15 Disturbing Ways You Can Make Money In Video Games

With the overabundance of open world games on the market today, making in-game cash has become more adventurous, unique, and downright disturbing, in some cases. Of course, without in-game money, the ability to purchase new weapons of destruction or outfit your character with funky-fresh clothing is obsolete. These days, developers want to entice the player community. The studio hopes to capture our attention and never let go – usually through crazy antics or over-the-top side quests/activities alongside the story missions we love so much. Sure, some of these activities are quite memorable and make for wonderful stories down the road. On the other hand, some are so bizarre that we can’t help but scratch our head and wonder, all while making some sweet dough in the process.

Let’s break down in-game money a little, shall we? The clear majority of video games include a virtual economy of some type, usually an exchange of goods – by selling or buying – for in-game gold, coins, or dollars. A video game allows us to have fun with an economy instead of worrying about purchasing food, paying rent, or going into debt. Sure, those exist in some games, and there are certainly easy enough methods to make cash – albeit depressing, disturbing ways, in some cases. With any economy – virtual or otherwise – you have an element of crime. The black market, criminal organizations, and nefarious tasks will be present where money is exchanged. Grand Theft Auto Online is the perfect example of such elements. You can, literally, mug your fellow players after they complete a job and nab their cash. Let’s look at some more disturbing ways you can make money in video games!

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15 GTA Online – Mugging Your Fellow Players

Via: Forbes

The mugger – a minor character in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online – is hired by the player to steal hard-earned cash from other members in-game. To hire the mugger, players simply call Lamar Davis – everyone’s favorite gangster – and send the robber after a particular player. Of course, you’ll need to be level 50 in the multiplayer arena before the option becomes available.

The mugger is a low-cost, potentially high-reward solution. By paying just $1,000 in-game, you can target any player with the mugger, who will steal up to $10,000 if said player has not yet deposited their cash. The money stolen varies depending on the level of the player mugged and the mugger will even drive off in their vehicle. It’s a wonderful way to screw over your fellow gamer!

14 Garry’s Mod (Dark RP) – Playing The Hitman Role

Via: Steam Community

DarkRP is a role-playing game mode designed in Garry’s Mod. If you load up the game today, you’ll notice quite a substantial number of servers running the role-playing rules. Like any good role-playing game, players can take on a job of their choice in an effort to make some in-game cash. Some of these roles are quite simple, like a shopkeeper, police officer, or even the mayor of the small game area. In other cases, however, you can take on the role of a black-market arms dealer, a drug dealer, or a hitman. The latter is especially disturbing.

The hitman is a criminal job, of course. These players tend to market their wares quite extensively. So much, in fact, that they’ll simply walk up to your player character in the middle of a road and offer to kill someone for cash. The idea that players have designed this role into the game mode specifically to hunt others is oddly creepy, in some ways.

13 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Mind of Madness

Via: The Elder Scrolls Fanon

The Mind of Madness is a quest within the world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The quest-giver, Dervenin, wants his master Sheogorath to return from a lengthy vacation. Sheogorath, as well know, is the Daedric Prince of Madness – a trickster who enjoys tormenting the souls of the innocent.

Upon completing the quest, the player is rewarded with the Wabbajack, a Daedric artifact of immeasurable power. You then have a choice: Either sell the artifact for 1,565 coins or keep it and turn unsuspecting enemies into chunks of gold, which can be harvested and sold for profit. All-in-all, it’s a disturbing, demented way to make some money in the role-playing game. Considering the quest isn’t difficult, it’s quick, entertaining coin to be had for the time being.

12 Fable 2 – Love Hurts

Via: Continue Play

Love Hurts, a side quest in Fable 2, is offered by Victor, the local grave keeper of Bowerstone Cemetery. Your job, as the main hero of the world, is to acquire three body parts from various regions of the game. These body parts are for an experiment to resurrect Lady Grey. It’s disturbing and slightly romantic, too.

What’s the pay, though? Well, upon successfully completing the quest, you’re granted the opportunity to purchase the Cemetery Mansion, which further gives you the chance to snatch the Stone of Myr’Bregothil, which is worth 42k gold! That’s not a sum the player should, or even could, shy away from. While it does take some work to make such money through the quest, the journey is worth it. It’s such a dark and disturbing tale to endure!

11 Borderlands 2 – ‘Shoot This Guy in the Face'

Via: HearthPwn

If you’re traveling through Thousand Cuts, you may as well murder someone for a bit of cash. ‘Shoot This Guy in the Face’ is an optional side-quest in Borderlands 2, designed to be both disturbing and simple.

Face McShooty, your intended target for this job, can be found on a ledge near Broke Face Bridge. Your task is simple: Walk up, speak with him, then shoot him in the face. Face McShooty is the quest-giver in this case, which makes the whole ordeal a tad bit darker. Of course, you’re handsomely rewarded for the spent bullet and it must be a bullet. You cannot use melee. You’ll receive 365 XP and $39,847. You’ll even receive a trophy/achievement for completing the quest. Quite the sum of blood money!

10 Dragon Age: Origins – Solving Problems

Via: G2A

In Solving Problems – one of the more fascinating and disturbing tales told in Dragon Age: Origins – the player is tasked with assisting three rogues. These three panicked and killed their contacts when each deal went wrong. It’s your job to remove the corpses and make everything better. Once the body has been collected, toss them in the local drinking supply. Who needs drinking water anyway!

Of course, you’ll get paid for completing the job and probably charged as an accomplice in three separate murders, too. Your reward, upon speaking with the local bartender, is 125 XP and two gold pieces. That may not seem like much, but Origins had an altered economy system consisting of bronze, silver, and gold pieces, respectively. In any case, you get paid!

9 EVE Online - Undercover

Via: CCP

In the world of EVE Online, anything goes. We’ve all heard the stories of players going undercover in an enemy corporation, only to bring down the whole shebang and steal billions of ISK. These heists are simply unbelievable and they make for an incredible story years later.

The story I’m talking about is, in fact, the biggest scam in the history of the game. In 2006, a group of agents working for one of the most powerful corporations in the game spent over one-year undercover. They gained the trust of its members, were granted access to the hangars, then subsequently made off with 30 billion ISK, plus they destroyed the leader’s ships and escape pods. It was truly a heist for the ages and still the most disturbing tale to hail from the space-faring game.

8 GTA: San Andreas – Body Harvest

Via: GTA Wiki

“I’m a man of peace, but some squares across that ridge are not respecting my peace. They’re survivalist maniacs! Right-wingers! Fascists! They have a harvester and I need one. Go get it.” – The Truth.

Body Harvest is the first mission granted by pot-growing farmer The Truth in Angel Pine in Whetstone, San Andreas. Carl Johnson is tasked with stealing the neighbor’s farming combine – a large piece of machinery used to harvest crops. What ensues is a bloody mess. Carl ultimately runs over anyone who gets in the way, which consists of hippies who are looking to grow pot and relax. They’re subsequently turned into red dust by the blades of the combine, but you’re getting paid, so who cares! Plus, The Truth is one of the more interesting characters in the game.

7 Saints Row – Insurance Fraud

Via: YouTube

Insurance Fraud is an activity that has been included in every single iteration of the game since the first title launched. The entire point of the exercise is to toss yourself, fully ragdoll-like, into oncoming traffic to score points and earn cash.

By falling into the path of oncoming vehicles, you rack up insurance money. The goal is to achieve the specified amount before the time runs out. It’s not an overly difficult task and it’s certainly fun to endure. I fondly remember tossing myself into the path of a police car, then bouncing over each particular car in the line. You can rack up a serious score by chaining vehicles. Thankfully, you’re invincible to any and all damage during this mini-game. The payouts change, depending on the difficulty level, too.

6 Saints Row: The Third – Survival

Via: Steam Community

There’s something truly disturbing about cutting down countless innocent pedestrians and cosplayers in a hail of gunfire. There’s also something oddly enjoyable about the experience. Thankfully, this is a video game and we’re allowed to slaughter.

In Survival, the player is tasked with destroying as much as possible. In some cases, you’ll be granted a devastating tank to wreak havoc upon the city. In other events, you’ll be on foot, equipped with your usual weaponry, including rocket launchers and machine guns. It’s a fun time and you’re paid at the very end, of course. The payout solely depends on the victory conditions and the difficulty level of each activity. You can expect to make bank, though. That cash is acquired through senseless killing, which is what Saints Row is good at.

5 Fallout 4 – The Last Voyage Of The USS Constitution

Via: YouTube

The Last Voyage of the USS Constitution, a side quest in Fallout 4, is a story for the ages. A group of robotic seamen, led by Captain Ironsides, intend to repair their airship and return to the Atlantic Ocean. The quest is lengthy and sometimes downright monotonous, but it pays well and can be entertaining to endure, too.

Depending on who you side with – either Ironsides or the scavengers – the payout for this side quest differs. If you choose Ironsides, expect to receive 500 caps, the Broadsider, and a Lieutenant’s Hat. Side with the scavengers, however, and you’ll obtain 1,000 caps for your troubles. I have to say, though, the Broadsider is an impressive weapon to wield. It, literally, launches cannonballs at your foes. Too fun!

4 Fallout 3 – Destroy Megaton

Via: Mega Bears Fan

The Power of the Atom, perhaps one of my most favorite quests in Fallout 3, offers the player the chance to either disarm or detonate the atomic bomb in Megaton – the first settlement players venture across. This is probably the most game-defining moment in the role-playing game. You can essentially wipe a community off the map, which has long-term effects later in the game.

Given the nature of my own player character, I would argue with Mister Burke for more caps, then detonate the bomb from the safety of Tenpenny Tower. It’s a joyous event for the three individuals in attendance. You can receive up to 1,000 caps from Burke, which is no small amount in the wasteland of post-apocalyptic D.C. Furthermore, this path leads to further, high-paying quests at Tenpenny Tower.

3 Fallout 3 – Tenpenny Tower

Via: Fallout Wiki

We mentioned Tenpenny Tower above and for a good reason. Despite being a vilified settlement, they pay quite well. The ‘Tenpenny Tower’ quest, in particular, is quite disturbing and enticing for cap-seekers. You’ll receive the quest from either Gustavo or Roy Phillips, both of whom share a mutual hate for the other.

No matter who you choose, you’ll wind up slaughtering innocent individuals in pursuit of a paycheck. With Gustavo, you’re tasked to hunt down the ghoul, Roy Phillips, and his companions in the nearby metro station. A few are sleeping as your hunting rifle snaps off a shot. On the other hand, Roy Phillips wants a home for his ghouls. He’ll pay you to kill everyone inside Tenpenny Tower and allow his ghoul companions entrance. Choices, choices.

2 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Innocence Lost

Via: Nexus

The Elder Scrolls has always allowed the player to walk the path of darkness. The Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood, two criminal organizations within the world of Tamriel, offer more nefarious money-making options to the game. In Skyrim, these organizations have received something of an overhaul – especially the Dark Brotherhood.

In Innocence Lost, the inaugural quest into the assassin’s organization, the player is tasked with hunting and killing Grelod the Kind. You see, Grelod is innocent, to an extent. She is certainly a nasty individual to her charges (orphans), but she hasn’t killed anyone, stolen anything, or engaged in any form of criminal activity. She’s just an ass. A boy, perhaps no older than 13, orders her death and you grant his wish in exchange for some items and gold. The best part? You slaughter her in front of children.

1 The Witcher 3 – Contract: Devil By The Well

Via: IGN

Contract: Devil by the Well is one of the first monster contracts you’ll receive in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It’s a profoundly disturbing and sad tale to behold, but one that introduces you to many mechanics and features of the role-playing game.

The quest itself is rather simple. You’re tasked with hunting down a noonwraith at a nearby abandoned village in White Orchard. As you explore said village, you’ll learn about this once-woman, now-monster. She was beautiful, smart, and elegant. Now she haunts the well. Using your abilities and quick reflexes, you’ll slay this monster, but you won’t feel good about the whole ordeal. You will be paid for your troubles, though. In fact, you’ll receive 50 XP and 20 crowns (the monetary unit of the game).

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