15Power Stone 2

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Ahh, the Dreamcast. Truly a pioneer of game consoles, although sadly Sega’s last system to be made. We owe a lot to the Dreamcast: it was the first of the 6th generation consoles capable of displaying 640x480 graphics, it was the first system to have an internal modem

allowing online gameplay, and it was the first and only system to feature a memory pack you could take away to play minigames on its tiny screen.

Power Stone was an instant classic from the Dreamcast era and its successor, Power Stone 2, refined the 3D brawler archetype to a gleaming shine. Being built near the end of the Dreamcast’s lifespan meant that not many discs were produced, making it a rare and valuable find. Loose discs can be worth $60.00 to the right buyer, but for real value you have to find it brand new and still in its shrink wrap, where it can be worth up to $300.00.

Estimated Value (New): $300.00

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