15Homefront: The Revolution

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Okay, we said better, not much better. Homefront: The Revolution falls into that category, but it deserves more than some of the scathing reviews that have been leveled at it.

Sitting at an atrocious average score of 48 on Metacritic, the game had some clear fundamental issues that hampered it upon

release. Not least of these was the frame rate, which was lambasted for its inability to stay at a stable number. However, many updates later and these issues have been all but eradicated, meaning we can finally judge the game on its gameplay and not on its technical issues. For fans of Far Cry, there’s a lot here that will take your fancy.

Taking over outposts, completing side missions, exploring the open world – it’s not ground-breaking in any way, but it’s also not the complete pile of manure that some critics have called it.

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