15The "Manhunt" Murder

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Manhunt and its sequel remain among the nastiest gore-filled adventures the world of gaming has ever seen. The games did have plots, but they were very minimum, and at the end of the day, those who played, played primarily for the shock value.

Over a decade ago in 2004, a young

man was murdered with a hammer in a park in Leicester, England. Quickly and without much in the way of real research, the media suggested that the perpetrator of this crime (who liked the game Manhunt) committed this act because of the game.

Upon actually investigating, police determined that the two involved with the crime were both involved with gangs and the killing was over a small monetary debt. The only reason anyone thought the game was to blame was the fact that a blunt object was used, similar to many of the melee weapons used for close range kills in the game.

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