15 Dark Facts Even Die-Hard Fans Didn't Know About Skyrim

With Skyrim being one of the most frequently seen games at E3 2017, it is obvious Skyrim still dominates some section of gaming discussion. Releasing on every platform from Xbox 360 to PC to PSVR, and Nintendo Switch, Skyrim still has legs to stand on. To date, Skyrim has sold nearly 4 million copies. And it's no surprise why. With endless quests and roleplaying opportunities, there’s an endless amount of things to do and places to see. It’s no secret that Skyrim is absolutely a massive game. So much so that to this day there’s still so much the average player has even touched. With a game as momentous as Skyrim, it’s easy to miss some of the smaller details, especially ones that were meant to be kept quiet.

Did you find the man that took his own life because he was too poor to marry his beloved? Did you know one of the main playable races are actually cannibals? Would you believe there’s an inn owner who keeps a horker tusk as a bedroom toy? And did you know that (poor poor) Cicero used to be quite sane? Read below for some of the truly eerie, awful, and bizarre things you might have missed on your last playthrough in the land of Skyrim. Murder, suicide, mind control, giant slug people, and more awaits. This list explores 15 of Skyrim’s darkest stories, secrets, and obscure facts.

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15 There’s An 11th Common Race You Never Got To Play

The races of Tamriel have cemented their place in Elder Scrolls history. The Bosmer, Nords, Redguard, and others each have their place in the land of Tamriel. But there was meant to be another race, that, unfortunately, got cut. Originally meant for Morrowind, The Sload are a race of bipedal slugs. Large and burly, their size makes them intimidating. Despite this, Sloads are more commonly known for their skill in necromancy, and are actually timid by nature.The Sload originate from isles of Thras in the Abecean Sea, though some believe they use to live in Tamriel. It is said the Sload used to raid the Altmeri by summoning sea beasts to do the work they could not.

14 There’s A Nightmare Hallway Dimension Full Of Bodies

For something a little more “out there” look no further than the Dead Body Cleanup Cell. This strange area can only be entered by inputting console commands. Once inside, the player will find a single cross-shaped room. There are two intersecting hallways that are of equal length. The walls of the Dead Body Cleanup Cell are illuminated with green and purple (without any lightsource in sight). Both hallways end in doorframes with no doors. Outside there is only endless black. If the player falls, they are instantly teleported back into the center. The Dead Body Cleanup Cell is named as such because this is where most characters the player has killed end up, stacked into a messy pile.

13 Draugr Defy Gender Norms, Because Their Appearance Is Random

Bethesda was applauded for allowing players to chose whatever they like to wear in Fallout 4. However Bethesda had already broken ground earlier in Skyrim, just likely not intentionally. Skyrim players are no strangers to the Draugr, they show up in nearly every tomb in the game. Yet, with all that hacking and slashing, the player might not have noticed some interesting physical appearances the Draugr have. When Draugr are spawned into the game, their appearance is totally randomized, without respect to whether the Draugr is male or female. This can result in some Draugr having a female body and a full beard. Even if you’re dead and mummified, it's never too late to find your true self.

12 There’s A Giant Corpse In The Sky

The seasoned Skyrim player is certainly used to a corpse. A session of Skyrim with less than 20 corpses is considered a dull affair. Most times gamers will even have to fight reanimated corpses from time to time. But look up at night, and you’ll find the largest one in the game: the planet and moon above! In the ancient times, a god named Lorkhan died after creating the world of Nirn. Upon death, their body separated and became the massive floating bodies in the sky. What is Nirn you might ask? It is the world that The Elder Scrolls takes place in! That’s right, up in the sky is the destroyed body of the god that created the world. Imagine if a necromancer reanimated that? Maybe someone will make a mod someday.

11 One Of The Playable Races Are A Bunch Of Cannibals

Every race has their quirks. The Orcs are incredibly strong. The Argonians are impressively resistant to poison. The Bosmer are disgusting cannibals. The Bretons - what?! Yes, the shrewd-looking small elves of Skyrim have a rather refined pallet. As an oath to their god, they are strictly meat eaters and sworn to cannibalism. As a rule, they must always eat a bit of a foe they’ve bested in combat. Every time. No exception. This means they’ve got to “prepare” if they are going into all-out battle. After all, even cannibals can get stomach aches if they eat too much. It’s not uncommon for Bosmer elves to fast before a great battle, or bring the corpses back with them for a great feast. Families are allowed to help eat the corpse. Ahh the memories of dinner with the family.

10 All Argonians Share A Telepathic Link With A Tree… And It Can Control Them

Far South East of Skyrim lies the homeland of the Argonian people. The Black Marsh contains a number of strange and interesting life, and few more fascinating than the Hist Trees. The Hist Trees are a race of mysterious sentient trees that share a bond with the Argonians. This bond certainly benefits the trees, as any time they feel threatened they can summon an entire army of Argonians to fight for them. The trees are telepathically linked to the Argonians, and should the need arise, they can turn the Argonians into a massive single-minded mob that will seek out and destroy the threat before it is too late. The Hist remain shrouded in mystery, as few Argonians give out any information. Some even view talking about the tree to outsiders as an act of betrayal.

9 You May Have Bumped Into The Player Character From Oblivion

Sheogorath is the Daedric prince of madness, and lives up to the name. But when the player meets them in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, they may be meeting their series predecessor. The Sheogorath found in the latest entry to the series may be none other than the protagonist of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This is referenced when he mentions being at the Oblivion crisis “for that whole sordid affair.” He also mentions passing the position down every few thousand years. It’s believed the player character, AKA the Hero of Kvatch, became the Sheogorath following the events of the Shivering Isles expansion.

8 A Headless Horseman Roams The Land

Skyrim is plenty dangerous in the daytime, but the night holds its own surprises. Stumble along the wrong road and players may find themselves face-to-no-face with a headless horseman. This fearsome rider can be seen traveling along the roads at night, or guarding the Hamvir’s Rest during the day. Hamvir’s Rest is an ancient nordic ruin just NorthWest of Dustman’s Cairn. The horseman wears a steel plate armor set (save for the helmet) and is armed with steel battle axe. The Horseman does not attack, rather he stands vigilant and watches the Dragonborn should they approach. The Horseman does not move until the Dragonborn has left. If found at night, the Horseman will lead the Dragonborn to Hamvir’s Rest.

7 There’s An Inn Owner With Quite A Kink

The dragons aren’t the only source of fire in Skyrim, and Haelga’s Bunkhouse may have the biggest source of it. Within this unassuming inn, the owner, Haelga, has a few secrets of her own. Found on her nightstand are copies of The Lusty Argonian Maid and The Sultry Argonian Bard. Shackles can also be found above her bed. A note written by Haelga writes to her lover, and mentions the use of Daedric boots and trout. Further, leather strips and a horker tusk can be found under the bed, which may have been used for “alternative means.” To really drives the point home, there are several stamina potions around the room as well. Let’s hope that inn doesn’t have thin walls.

6 Cicero Wasn’t Always So Crazy

The eclectic weirdo of the Dark Brotherhood, Cicero is both loved and hated for his strange behaviour and freaky laugh. But Cicero wasn’t always like this. Cicero used to be an elite assassin and up-and-comer of the Dark Brotherhood. Those less familiar with his past may be surprised to find he used to be quite sane. His final contract involved killing a jester, as detailed in his first two journals. After following the man for so long, Cicero began to grow insane listening to the jester’s laugh over and over again. Even when he finally had him, and was about to strike, the man just continued to laugh and laugh. That laugh stayed with Cicero after the kill, and eventually, Cicero adopted the persona of the man who haunted his mind.

5 There’s A Murder Mystery Tucked Away In A Lighthouse

Near Winterhold sits an unassuming lighthouse known as the Frostflow Lighthouse. Upon entering, the player is met with a grim scene of violence, blood, and a dead Redguard woman laying on the floor — a Falmer war axe sticking out of her chest. Diaries strewed about reveal the location of a cellar key. Entering the cellar, the player is greeted with an infestation of Chaurus and Falmer. It seems this family moved into the wrong lighthouse, and now a massive infestation of these creatures cost them their lives. Venturing further into the caverns will reveal how the other family died. The son, Mani, had been captured and killed by the Falmer below. Sudi, the daughter, was taken prisoner and kept in a cage with her father. Before being fed to a Chaurus Reaper, a massive version of a chaurus, her father gave her an iron dagger as a means to “escape.” Sudi used it to escape the only way she could think of, by taking her own life.

4 A Prison Where The Guards and Imprisoned Shared The Same Fate

Sitting along the White River, the player may happen to spot the Abandoned Prison. Venturing inside will answer the most immediate question: “Why is it abandoned?” Upon entering, the player finds empty cells, and three ghosts. More ghosts can be found as the player explores the depths of the prison. Eventually, a note can be found explaining the skeleton and ghost filled hallways. A massive storm approached the prison some time ago, and the guards were given explicit orders to evacuate. The prisoners had other plans, however, and planned to overpower the guards. Ultimately, the fighting trapped both groups inside, and the prison became their watery grave. Skeletons can be seen lying about, left behind after a failed escape attempt.

3 Money Can’t Buy You Love, But One Person Died Trying

One of the more sad stories on this list, adventurers may stumble upon the dead body of an Argonian named Usha within the waterfall lined cave walls of a hidden camp near Ashfallow Citadel. Surrounding him are various gold ore, along with a plate that was likely used as a gold pan. Empty bottles of skooma (the drug sold by Khajiit caravans) litter the floor, and a few more untouched bottles sit on a nearby table. A letter left behind tells the sad story of Usha in love with a woman from a wealthy family. Too poor to win her family over, he slaved away for days trying to increase his wealth with gold, before ultimately giving up and overdosing on skooma.

2 Speaking Of Love, Two Lovers Died Trying To Reach Each Other

Southeast of Raven Rock lies a decrepit house owned by a man named Hrodulf. Within a secret passage behind a bookcase, Hrodulf’s House holds a secret Dwemer Ruin. In said ruin, the player will find the body of Hrodulf’s lover Bjornolfr, with a letter from Hrodulf. Between this letter, and another found in the house, the player can begin to understand the two men were in love, but separated across many miles. As the rumbling of Dwemer machines drove Hrodulf insane, Bjornolfr attempted to find him and help. He would ultimately die on his journey never knowing Hrodulf was remarkably close, just north of where his boat docked. Hrodulf himself died as well, trying to make it to Bjornulf. Next to Hrodulf’s body is a gold diamond ring, suggesting he intended to marry Bjornulf if he ever made it.

1  There Is a Secret Language On Display All Over Skyrim

When wandering from town to town, sprinting back and forth, it can be easy to miss the little details. Outside of houses, holds, keeps and vaults and more, special carvings left behind by the Thieves Guild warn other members of danger, loot, guards, and more. Markings can also indicate if an area is safe, or if a hidden cache has been left there. The markings are called shadowmarks, and can be learned from the book appropriately titled Shadowmarks. This book can be found in a few locations, notably the Thieves Guild, the Riften prison, The Ragged Flagon (also in Riften), the College of Winterhold, as well as, strangely, in the Apocrypha in Oblivion. Perhaps Daedra just like to sneak around sometimes?

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