15 Easter Eggs You Totally Missed In Call Of Duty

Call of Duty is not widely known for its easter eggs or secrets, but if we go back in time almost 13 years ago, we can really see how many odd and interesting easter eggs the developers decided to include for those hardcore fans. While some games have more than others, it actually surprised me how many secrets Call of Duty has. Since most people these days only purchase Call of Duty for online multiplayer of zombies, it can be pretty easy to overlook the secrets that the game has to offer. I enjoy looking for easter eggs after I've exhausted a game to its extent and Call of Duty definitely has a lot to explore. While some of them are relatively obvious and easy to find, others are completely out of the way and I can't help but wonder how somebody discovered them in the first place.

Whether it's singleplayer, multiplayer or zombies, this franchise has no shortage of hidden treasures. If you've discovered all of the easter eggs in this list, then I think it's safe to say you are truly a Call of Duty fanboy/fangirl. Either way, if you're looking for a nostalgic adventure and still own some of the older consoles, why not travel back to some Call of Duty games and check out some of its secrets.

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15 Giant Red Apple


In Call of Duty: Finest Hour, in the level "Operation Little Saturn," players can find a giant red apple. Starting the level, instead of moving forward like normal, turn around and go in the opposite direction of the objective. Try and locate a snowbank to your right, surrounded by trees. It can be hard to spot at first glance, but there is a dead tree located farther back than the rest of the trees. In this area, the game will allow you to walk up the slope. This may take some trial and error since the exact spot tends to blend in pretty well. After going up the slope, turn left onto a path around the mountain and eventually you will reach the apple. There's not much to see honestly. It pretty much speaks for itself, but regardless, it's hard to reach and worth the trip if you're interested in the largest apple in Call of Duty history. Though it doesn't have much competition.

14 Giant Cow


Cows are a pretty common and re-occurring theme across the entire Call of Duty franchise. The first two games actually had the message "No cows were harmed in the making of this game" in the end credits, due to the overwhelming amount of cow easter eggs. While the motive for these cow easter eggs is unknown, they are definitely a welcomed addition to the game. Perhaps the biggest of all the cows in the Call of Duty franchise is in the level "Crossroads" in Call of Duty: United Offensive. Deemed as simply the "Giant Cow," it's pretty self-explanatory. This specific cow, in particular, is pretty out of place and there's really no point to it. I guess the developers just liked putting low-resolution cows in strange places. Why not I guess, right?

13 Ray Gun


The Ray Gun is obviously a very well known and fan-favorite gun on the Nazi zombie scene, and virtually every Call of Duty fan is well aware of its existence. While the existence of the Ray Gun is not a secret, you may be unaware that you can actually obtain and use the Ray Gun is the campaign of Call of Duty: World at War. In the "Little Resistance" campaign mission, after using the first artillery strike, move into the puddle on the far right of the map, then move into the puddle in the middle of the map and finally, stay in the far left puddle for about 10 seconds. After doing this, the ground will shake and statues will rise from the dirt holding a ray gun. It's definitely an easy easter egg to complete and worth it, especially if you're completing the level on a hard difficulty.

12 Lullaby For A Dead Man

Also in World at War, on the nazi zombie map Verruckt, there is an easter egg that involves a toilet and a pretty awesome song. Flushing a specific toilet three times on this map will play a song called "Lullaby For A Dead Man." The song was produced entirely by Treyarch's musical department and was written primarily by Kevin Sherwood as well as sung by Elena Siegman. When starting the match, head to the german side of the map (the room with the STG-44 and the Trenchgun) and flush the leftmost toilet exactly three times. After doing so you will here a 'cha-ching!' sound followed by the song. It doesn't affect gameplay whatsoever, but it's definitely worth checking out and is easy enough to do that you might as well get some entertainment while you're slaying those zombies.

11 Weeping Angels

There are quite a lot of secrets and easter egg's in Nuketown, but this is probably the coolest of them all. In Black Ops 3, on Nuketown 2025, instead of shooting off all the mannequin's heads, try instead shooting off both of their arms. Shooting the arms off of all the mannequins within two minutes will activate this easter egg. If successful, you will hear a 'ding' sound and the mannequins will come to life. Instead of running at you like zombies similar to another easter egg, they will act like statues in a wax museum from a horror movie. If you look at them they'll stay still, but once you turn your back on them, they'll come running after you in a very creepy fashion. Try doing this with at least one friend since it can be quite hard to locate all the mannequins and shoot their arms by yourself within the two minute time limit.

10 Dog Tags


In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, during the first tutorial mission titled S.S.D.D (same shit, different day), if you are using the no clip console command, it is possible to see the engravings on a certain rangers dog-tags. At the very start of the level, there are several rangers sitting down next to some M164As. Looking closely at one of the rangers, you will notice his dog-tags in detail. If you get a close enough look, and I mean seriously close, you can actually make out what the engraving says. "WE MAKE WAR THAT WE MAY LIVE IN PEACE." This is actually a piece of a classic Aristotle quote: "And happiness is thought to depend on leisure; for we are busy that we may have leisure, and make war that we may live in peace."

9 Sympathy For The Devil

In Call of Duty: Black Ops, on the classic and fan-favorite Nuketown map, there is a pretty hard to unlock easter egg in the form of a widely renowned Rolling Stones song. As you probably know, there are several mannequins located throughout Nuketown. What you probably didn't know is that if you shoot the heads off of within 15 seconds, the song "Sympathy For The Devil" by The Rolling Stones will play. This is probably one of the hardest hidden songs to unlock in the franchise since it requires multiple players and just plain luck. At the start of every round, the mannequins are placed randomly around the map and can sometimes even be placed outside the map itself. While definitely not easily obtained, it can be a fun challenge to try with friends. Trial and error is the name of the game with this one.

8 Hammer Time

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Now I know what you might be thinking. "Stop Hammer Time" sounds like a pretty awesome musical easter egg, but you might be surprised by how subtle it actually is. While we all probably want an easter egg where MC Hammer pops out and starts dancing, this is still pretty funny. In Call of Duty: Ghosts, in the level "Freight," there's an assortment of items that are definitely not a coincidence. On the floor, there's a stop sign, next to a hammer and a clock. That naturally translates to the lyrics from MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This." This easter egg is pretty amazing since it's likely that you probably walked right by it and missed it. There is a teddy bear in the corner to hint that there's something special here and special it is. This easter egg is subtle yet sweet and a lot of people from younger generations probably have no clue what it is.

7 Jump Scare

Jump scares are arguably the cheapest form of shock horror that there is and because of this, they are widely over-used in both film and video games. I can't describe how many indie horror games I've played on Steam that basically boil down to solely jump scares. I mean seriously, some of these games aren't even a tad scary, but can still make you poop your pants with the occasional jump scare. It's hard to make a scary game, but it's fairly easy to startle somebody. Though jump scares are very common in the horror genre, they also make an appearance in Call of Duty surprisingly enough. In Black Ops 3, on the "Origins" zombie level, a jump scare can be found if you head to the Pack-A-Punch machine and scope into the top left of the church. Enjoy.

6 Ghostly Room

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The Ghostly Room is a fairly creepy easter egg found during the "Underground Passage" mission in Call of Duty: Finest Hour. To find this haunted room, go down the spiral staircase at the beginning of the level and to the right of the large room with german soldiers in it, where there is a passage that leads to a large tunnel. On the right side of the tunnel, there is a seemingly unopenable door with a med pack next to it. Throw two grenades at the door and then use the action button to open it (the game will not give you a prompt). On the other side of the door, follow a narrow tunnel until you eventually reach the ghostly room.

5 FaceHugger


In Call of Duty: Black Ops III, in the "Shadows of Evil" zombies map, there is an easter egg that references the Iconic movie, Alien. In the Mystery Box, you can see a "facehugger" located inside the right "slimeball." The developers are definitely a fan of Alien, but then again who isn't? This reference to one of the most iconic sci-fi movies in history is definitely an unexpected, yet welcome find. If you're a fan of Alien and haven't seen this easter egg, I recommend going to give it a quick look. If you haven't seen Alien, I suggest you go watch it immediately, then proceed to check out this easter egg. But honestly, you could probably avoid seeing the easter egg and just go watch the movie.

4 Ghost Voices

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, on the "Sanctuary" level, there's a relatively creepy easter egg that directly references The Davis Family Vacation. During a match, if you travel at to any of the four patches of grass near the center of the map, voice clips from The Davis Family Vacation will play: "Hehe, look at me, daddy! Hehe!," "Don't get too close to the road, sweetie," "Hehehehehe," and "Sarah, don't go too far!"Davis Family Vacation is the eighth mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 right after the "Mind the Gap" mission. It's a pretty short and sweet easter egg and while it's not incredibly interesting, it is pretty easy to overlook depending on the routes you take throughout the map.

3 UFO House

Also in Call of Duty: Finest Hour, there's a certain extraterrestrial encounter in the "Come Out Fighting" level. In the house with the machine gunner aiming down the hallway, go downstairs and outside, jump over the sandbags and onto the barbed wire, then follow it until you reach the house. Once you're there, go through the wall (yes walk through the wall) and down the hallway. At the end of the hallway, you will see a Nazi UFO with a few health packs. What is a Nazi UFO you might ask? Well, I think it's a UFO that the Nazis hid away. Why they didn't use it during the war is beyond me. Anyway, anything alien related is worth checking out in Call of Duty.

2 Atari Games

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Yet another easter egg in Nuketown that involves mannequins for some reason. In Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, you can play classic Atari games on the main screen in the middle of the map. When you load up the match on Nuketown 2025, shoot all the heads off of the mannequins within two minutes and you'll unlock the easter egg. After decapitating all of the poor mannequins on the map, the screen in the middle of the map will load up classic Atari games for you and your friends to enjoy. This easter egg is definitely worth checking out as its very easy to accomplish, and it's also a nice nostalgia trip back to the start of the video game industry.

1 German Dance Party

The german dance party is an easter egg found in Call of Duty: Finest Hour on the "Underground Passage" level. To find it, go to the first ladder in the mission, and find the hole in the wall, leading to a tunnel. Follow the tunnel until you eventually reach the basement of the house. Instead of heading upstairs, turn around and go a little bit into the tunnel. To the right, there will be a few boards restricting access to the basement. Throw two grenades at the boards. After destroying the boards, continue on through and you will see the german dance party. Join the party or just kill them all, your choice. Either way, it's a good time indeed.

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