15Giant Red Apple


In Call of Duty: Finest Hour, in the level "Operation Little Saturn," players can find a giant red apple. Starting the level, instead of moving forward like normal, turn around and go in the opposite direction of the objective. Try and locate a snowbank to your right, surrounded by trees.

It can be hard to spot at first glance, but there is a dead tree located farther back than the rest of the trees. In this area, the game will allow you to walk up the slope. This may take some trial and error since the exact spot tends to blend in pretty well. After going up the slope, turn left onto a path around the mountain and eventually you will reach the apple. There's not much to see honestly. It pretty much speaks for itself, but regardless, it's hard to reach and worth the trip if you're interested in the largest apple in Call of Duty history. Though it doesn't have much competition.

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