15 Dumbest Decisions Ever Made In Grand Theft Auto

The Grand Theft Auto series is filled with plenty of colouful characters, many of which you can play as. You can choose to play as a character who tries to do things right and turn your life around or join in on the robbing, murders, and power grabbing. In the later editions of the series, you were tasked with making decisions based on your morals.

In the campaign of the Grand Theft Auto series, connections and family play a vital role. You won’t make it long in places like Vice City or San Andreas without a few friends backing you up. Making decisions while dealing with illegal activities isn’t something to take lightly. Everything you do has potentially deadly consequences to the people around you. Get in the way or turn against them and you’ll find yourself "Wasted" on the streets.

To thrive on the streets, you have to consider your decisions. Not everyone can be trusted, but untrustworthy foes might be your friend, your lover, or even a family member. It doesn’t help that most people in the Grand Theft Auto series have a price and most are willing to sell you out. Or worse, you might be seduced by the riches and fame and turn on the people who trusted you.

Bad decisions are commonplace in the Grand Theft Auto series. With that in mind, this list contains major spoilers. The protagonists and antagonists are efficient at robbing others, competing for territory, and counting money but making decisions aren't one of their strengths.

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15 Claude Forgiving Catalina MULTIPLE Times

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Claude and Catalina were a pair of bank robbers. They traveled through America together with the common goal of getting rich. We then got some insight into Claude’s trouble with his girlfriend Catalina at the beginning of Grand Theft Auto III. After finishing another robbery in Liberty City, she shot him. She called Claude “small time,” said he was weighing her down and left him to become the leader of the Columbian Cartel.

Most people would forget about Catalina and move on. But even after Claude moved on, he continued to give Catalina a pass and kept following after her. As the events of GTA III unfold, Claude slowly realizes that Catalina uses people until they are no longer useful. After spending almost a decade with her, Claude spends much of GTA III chasing after her before Catalina tells him their relationship was strictly business. Only then does he make the right decision and end things with her.

14 Niko Bellic Killing Dwayne Forge Over Playboy X

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Niko Bellic meets Dwayne Forge and Playboy X in Grand Theft Auto IV. Dwayne and Playboy X were already acquainted, once being friends, though Dwayne has resentment towards his old protégé. Both men hire Niko to kill the other. Dwayne was fresh from an extended prison stay and he was attempting to get his life together, but felt jealous of his former protege's success. Playboy X was a wealthy man who also aspired to be a famous real estate agent.

The worst decision you can make is to kill Dwayne. Choosing to kill Dwayne only gets you $25,000. Playboy X will also get upset at you and your relationship with him ends there. Killing Playboy will net you his mansion and Dwayne's friendship. Niko will also gain access to two bodyguards. The death of Playboy X will end up being more profitable to Niko, while Dwayne’s death ends with regret and nothing more.

13 Molly Schultz Taking Solomon Richards' Movie Reel

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Molly Schultz works as Devin Weston's assistant. She is a cold-hearted business woman who gives the protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V various jobs. Her downfall was her obsession with her boss, though he did not reciprocate her feelings. Her eager decision to do anything for him would lead to deadly consequences. Following Weston’s orders and going against Michael De Santa and Solomon Richards’ wishes would take her on a dangerous ride.

On Weston's orders, she takes Michael De Santa and Solomon Richards's movie, Meltdown. Unwilling to let his hard work be destroyed, De Santa follows Schultz to a private jet hangar. In a panic to save herself and follow her boss' orders, she makes another bad decision and lies to the police, stating that DeSanta is trying to kill her. She backs into a jet engine, which instantly kills her. From there, De Santa can retrieve the movie, while blindly following orders cost Schultz her life.

12 Elizabeta Torres Succumbing To Her Paranoia

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Elizabeta Torres starts Grand Theft Auto IV as a successful drug dealer. She became feared at a young age and rose to power quickly in Puerto Rico. Torres was well-connected and well-respected. She employed Niko Bellic, the protagonist of GTA IV, however, her unstable nature became known to those around her.

Things grew worse after the police take a strong interest in her, as he became more short-tempered, restless, and untrusting. She killed innocent people, believing they were undercover cops. The increase of deaths only made the police close in on her. They finally captured her, taking her into custody. Torres' could have continued a long life in the drug trade if she didn't start believing everyone was out to get her. She ended up being her own worst enemy.

11 Johnny Klebitz Failing The Lost

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Johnny Klebitz is the leader of The Lost gang in Grand Theft Auto V and The Lost and the Damned. He tried to keep the peace between The Lost Motorcycle Gang and their rivals, the Angels of Death. After a few years in prison, he met drug addict Ashley Butler. They started dating, but she cheated on him multiple times, breaking his heart. Klebitz left her and he attempted to do right by his gang. After his friend Billy Grey had gone to prison, Klebitz became official leader of The Lost. He moved The Lost to Blaine County.

Klebitz soon found himself involved with Butler again. She begged for his help after being threatened. Though Klebitz had changed, she did not. She slept with Trevor Philips, enraging Klebitz. He chose to confront Philips instead of moving on from Butler. Due to that encounter, Philips brutally murders Klebitz and the remaining The Lost in Blaine County. Klebitz not only lost his life, but completely destroyed The Lost.

10 Claude Getting Involved With Maria Latore

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Claude makes some horrible decisions when it comes to women. He starts Grand Theft Auto III with Catalina, the leader of the Columbian Cartel. Through his next boss, Salvatore Leone, he meets Maria Latore. She treats Salvatore's henchmen like dogs and uses them to get her way. After spending some time with Claude, she decides to leave her husband. She lies and tells him that she is having an affair with Claude.

The admission of an affair enrages Salvatore and puts Claude in his sights. He betrays his former henchman, sending Claude's loyalties from the Leone Family to the Yakuza. He is forced to kill his former employer to save his life. Claude's former girlfriend, Catalina, then kidnaps Latore, forcing him into a gang war with the Colombian Cartel. Deciding to get involved with Latore caused Claude several avoidable headaches.

9 Following The Orders Of FIB Agent Steve Haines

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Finding people to trust in the Grand Theft Auto series isn't easy when everyone is trying to make a profit. Drug lords, thieves, and murderers might be the obvious villains to avoid. The criminals also include the police, such as Steve Haines, a FIB Agent who is also the star of his own television show. Though he was a successful Agent, he and his right-hand man Andreas Sanchez were corrupt.

Trusting Haines is a bad decision from the start. He uses his powerful influence to convince the protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V, Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton, to do his dirty work for him. As GTA V progresses, you lose your usefulness to Haines. Franklin will find himself divided between Haines, Phillips, or DeSanta. He is happy to deceive the police, so he has no issues turning against you.

8 Huang Lee Trusting Kenny Lee

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Huang Lee comes to America to restore his family's honor and take control of the family business in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Family is important in his line of work, but not even blood relatives can be trusted. Huang trusts his Uncle Kenny Lee as soon as he steps off the plane and has the Yu Jian sword stolen. Huang should have displayed some caution, but was more than willing to believe his uncle would do the right thing. Helping others and not expecting anything in return is almost unacceptable in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Huang soon finds out that his Uncle Kenny didn't want to help him at all. Kenny killed Huang's father and gave the command to steal the Yu Jin sword from Huang. By allowing Kenny to manipulate him, Huang had to retrieve his father's sword and kill his uncle.

7 Franklin Clinton Not Choosing The Third Way

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Franklin Clinton is a young, ambitious man. He is willing to take on criminal activity to gain status and money in Los Santos. In Grand Theft Auto V, Clinton works alongside Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips. By the end of the game, he considers both men to be his mentors.

Two other men in Clinton's life, FIB Agents Steve Haines and Devin Weston, demand that Franklin kills either De Santa or Philips. The best decision would be to go against both Haines and Weston and save De Santa and Philips. These are the men you've fought beside in Los Santos. If you accept The Third Way mission, all three protagonists will remain alive and stay friends. The worst decision Franklin can make is to kill one of his mentors. Killing one will make the other regretful and you will part ways, having lost a trusted friend.

6 Carl Johnson Returning To His Old Ways

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Carl Johnson has not made many good decisions in his life. He joined the Grove Street Families at an early age, which led to the accidental death of his brother, Brian. Family and friends mean a lot to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' protagonist. The worst decision he could have made was coming back to Los Santos for Beverly Johnson's funeral. Beverly Johnson was his mother, so it is only natural he would want to say goodbye.

Coming home would lead to him getting ambushed by three members from Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums, who intend on framing him for the murder of a police officer. Carl is now forced to work with C.R.A.S.H., which betrays his gang, the Grove Street Families. Carl should have turned down C.R.A.S.H. or even kept his distance from his old gang. Instead, he found himself deep in the middle of a war between the police and his friends.

5 Getting Involved With Ray Bulgarin's Cursed Diamonds

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The diamonds in Grand Theft Auto IV were originally stolen property that made their ways into Ray Bulgarin's hands. Anyone who decided to get involved with these rare jewels only ended up in serious trouble or, even worse, dead.

The original thief of Bulgarin's diamonds was The Cook. After beheading him and regaining the jewels, Bulgarin made a deal to sell the diamonds to the Jewish mob. Before the deal was done, Gay Tony and Luis Lopez ambushed both groups, taking the diamonds. Niko Bellic ends up in the middle of the messy deal. He kidnaps Gracie Ancelotti, Giovanni Ancelotti's daughter, as a bargaining chip to regain the diamonds from Tony and Luis. Bulgarin decides to take matters into his hands and take the diamonds by force. Bulgarin was killed by Luis and Niko admits the diamonds were not worth so much trouble.

The diamonds caused chaos in Grand Theft Auto IV. Even though many took risks to get rich off selling them, the diamonds ended up in the hands of a homeless man.

4 Michael De Santa Agreeing To Let Dave Norton "Kill Him"

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Dave Norton is a corrupt FIB agent working to find Michael De Santa, formerly known as Michael Townley in Grand Theft Auto V. Along with De Santa, he was hunting down Brad Snider and Trevor Philips. After killing Snider and failing to capture Philips, Norton made a deal with De Santa. He would get a new identity and get to keep his stolen money, while Norton would further his career by taking down a wanted criminal. Snider would take De Santa's place in the grave.

The deal seemed to go smoothly at first. But secrets often get out, especially if they involve a person who is supposed to be dead. Norton's superior, Agent Steve Haines, finds out about the deal between De Santa, Snider, and Philips. Haines demands that both the living men, plus their accomplice Franklin Clinton, must die. If De Santa had refused to take Norton's deal, he could have found a third option, just as Franklin did.

3 Tommy Vercetti Going Back To The Forelli Crime Family

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Sonny Forelli was Tommy Vercetti's boss in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The leader of the Forelli Crime Family, he was used to commanding underlings and getting his way. Forelli led Vercetti into an ambush, which he survived, but was caught by the police. Forelli continued to grow his empire while Vercetti was imprisoned. After Vercetti was set free, he went back to Forelli without a second thought. Vercetti could have decided to start his life somewhere else. Instead, Vercetti wanted to remain faithful to Forelli.

Forelli allowed Vercetti to live, but sent him to Vice City... where he was ambushed again and lost a ton of Forelli's money. Vercetti does what he has to pay off his former boss, but that's a terrible way to deal with your underlings.

2 Niko Bellic Choosing The Deal Over Revenge

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Niko Bellic owes his cousin, Roman Bellic, a great deal in Grand Theft Auto IV. Roman helped him move to America and settle in Liberty City. Making friends and keeping family isn't easy in the Grand Theft Auto series. Dimitri Rascalov is one of the several associates who Niko meets. Unfortunately, he is not as loyal as Roman and is eager to take you down. Before the story mission Mr. and Mrs. Bellic, Niko will have to face a difficult choice where someone close to him dies.

Choosing to make a deal with Dimitri will mean death for your loyal cousin, Roman, at his wedding. Choosing revenge instead means death for their family friend, Kate McReary. The decision is not easy to make, but making a deal destroys your family. Kate won't be forgotten, as Mallorie and Roman will name their daughter after their deceased friend.

1 Big Smoke Betraying The Grove Street Families

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Carl and his brother Sweet Johnson were members of the Grove Street Family with Big Smoke. While Carl was away, Big Smoke quickly moved up the ranks and gained more power. During your time with Big Smoke, he will tell you he wants to be remembered, even after death. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you complete several missions with your brother and Big Smoke.

Carl soon finds out that Big Smoke was secretly working together with members of the police group, C.R.A.S.H. You also find the green sabre used to murder Carl and Sweet's mother, Beverly. Big Smoke made the dumbest mistake of all by betraying the Grove Street Family. Due to this betrayal, Carl and Sweet work together to take down Big Smoke and his drug manufacturing plant. Big Smoke let his desire for power and money consume him, which eventually cost him his life.

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