15 Consoles Games From The 90s That Never Got Sequels (And 15 Classics That Need A Reboot)

Not every 90s game has gotten the sequel it deserves (or been rebooted). Someone needs to bring these classics in the 21st century.

Any 90s kid can tell you there are several things from that decade that bring up a solid dose of nostalgia. There are too many good memories of the slightly off-beat fashion, the music, the humungous cell phones. And then there are the hilarious television shows we grew up watching that just don't compare to today's options. But one of the things any gamer can tell you is that no matter how high-tech the video games of today may be, there's just something about certain 90s games that are in a league of their own.

Some of these video games, in particular, left us wanting more. Maybe it was because the first game left us on a total cliffhanger, or maybe the game was just so good we wanted to see a continuation of the story, but regardless, a lot of the games in question never had a sequel and left us feeling rather disappointed.

On the other hand, there were other video games from the 90s that did have sequels, or just a very solid first game, that we are anxiously waiting for the gaming world to realize they need to reboot them. When you think about how phenomenal the graphics could be if given the chance to be updated, not to mention having better storylines and gameplay overall, it seems like a no-brainer.

So that is why we have compiled a list of both sequels that never happened for some of our favorite 90s games, as well as 90s games that never got the reboot treatment - even though they really should have.

Here are the 15 Console Games From The 90s That Never Got Sequels (And 15 Classics That Need A Reboot).

30 Needs A Sequel: Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire

via Wookieepedia - Fandom

When Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire was released in 1996 on Nintendo 64, it was a part of a multimedia project that was going to have several different projects all centering on events occurring between The Empire Strikes Back and The Return Of The Jedi.

The video game was well-received as it told the story of Dash Rendar and his attempts to help Luke Skywalker so they could rescue Princess Leia from Prince Xizor. As great of a game, as it was, it has never had a sequel. It was re-released, though, in 2016.

29 Needs A Reboot: Dino Crisis

via GameSpew

Dino Crisis was a fan favorite video game amongst gamers back in the late-90s/early-00s. It was a Capcom game that was the perfect survival horror storyline with multi-player gameplay.

The story revolves around a team on an island who are literally being hunted by dinosaurs (and other monsters).

As fun as this game was to play in the 90s/00s, imagine if it was updated for consoles now with new graphics and storylines. It would be incredible and an instant hit.

28 Needs A Sequel: GoldenEye 007

via JOE.ie

This first-person shooter game based off of the James Bond film by the same name was a huge hit when it was first released for Nintendo 64 in 1997. Which makes sense, being that James Bond itself is a wildly popular franchise and this game was a great way to allow gamers to feel as if they were 007 too.

The game was, in fact, rebooted in 2010, but for some reason, despite its huge success with the original, it never had an official sequel made. This was much to the dismay of its many fans.

27 Needs A Reboot: Chrono Trigger

via densestugames.com.br

This role-playing video game was released for Super Nintendo in 1995. It followed the protagonist and his friends as they navigate different eras on a planet very similar to Earth. For instance, they could be in the prehistoric age, the Middle Ages, or even a post-apocalyptic future.

It was the third best-selling game the year it came out, so it would make complete sense for a reboot to happen for this game. Everyone who enjoyed the gameplay back in the 90s would surely love it just as much, if not more if it were updated.

26 Needs A Sequel: Comix Zone

via microsoft.com

This “beat ‘em up” video game was first released in 1995 for Sega Genesis and had a unique style to it. The entire game looked as if it was in comic book panels.

This included speech bubbles for the speaking parts.

Some loved this game, while others weren’t feeling it as much, but regardless, you’d think they would have proceeded with a sequel due to the number of people who did enjoy the game and wanted more from it. But for whatever reason, they never went ahead with a sequel, so all we have now is the original Comix Zone to keep us entertained.

25 Needs A Reboot: Half-Life

via The Verge

Half-Life has long been regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time since its initial release in 1998. That was because its graphics were fantastic and the narrative mixed with the realistic gameplay made it a game unlike any other, at least at the time.

After this first-person shooter game was released, many future video games were heavily influenced by Half-Life, even to this day. Which is exactly why it should have its time to shine - again - 20 years after it was first released. Just imagine how amazing the graphics and gameplay could be now with modern technology…

24 Needs A Sequel: Diddy Kong Racing

via emuparadise.com

This was a very successful racing game that was released for Nintendo 64 in 1997. It received critical acclaim upon its release and has been remade for Nintendo DS in 2007.

But it has not been given the sequel treatment even though many loved this game growing up and would have loved to see a continuation. It seems all hope may be lost on that front, but at least we have the memories of playing this back in the 90s.

23 Needs A Reboot: Star Wars: X-Wing

via The Geek Twins

Star Wars: X-Wing was a simulation video game that allows players to feel as if they are getting the experience of starfighter combat. In the trilogy of video games in this series, they manage to stay true to the movies while making players feel immersed in the Star Wars universe as they complete missions.

This would be a great game to reboot, particularly if it was formatted and updated for PlayStation VR.

Then it would be a truly immersive experience.

22 Needs A Sequel: Gunstar Heroes

via kotaku.com

This run and gun shooter video game was released for Sega Genesis in 1993 and has been regarded as one of the best video games of all time by many different publications, which is seriously saying something in the competitive world of gaming.

Even though it was so successful and well-received by most who played it, it has never had a sequel.

It has been released for other systems, however, but it just is not meant to have a sequel, evidently.

21 Needs A Reboot: Hydro Thunder

via tiredoldhack.com

This was a personal favorite of mine growing up, even though the game as a whole didn’t have a lot of story and was pretty one-dimensional. It first came out in 1999 and since then has had one “reboot” for Xbox One. The problem is, this reboot was way too similar to the original and didn’t actually have a lot of updates to it.

As fun as the original game was to play, it would be nice to get a reboot that actually has a bit of a story to tell and advanced gameplay.

20 Needs A Sequel: Dragon Valor

via Ranting About Games

This game was released for PlayStation in 1999 and was a fantastic action role-playing game. It was a very unique and original game for the time since it had several different paths you can go down, which is primarily chosen by who you choose to marry at the beginning of the game.

It did receive mixed reviews upon its initial release, but many have been wanting to see a sequel for years to no avail. It's a real disappointment because it would most likely be successful due to its popularity back in the 90s.

19 Needs A Reboot: Parasite Eve

via robek.world

There is a good chance that if you had a PlayStation in the 90s, you stumbled upon Parasite Eve and bravely decided to play it. It is an action role-playing game that came out in 1998 and immediately brought you elements of Japanese horror with its storytelling. It is about a woman named Eve in NYC who is trying to destroy all of mankind through spontaneous human combustion and the police officer who is trying to stop her.

The only remastering that has been done came out on PSP, which wasn’t widely loved. But if they decided to do a masterful reboot of the game for PS4, fans of the series would immediately flock to stores to pick it up.

18 Needs A Sequel: Mischief Makers

via mobygames.com

This Nintendo 64 side-scrolling platform video game was released in 1997. This was yet another game that had mixed reviews, but plenty of people found the game to be great due to its “inventiveness” and amazing boss fights.

This is why it’s very baffling that there has never been a sequel.

Plenty of people not only want a sequel, but there are also those in the new generation who would find the game just as fascinating and would want to play it. Too bad there’s nothing on the horizon for a sequel, though.

17 Needs A Reboot: Bushido Blade

via Youtube (ROFLSoup)

Bushido Blade was seen as a truly innovative 3D fighting video game, not only for its graphics but because of the body damage system it had come up with, which was completely new at the time. The game itself features one-on-one armed combat and was very well-received amongst gamers and critics.

It had sequels but has not had any reboots.

This would be a perfect game to reboot for consoles and fans of the original would be very pleased if it was, I am certain.

16 Needs A Sequel: Crystalis

via Youtube (Feelin’ DanDy)

Crystalis was an action RPG video game from 1990 that has become quite the cult classic, even though it was not as successful when it was initially released. The success of the game, later on, prompted a remake to be done in 2000 for the Game Boy Color.

But since then, nothing has occurred with the video game, especially not sequels. It is rather unfortunate that with the game being a cult classic, no one has decided to proceed with a sequel.

15 Needs A Reboot: Streets Of Rage

via JOE.ie

This is a serious throwback video game that was played on the Sega Genesis. It wasn’t as memorable in terms of characters or storytelling, but it was a fun co-op game to play in the early-90s.

If the game had some modernization done and was introduced to the new generation, it would surely be just as fun with the updates, if not more so. Plus, it would be a nice dose of nostalgia for those who played the original games.

14 Needs A Sequel: Dracula Unleashed

via Hey Poor Player

This 1993 horror video game was one of the earliest video games to make use of “full-motion video” for the gameplay.

Many have regarded it as a creepy but incredibly fun game to play and have wished for a sequel.

Because it wasn’t a huge commercial success, though, there has never been any talks of doing such a thing. Which is just a shame seeing as how ahead of its time the game was and how great the graphics were even back then, it would have been amazing to see a sequel take place.

13 Needs A Reboot: Zombies Ate My Neighbors

via Youtube (Media Pool)

This “run-and-gun” single-player game for Sega Genesis was initially released in 1993 and while it was not a wide success commercially, it became a bit of a cult classic in the gaming world. This was due to is graphics and sense of humor, not to mention the fantastic gameplay.

It has not been rebooted whatsoever which is just a shame. If it were to be modernized and tweaked to work for the consoles of today, it would spawn a new generation of fans.

12 Needs A Sequel: Fighters Megamix

via Dual Pixels

This fighting video game was released in 1996 for Sega and was a game that combined three different characters from other games to create its own original game, which was very unique and interesting at the time.

That made it highly original in its own right, which is why its so odd that it never had a sequel. Especially since so many loved this game and would have been absolutely ecstatic for a sequel. Alas, that has never been on the table.

11 Needs A Reboot: Blast Corps

via DeviantArt (Regulas314)

This action video game first arrived on the scene in 1997 for Nintendo 64. Its premise was the main player uses vehicles to his advantage to demolish any buildings that are in the way of a runway nuclear missile carrier.

It’s a bit of a puzzle game too and was a wide commercial success. It may be difficult to update this game for Xbox One or PS4, but I’m sure if enough thought was put into it, we could bring this wildly successful game back into modern day.

10 Needs A Sequel: Toy Commander

via CelJaded

Toy Commander was released in 1999 for Dreamcast by the company No Cliche. It was a fun and exciting action video game that featured a child’s favorite toys going up against his new army-themed toys that are now his new favorites to play with.

It had planned for a sequel at first after its initial success but it eventually got canceled since No Cliche shut down the following year. It is seriously disappointing since the sequel was nearly completed, as well.

9 Needs A Reboot: Battletoads

via IMDb

The original Battletoads game came out in 1991 and was meant to rival the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was a very well-received video game both commercially and amongst fans of the franchise.

It centered on three anthropomorphic toads named after specific skin conditions - Zitz, Rash, and Pimple.

It has not been updated since its release in the 90s, but judging from how many fans the game had back then and even today, it would be smart to update it for the consoles we use now - particularly Xbox One.

8 Needs A Sequel: Secret Of Evermore

via Emuparadise

This game telling the story of a young boy and his dog getting transported to a fantasy land of sorts called Evermore was a huge hit and was very well-received by those who played it. This action role-playing game for Super Nintendo was released in 1995 and though many have been anxiously waiting for a continuation of the story, it has never actually happened.

It’s too bad since the game’s uniqueness and excellent gameplay would have made for a great sequel, as well.

7 Needs A Reboot: Banjo-Kazooie

via The Rare Witch Project

This was yet another popular platform video game released in the late-90s. It was formatted for the Nintendo 64 console and features a dynamic duo consisting of a bear, Banjo and a bird, Kazooie who are trying to stop the evil plans of the witch, Gruntilda.

The game had both critical and commercial success. It was intended almost as an upgrade to Super Mario 64. So it is a bit odd that they have not tried to update and subsequently reboot this highly regarded game.

6 Needs A Sequel: Paladin’s Quest

via Emuparadise

Released in the early 90s, Paladin’s Quest was a dystopian science/fantasy video game that was played on Super Nintendo. It was unlike other video games since in this role-playing game, casting magic takes away health points rather than magic points. That was practically unheard of at the time.

It did have a sequel but it was only released in Japan. This means those of us in North America have never gotten the chance to continue the story of this fantastic game, which is just a travesty.

5 Needs A Reboot: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

via Games Like

Any 90s kid remembers how iconic Tony Hawk was in his pro-skateboarding heyday. We also remember the video games that came out where you were able to be in a skateboarding-simulation of sorts when playing no your PlayStation (or other consoles).

Since then, there have been plenty of sequels, but it has been years since a new one has been released.

And honestly, it would be better to have the original rebooted for nostalgia alone. Unfortunately, Tony Hawk is no longer involved with Activision so the chances of that are highly unlikely. But it would still be awesome if it did.

4 Needs A Sequel: Soul Blazer

via Youtube (via NerdyRetroGamer)

Soul Blazer was released in 1992 for Super Nintendo and was an action role-playing game that has the player take on the role of the Master’s servant. You then must defeat monsters and then ultimately release “captured souls of a world’s inhabitants”.

Though it was a successful game overall, it never got the sequel treatment. It was a very intriguing and fun game to play, especially for the early 90s, so it really is disappointing that we never got a sequel.

3 Needs A Reboot: Illusion Of Gaia

via MobyGames

Ah, the Illusion of Gaia. It was well-loved amongst all of its fans and for good reason. It was very original and exciting to play. Originally released in North America in 1994, Illusion of Gaia is an action role-playing game that was released for Super Nintendo.

It has a large puzzle-solving element to the game and is partially historical/partially fantasy which makes it incredibly fun to play. It would most likely be even more incredible to play with today’s technology updating its effects and gameplay.

2 Needs A Sequel: Mario Paint

via Allwomentstalk Lifestyle 2018

Okay, so this may not be the most exciting game on the list, but it definitely was still fun to play. Initially released in 1992 for Super Nintendo, it was a game that allowed you to draw and also make custom pixel by pixel stamps for the game.

It has never had a sequel but I personally feel they could still do it to this day, and just format it for the Nintendo Switch or 3DS. It would still be a fun game to play and get the creative juices flowing.

1 Needs A Reboot: Syndicate

via Origin

Syndicate is a real-time tactical game that was released in 1993. Those who are fans of Bullfrog Productions other hit video games greatly appreciated this game, though others found it to lack AI and the ability to play multi-player.

Still, many have wanted a complete reboot of the original for modern times, but only one attempt was made in 2012 by Starbreeze Studios, and it hasn’t been touched since. I’d really love to see a total reboot of the game to see how they could improve the original while sticking to what made it so great in the first place.

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