14Snow Brothers


If they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Snow Bros. is a real brownnoser. In 1990, Snow Bros. was released in arcades and centered around two snowmen (who were once princes) in overalls that would throw

snowballs at little goblin-like creatures as you climbed upwards to the next level; like a cross between Bubble Bobble and Ice Climber. A year after its release, it was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System with dumbed down graphics and a new opening sequence.

The NES version did just okay as far as sales go, but what really gives the worth to this game is that the company that designed it went bankrupt while releasing its sequel. The sequel never made it to the arcades, but there are a few copies of the NES port out there somewhere. However, it’ll run you $4,300 to add the sealed copy to your collection, over $250 for game with a box, and around fifty just to play it.

Estimated Value (new): $4,300

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