to make it somewhat original this time around. However, it's hard for me to get behind a Pokémon's design when it looks like Bruxish. This weird diva fish thing has giant lips, sharp teeth, and a weird sassy attitude. It seems like Miranda Priestly (Devil Wears Prada) has descended from movie fame and into the waters of the Alola Region.

13 Klefki

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Most Pokémon are based on animals, dinosaurs, or mythological creatures like dragons. As you might imagine, Game Freak can't always rely on these forms of inspirations for creating their characters. Because of this, they sometimes look to inanimate objects as the building blocks for new Pokémon. That's how we ended up with Klefki.

One look at this creation and you understand exactly what it is: a key ring with multiple keys attached. It's like one of the designers couldn't think of a new Pokémon, turned down to see his keys, and started drawing immediately. For some reason, it was also seen fit that Klefki would be made into one of the new Fairy types in Pokémon X and Y. Despite its lackluster design and strange inspiration, it might intrigue you to know that Klefki is a very powerful Pokémon in the metagame and is used quite frequently.

12 Vanilluxe

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Continuing the trend of Pokémon based on inanimate objects, Vanilluxe takes it to a whole new level. Instead of basing this Pokemon on a real-life object or utensil, Game Freak decided to model it after an ice cream cone. Were they working with no AC or something? If not, then I can't imagine what went through their heads when designing Vanilluxe.

It's not just Vanilluxe who was created with this model in mind. Its previous two evolutions, Vanillite and Vanillish, are also based on different ice cream cones. These three Pokémon alone were one of the biggest arguments that Game Freak was quickly running out of ideas (I'll be honest, I was among those people who argued it). Thankfully, Game Freak has since learned their lesson and we haven't seen deliberate food-based Pokémon since (Gen Six has Slurpuff, but it looks more like an animal than a cupcake).

11 Garbodor

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As you might imagine at this point, Generation Five was responsible for a lot of poorly-designed Pokémon. Perhaps the most infamous one of them all is Garbodor. While we've had Poison type Pokémon in the past who love garbage and all things stinky (like Grimer and Muk), Garbodor has no originality involved in its design. Its appearance is literally that of an oozing trash bag. From its barf green color right down to its strange arms, there's no denying the inspiration for this Pokémon.

Garbodor is so heavily disliked that many people will stay away from Generation Five altogether (some even calling it the "Garbodor Generation"). It may be true that Garbodor and it's pre-evolved form Trubbish are pretty terrible Pokémon, but I encourage you not to count out all of Gen Five yourself. Just stay away from this literal heaping pile of garbage.

10 Dugtrio

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This entry might get me a little hate, but allow me to explain my reasoning. Diglett is a cute Pokémon all around, but when it evolves, it raises more questions than it answers. Dugtrio is simply three Digletts put together. How does that work? Why are they their own Pokémon? We may never know.

Due to the lack of thought that went into Dugtrio's design, it's a poor Pokémon at best- just from an objective viewpoint. However, it doesn't get as much hate as other equally poor Pokémon because it's from Gen One. I'm not saying everyone is a genwunner, but what I mean is that Dugtrio is a Pokémon we've grown up with and are thus familiar with it. Nostalgia is a powerful force that motivates our thinking and Dugtrio is a part of many of our childhoods. It's possible that could persuade us into not disliking Dugtrio as much as other newer Pokémon. Regardless of where you stand, there's no way you can argue Alolan Dugtrio though.

9 Girafarig

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Girafarig is one of those Pokémon that I forget exists (and I'm sure many of you do as well). Introduced in Generation Two, Girafarig was a unique Pokémon, boasting the interesting combination of Normal and Psychic types. Apart from that, though, there isn't much that makes it stand out among the 800 some Pokémon that thrive today.

What's weirder is Girafarig's design. Its body is split up into two sections, with each side supposedly being a functional head. If you take one look at its tail, though, you'll begin to realize that it looks like a strangely sick Chain Chomp. It seems that they were going for a mirrored giraffe of sorts, but didn't fully deliver on the concept. To top it all of, Girafarig's name itself belongs on the list of unoriginal Pokémon names. The only reason it has that name is because it's a palindrome. Girafarig backward is Girafarig.

8 Luvdisc

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Remember what I said about Game Freak trying to differentiate new fish Pokémon? Remember how I said they don't always succeed? Recall that as you look at Luvdisc. This Pokémon was introduced in Generation Three and was one of the first signs that Game Freak was reaching for new Pokémon.

This Pokemon is among the worst Pokémon in battle as well as one of the most lazily-designed. It's a heart that swims in the water. There's nothing to it other than that. The only reason anybody caught Luvdisc in Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald was so that they could get Heart Scales to improve Pokémon they already had. Even then, Luvdisc isn't necessary to get Heart Scales, further proving the point that the Pokémon is undesirable and fairly useless. Game Freak almost made it somewhat worth it when they introduced Alomomola, but it turns out that the two Pokemon were unrelated.

7 Probopass

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If Game Freak had done a survey when they were beginning work on Generation Four asking which Pokémon from Gen Three we would like to see get an evolution, I guarantee Nosepass would've been in the bottom five at least. He was a weird rock with an unnaturally large nose, and nobody used him in the games. Despite all of these odds, Game Freak decided to give it an evolution in Gen Four.

Probopass is a downright bad Pokémon (appearance-wise) for many reasons. The first is that it looks horribly ugly. Nosepass was okay, but Probopass is now a floating head with a giant mustache. Not exactly an improvement. Secondly, its appearance made many people feel that Game Freak was targeting Jewish stereotypes (with the whole hat and mustache combo). Finally, Probopass is supposed to be based on a compass. Not sure what compass Game Freak was reading.

6 Scraggy And Scrafty

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Have you ever looked at young me walking down the road with their pants falling below their knees and thought to yourself, "You know, I would really like a Pokémon like that"? Yeah, didn't think so. Nonetheless, we received Scraggy and Scrafty in (you guessed) Gen Five.

Both of these Fighting/Dark types have a serious problem with these skin growths that are supposed to resemble pants. Many times throughout battles, they will pull them up because they keep falling down below the ground. I'm not sure what Game Freak's intention was when creating these Pokémon, but they couldn't have been in their right minds. Not only is the idea terrible on paper and in person, but Scraggy and Scrafty have also been accused of Game Freak pointing out more racial stereotypes. You'd think they would've learned after creating Jynx.

5 Gulpin And Swalot

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Gen One isn't perfect. Not only are Jynx and Dugtrio proof of that, but so is Muk. While I personally love the Pokémon, you have to admit that it's kind of a lazy design. However, this didn't stop Game Freak from creating another Pokémon with the same principles in mind. And so we ended up with Gulpin and Swalot.

It's clear right off the bat that these two were inspired from Grimer and Muk. While there are attempts made for these two to be original (with their focus on eating and swallowing), the similarities are too much to ignore. Both sets of Pokémon share a lot of the same moves, typing, and design. Of the two, Swalot is perhaps the most bizarre, featuring some kind of weird mustache that would give Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda a run for his money.

4 Thundurus, Tornadus, And Landorus

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Because Game Freak slacked off a bit on their designs in Gen Five, it was only a matter of time before that work showed itself in the Legendary Pokémon. All those who played Black and White know exactly why Thundurus, Tornadus, and Landorus made this list.

The biggest reason why these three are so bizarre and poorly-designed is because I couldn't separate them on this list. All of them share the exact same design. The only differences they have are their types and colors. Other than that, their sprites and appearances are largely the same. Game Freak made an effort to make them unique with different forms, but they are far from the greatest-looking Legendary Pokémon to ever exist. When I play Pokémon games, I always get excited at the prospect of hunting down all of the Legendaries, but in Black and White, these three were ones I didn't want to catch.

3 Buzzwole

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Never in a million years would I imagine SEGA working with Game Freak on a Pokémon game. While that technically hasn't happened, you have to wonder the inspiration Game Freak had in mind when creating one of the Ultra Beasts in Sun and Moon: Buzzwole.

The Ultra Beasts themselves don't look like traditional Pokémon, but Buzzwole is arguably the most out of place in the bunch. Boasting some impressive attack stats only get you so far when you look like a prototype final boss for Sonic the Hedgehog created by Dr. Eggman. While Buzzwole remains true to its Bug typing, the jacked muscles and tiny legs do little to detract from its bizarre appearance. There are other Ultra Beasts who look a bit strange in this sense, but again, Buzzwole's Eggman-like appearance make it worthy of this list.

2 Gothita, Gothorita, And Gothitelle

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As many parents will tell you, the most difficult part about having children is raising them through their teenage years. The days of daddy's little girl going to Hot Topic are some of the roughest (granted not all children are like that and not all parents find this stage difficult). Yet, Game Freak was somehow motivated enough by this stage in a child's life to make an entire line of Pokémon to embody it.

Enter Gothita, Gothorita, and Gothitelle. It's clear from their namesakes alone that they are meant to emulate stereotypical goths. From that premise alone, it's clear that it wasn't going to work very well for Game Freak. These three Pokémon are among the ones who are heavily criticized and disliked across the board. While Gothitelle might be useful in competitive battling, its design motivates people to choose a different Psychic type. Guess which Generation they came from. I'll wait.

1 Doublade

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If you thought Game Freak had outgrown evolving a Pokémon by multiplying it, you'd be dead wrong. Gen Six saw the introduction of Honedge- a Steel/Ghost type Pokémon that was a haunted sword. While that's a cool idea in concept, its evolution is simply two Honedges of a different color.

To make matters worse, the resulting Pokémon's name was really simple (in a bad way): Doublade. Get it? Double blade? Game Freak has the jokes! All comedy aside, Doublade wasn't given a lot of thought. Instead, all of the efforts were put into creating the final evolution: Aegislash (and that Pokémon is excellent). Unfortunately, this resulted in Honedge and, more specifically, Doublade getting the short end of the stick.

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