15 Crazy Things You Never Knew About Misty From Pokémon

You'll never look at Pokémon the same way. These crazy facts, rumors, and things you didn't know about Misty are out of this world.

"I want to be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause!" Okay, pop quiz: who first comes to mind when you hear those words? Okay, after him. No, not the guy with his eyes closed, either. Guess again, please. Still no? Okay, I'll give it to you, it's the girl. No, not the adorable electric yellow mouse, the girl! I'm talking about Misty, of course! Ash Ketchum's right-hand lady and proud leader of the Cerulean City Gym!

Misty is, without a doubt, one of the most popular characters in the entire Pokémon universe. Not only has she appeared in the video games and the popular television show, but Misty can also be found gracing the pages of popular Pokémon manga comic books. Despite all this, Misty still has something of a reputation for being Ash's sidekick. Well, guess what Pokémon fans: it's 2017 and it's time for that red-hat-wearing-goofball to get out of the way and finally let Misty take center stage! And while we may not yet have our own Misty game or Misty TV series, there's still tons to learn about the true heroine of the Pokémon franchise. So scroll on and stay out of the splash zone: this is 15 Crazy Things You Never Knew About Misty from Pokémon!

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15 She's Younger Than You Think

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One pretty bizarre thing about the world of Pokémon, other than the practice of beating wild animals into submission and trapping them in tiny magic balls, is how young Pokémon trainers are when they start out on their journeys. Ash begins his journey at the ago of 10, and believe it or not, Misty is no different. Yes, despite her sharp attitude and seemingly expert status on all things water Pokémon, Misty has, in actuality, only been on the planet for merely a decade. It seems pretty strange that parents have zero problem sending their kids out into the wild to fend for themselves before they've even hit puberty, but hey, I guess it's not really all that different from giving your kid a smartphone. Zing!

14 Ash And Misty FOREVER...But Only In Japan

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This one's for you, Pokéshippers, a group of people I only recently found out existed and am now fascinated by! In the Japanese Pokémon anime, Misty's romantic feelings for her high pitched companion are written into the storyline. However, this was removed when the show was brought to America, and thus, changed to better suit an American audience.  But that's okay, because if you want to read stories about Ash and Misty finally getting together, look no further than your Google search bar! There are tons of fanfictions about Ash and Misty ending years of "will they, won't they" by finally getting together. I'm currently working on one of my own, entitled "Gimme Some Lovin', PokéMama." It's not ready for public consumption yet, but you can DM me for the hot deets.

13 Misty Appears In Pokémon Manga...For Mature Audiences

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Everyone remembers Misty's appearances in the Pokémon television show, but what many don't know is that she has also appeared in Pokémon manga, specifically a series entitled, The Electric Tale of Pikachu. Interestingly enough, this particular manga is actually one of the more controversial to ever be released. From Bulbapedia.com:

"This manga is perhaps the most controversial Pokémon manga ever published, due almost entirely to the fact that the original Japanese version of the manga series had a lot of sexual content, including women such as Misty, Jessie and the Sensational Sisters given oversized busts, often accompanied by skimpy clothing or swimwear."

Okay, and she's 10 years old, right? No, don't worry. In this particular manga, Misty is supposed to be 13 years old. Phew. For a minute, I was worried that was gonna get creepy. Oh wait, it gets creepier?

12 Misty's Done Some Risqué Photo Shoots

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In addition to showing some pretty substantial skin in her manga appearances, Misty has the unique distinction of being the only Pokémon television character to appear nude on a Pokémon trading card. The card's image shows a naked Misty holding her Staryu. The card was edited when it was brought to North America to an image of Misty actually, you know, shedding tears.

Now, some fans of the series might say the choice to have Misty appear naked on a card was excessive and unnecessary, especially with the number of kids who play the game. But reading the description of what the card does tells you just how necessary the nudity is:

"Discard 1 of the other cards in your hand in order to search your deck for up to 2


Energy cards. Show those cards to your opponent, then put them into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward." (Bulbapedia)

Like I said, makes perfect sense.

11 Misty's Biggest Fear May Surprise You

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Misty is a water Pokémon trainer, so it would stand to reason she's pretty comfortable around all water Pokémon, right? Wrong! Misty's greatest fear is actually a water Pokémon, specifically, Gyarados. Apparently, as a baby, Misty climbed into a Gyarados's mouth and was almost eaten alive (hard to imagine that having a long term effect on somebody's life, right?). Misty actually overcomes her fear of Gyarados in the episode Cerulean Blues, when she protects an unruly Gyarados by stepping in front of a poison sting attack meant for the watery giant. The Gyarados is so touched by Misty's bravery and selflessness, it decides to become docile and returns to its Poké Ball. So if Misty can get over her fear of Gyarados, I can definitely get over my fear of Jigglypuff, right? Hey, don't make fun of me. Jigglypuff are creepy.

10 Misty's American Voice Actor Is A Double Crosser

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Ever hear Misty speaking and think, "hey, that sounds a lot like Jessie from Team Rocket?" Well, you're insane. They sound nothing alike. But they are voiced by the exact same actor, Rachael Lillis! Lillis voiced Misty for eight seasons of the American Pokémon television show, until voice actor Michele Knotz took over both roles. When you think about it, it kind of makes sense. Jessie is clearly the brains of Team Rocket, and Ash would probably be running around in a circle if not for Misty. Jessie's a sharp dresser, Misty rocks red suspenders better than most. Maybe the two of them should team up someday! Is there a fanfic about that yet? Don't tell me, I'm gonna just start working on it anyway. Prepare for trouble, indeed.

9 Misty Has Sisters!

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As it turns out, Misty is actually the youngest in a family of four girls (Dad was seriously outnumbered). Her three older sisters, known together as The Sensational Sisters, separately go by Daisy, Violet, and Lily, which is a little bizarre, since it means Misty is the only child in the family not named after a flower. It's as if Scrooge McDuck had four nephews named Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Burt. Everybody still loves Burt just, you know, not as much (Burt sucks). While they were initially the leaders of the Cerulean Gym, after the sisters were defeated by Gary and two other Pokémon trainers from Pallet Town, they hung up their Poké balls and decided to try show business, specifically water ballet, instead. Maybe it's not so bad to be the Burt in the family.

8 Misty Doesn't Care For All Pokémon

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You might think someone who has decided to devote their life to catching and training Pokémon would have a soft spot for all the little critters, even the ones she didn't choose to train herself. However, you'd be 100% wrong in that assumption. Misty is actually very picky when it comes to the Pokémon she'll allow herself to be acquainted with. First off, she despises all bug Pokémon, a fact we learned when Ash first showed her his Caterpie. Misty demanded he call the little guy back, despite the Caterpie's best intentions. In fact, Misty makes it a point to only befriend or train Pokémon she thinks are cute (with a few exceptions). This explains why Misty never intentionally added Psyduck to her stable of Pokémon. Personally, I'd love to train a Psyduck. Just think of the memes you could make!

7 Misty Really Puts Herself Into Her Fishing

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Misty is a water Pokémon expert, so naturally, she's something of a fishing connoisseur. But when Misty casts her line into the water, she's not just throwing any old fishing lure out to sea, she's literally putting herself out there. That's right: Misty has a fishing lure that looks like her. While a few different iterations of the lure have been seen in different episodes of the TV show, all resemble Misty in some way or another, including her signature yellow shirt and unmistakable orange hair. Think about it: how many fishermen (or fisherwomen) do you know who just keep throwing out the same stale lures hoping for a bite? If I'm a fish, would I go for a stale old worm, or a comically oversized lure that resembles a preteen girl? I think the answer is clear here.

6 Misty Is A Trendsetter

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Misty sets the tone in a lot of ways. She's Ash's first female companion, she runs her own gym, she's arguably the authority on the cutest water type Pokémon. One major way Misty sets the tone is by being the first main character on the television show to obtain a second generation Pokémon, a Togepi. While Ash is interested in having the Togepi for himself, it actually hatches in Misty's arms, and assumes she is its mother. And honestly, Misty is a way better parent for the Togepi than Ash. We know he's way too lenient from the way he lets his Pikachu just follow him around wherever he goes, just because he refuses to go into a Poké Ball. Misty's got the perfect blend of love and discipline to make a home for the new Togepi. And also to teach it to fight and take down other Pokémon for sport, blah blah blah, you know the deal.

5 She's Got More Credits Than Any Other Leading Lady

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Without any shadow of a doubt, Ash Ketchum is the main character of the Pokémon TV series. Although, I suppose you could make an argument that actually Pikachu is the main character (call it a hunch but I'd imagine they sell a lot more Pikachu plush toys than Ash ones). But in terms of Ash's female companions, Misty stands alone. She has appeared in 280 episodes of the show, followed by Dawn with 200 episodes, May with 197, and Iris, who has appeared in a paltry 141 episodes (come on Iris, just quit, already).  280 episodes is no small feat, and I'd imagine many Pokémon fans weren't even aware Ash had other female companions throughout the series. I mean, I definitely was though. I knew about them. I'm saying, other people. Other people (not me) were probably pretty surprised.

4 Misty's The Real Winner Here

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Piggybacking off the last topic, if you were to guess who in the first two seasons of the Pokémon anime wins the most Pokémon competitions, who would you guess? Brock? Please, everybody knows Rock-type Pokémon are all bark, no bite. Ash? Pretty sure a guy who wears a jacket no matter what the weather is outside isn't going to have the wherewithal to win a whole lot.  No, it's Misty, of course!

In fact, throughout the series, Misty has won a number of competitions, including the Queen of the Princess Festival, Seaking Catching Day, and the Pokémon Balloon Race (with Ash and Brock). Seems like maybe Misty's letting Brock and Ash follow her around and not the other way around.

3 Misty's Not A Huge Vegetable Fan

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We've already established that Misty doesn't care for bug type Pokémon, but what's even more interesting is Misty's other major dislike: veggies. Specifically, carrots and peppers. In the episode Ash Catches a Pokémon, Misty expresses her displeasure vocally, initially saying bugs are among "the three most disgusting things." When Ash presses her on the other two, she reveals they are "carrots, peppers, and bugs." Bugs I can understand, but what did a vegetable packed with essential nutrients ever do to Misty? Plus, how does somebody with orange hair not like carrots? That would be like people with blonde hair not liking Mountain Dew (they all do, trust me, I've checked)! I guess Misty's more of a meat and potatoes kinda gal.

2 Misty And Her Japanese Voice Actress Are Kindred Spirits

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While American Pokémon television series fans might associate Misty with her English speaking voice, her Japanese counterpart, Mayumi Iizuka, actually has a unique connection to the character. Apparently, Misty is closer to her actual self that you might think. Iizuka previously stated in interviews that "during her audition the director asked her to act like herself, and in doing so she landed the role. As a result, she considers Misty to be the one character she has voiced who most represents herself.

And once you've heard Iizuka's speaking voice, it's not hard to see that the two are undeniably kindred spirits. Just watch this video of her speaking to her American fans. If you're not completely in love with her by the time she starts speaking in English, you have no heart. How do I watch a version of the cartoon where everyone speaks in English except Misty?

1 Misty's Not Afraid To Slap Someone

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Misty is a woman who isn't afraid to stand up for herself, even if that means coming to physical blows. In fact, the first time she meets Ash, after fishing him out of a lake, the very first thing she does is slap him across the face! She's furious Ash has mistreated his Pikachu and doesn't hold back letting him know how she feels about it. This was edited out of the American version of the show (as so many things were) but when the camera cuts back to Misty from Ash, it's clear her hand has just slapped him in the face. It's actually a shame this was taken from the American version, as it instantly tells you so much about Misty's character: she's fiery, she's passionate, and she's not afraid to let loose when she sees someone doing wrong. What did the five fingers say to the face? M-I-S-T-Y!

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