15The Ultimate Sound System

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Sometimes great things come in small packages and this phrase isn’t lost on PlayStation. The gaming device, though unknown to some, doubled as a high-end sound system rivaling units costing thousands of dollars or more. Now this feature was unique to the SCPH-1001 version of the console, which

was the only one known to sport an RCA input which has superb sound output, but regardless music audio performance enthusiasts, aka audiophiles, began to realize the power of the early models, while being available at bargain basement prices ($5-$35).

Diving further into the possibilities of this unlikely commodity, the audio community has made creative use of the old PlayStation 1 both externally, for visual appeal and unique CD player housing, and internally, tinkering with the inner workings for richer sound quality. The console has become an underground sensation in the Hi-Fi scene, further emphasizing all this old clunker can do

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