15There’s An 11th Common Race You Never Got To Play

The races of Tamriel have cemented their place in Elder Scrolls history. The Bosmer, Nords, Redguard, and others each have their place in the land of Tamriel. But there was meant to be another race, that, unfortunately, got cut. Originally meant for Morrowind, The Sload are a race of bipedal

slugs. Large and burly, their size makes them intimidating. Despite this, Sloads are more commonly known for their skill in necromancy, and are actually timid by nature.The Sload originate from isles of Thras in the Abecean Sea, though some believe they use to live in Tamriel. It is said the Sload used to raid the Altmeri by summoning sea beasts to do the work they could not.

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