15Dragon Warrior III


Dragon Warrior III, whose name was eventually changed to Dragon Quest III, has found a home on six consoles spanning 26 years thanks to ports and remakes. Originally released in Japan in 1988, it sold nearly 4 million copies on release day

and 1 million in America four years later, spiking a rise in elementary school truancies. It was the first Dragon Warrior to offer a job system for the players to make it more exciting.

Changing its name always makes something worth just a little bit more, much like imperfections do. Despite the fact that it is the third episode of a seemingly generic RPG, the unopened, shrink-wrapped product fetches over $700. So you say you’ve got an opened one with the box, book, and little black sleeve? You’re sitting on a couple hundreds for that.

Estimated Value (new): $700+

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