15 Easy Ways To Make A LOT Of Rupees In Breath Of The Wild

If you've just started to get into Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or if you've been spending more days in Hyrule than real life nowadays, you've obviously noticed something: money means a lot more than it ever did in previous games. Sure, you might have needed it for potions or a couple of bombs back in A Link to the Past or for the last couple train pieces in Spirit Tracks. In Breath of the Wild, however, not only can you buy armor, but food, weapons, arrows, and a whole slew of new options are available for you to spend your hard-fought rupees on.

The new Hyrule is loaded with your standard RPG tropes like crafting and upgrading. Everything you end up looting from baddies can be used in one way or another. Unless you know what to sell, you might be seriously handicapping yourself for later in the game when you want to upgrade your climbing armor.

The problem is, unless you know the little ins and outs of raking in those little green crystals, they'll be hard-fought indeed. Thankfully, there are a bunch of awesome ways to make a ton of money in Breath of the Wild, it just takes a little patience. If you can take the time to master them, you'll have more money than you'll know what to do with, leaving you with more time to figure out exactly how all those shopkeepers could afford all that high-end crap you were selling.

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15 Spending Money To Make (Little) Money

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We've ranted a little on using Amiibos in BotW before, but in this case, it's actually a good thing. See, regardless of the Amiibo you use, you're going to get a smattering of barrels, and a chest or two just pop out of nowhere. Inside those chests, you'll find food, weapons, the chance for some rare armors, and of course, rupees. You'll net around a hundred or so if you're lucky, and it can only be done once per actual day, not in-game day, so it's not that great. But if you've got a ton of Amiibos already, you might be rollin' in rupees sooner than you think!

There used to be an exploit where you could fool the in-game clock by moving it forward a day, then running your Amiibos over again, but it's since been patched. But don't be sad, my greedy little hackers, there's far better ways of getting money...

14 Let's (Not) Play Money-Making Game

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But this isn't really one of them. Like in pretty much every LoZ game, you can partake in some form of rudimentary gambling. You bet 10, 50, or 100 rupees, and then pick a box that can have anywhere from 1 to 300 rupees inside. Granted, this can net you 200 rupees instantly, but there's only a 33% chance of that happening. Also, you need to save before and after you do it, just in case you make the wrong choice (which is bound to happen a lot).

On the whole, the entire process just takes far too much time to actually be worth it. Not when you could be doing other things that are far more lucrative. However, if you've got the time to kill, it could be worth a quick shot of monies if you're low and just happen to be in the area.

13 This Rabbit's Dynamite!

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OK, so maybe it isn't a rabbit. It looks like one of those amalgamations from the Avatar universe, but it's actually a secret little guy found in Hyrule named Blupee. You can most easily find them in the remote Satori Mountain area, surrounding the Lord of the Mountain. They can't be killed or anything, but if you can ping one with an arrow, you'll end up netting around a hundred rupees in one go. Not bad for a millisecond's worth of work. The only trick is finding enough to get a bunch of rupees effectively.

Side note, the Satori mountain is rumored to be a tribute to late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. It hasn't been confirmed by the dev team, but the names are a bit too familiar, and since the mountain is named after the deceased Lord of the Mountain whose spirit lives on in a majestic elk-like being, it feels too wonderful to not be a tribute.

12 This Could Goron All Day

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Sorry gang, I couldn't resist the pun. But anyway, one of the best ways to farm rupees in this game happens to be just playing the minigames you come across.

In case you don't know who the Gorons are, they're huge piles of what seems like sentient amber with really doofy faces. They've been a signature in Zelda games since Ocarina of Time, and their appearance in BotW introduces us to a minigame where you do a bunch of climbing. Now, before you get started on this, you're going to need to max out your stamina to get the most amount of rupees on the run. The first game is the Gut Check Challenge, and if you can collect 100 rupees, you'll gain access to the Super Gut Check Challenge, which can net you 300 rupees each time you participate.

11 The Curious Case Of The Snowling Exploit

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There's a game in the frozen north of the map, and it involves throwing a giant snow boulder down a mountain to knock over some giant totem poles. Don't question it, just know that for a scant 20-rupee investment (and a really odd exploit in the game), you can get a strike and win 300 rupees every single time. It requires a bit of science (read: watching a YouTube video) and skill (read: patience), but yes, you can get this every single time without worrying about luck or chance.

While you can definitely get a decent amount of rupees just running this one exploit, there are better sources of income if you're willing to get your hands a bit dirtier...

10 Selling Your Thousand-Year-Old Junk: A Primer

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Ancient parts are used to upgrade the Ancient Armor set, as well as the runes Link uses to do cool neato things like build ice pillars and harness the powers of Magnetism (er, Magnesis. Sorry). However, if you've maxed out the upgrades on the Ancient Set and don't care about your runes, why not go ahead and sell those ancient parts for a tidy profit? Just one Giant Ancient Core can get you 200 rupees! The other pieces sell well too, and if you're in the mood to get rid of them, you can make some quick cash. Of course, you probably took down some giant monstrosity to do it, but wasn't it worth it? Anyway, just keep grinding those ruthless damage sponges for hours until you've got all the money you need!

Or, you know, you could do some better things with your time. Like killing truckloads of monsters!

9 Genocide: Make Rupees Using One Ruthless Trick!

via Kotaku

It kinda goes without saying, but killing tons and tons of bad guys in an open-world RPG is always going to be a solid money maker. They drop money, weapons, food, and depending on what you kill, their entrails (but we'll save that for the next entry). What you need to know now is that there's always a solid amount of vendor trash to be found when busting up a camp of Bokoblins that didn't see you coming in the first place. If you're lucky, they also had a chest reward for taking them all out.

Just don't try to think about what you're doing to the ecosystem of Hyrule as a whole while you're mercilessly slaughtering fauna for financial gain. When the Lizalfos finally organize and march upon Kakariko Village, you'll only have yourself to blame, as their superior numbers overwhelm your meager defenses.

8 You Didn't Need That, Right? Eviscerating Wildlife For Money

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After a long hard day of relentless murder, you undoubtedly have amassed a large pile of remains from your victims. Well, get ready to see the silver lining from all of those smelly, decaying pieces of rotted flesh and viscous effluence! You can slam them babies into a pot and cook 'em up real nice. It honestly doesn't even matter in what order you do it, they'll probably turn into something you can sell to someone who has even lower standards than you do.

The best part is, if you're even lazier than that, you can just sell the crap wholesale and still make yourself a tidy fortune if you've claimed enough souls with your easily breakable instruments of death. Yes, sir, there's no limit to the amount of money you can make when you spill the blood of innocents across the pristine grasses of the Hylian fields.

7 It's Off To Work You Go!

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If you can get out into the world and get some mining done, your patience will be rewarded in a green waterfall of dazzling rupees. Diamonds sell for 500 rupees a pop, and easier to find gems like sapphire, ruby, and topaz sell for 260, 210, and 180 respectively. They're an awesome surge of cash if you can find them, or better yet, look up where they're found in around the world. While running around farming them, you'll also probably end up finding a bunch of other lesser ores like amber (30 rupees) and opal (60 rupees). Keep in mind too, these are also used to upgrade/create new items, so spending a little while out in the wild like one of the seven dwarves in the mines is definitely worth your time. Especially when there are people in Hyrule like...

6 Ramella, The Goron Who Buys In Bulk

via YouTube (Nn Li)

Throughout your travels, you'll no doubt come across the Gerudo, a group of all-female desert dwellers who do not take kindly to men-folk. Upon your arrival to Goron City, you'll find a rather out-of-place Gerudo named Ramella. She's come here to find precious gems.

After you clear progress to a certain point in the game, Ramella tells Link that she's interested in replenishing her stocks of jewels. The only catch is that she only wants to buy them in lots of ten. However, if you have the shiny rocks she wants, she'll pay more per item than anyone else in the game. Not a bad trade if you've spent all day trashing things like the Stone Talus.

"What's the Stone Talus, you ask?" Well, funny you mention them, because I was just about to talk about him and his buddies...

5 Not Ganon: Trashing Minibosses For Phat Lewts

via iDigitalTimes

There are only four real "bosses" in Breath of the Wild, with the exception of Ganon, but there are a ton of side bosses to be found. The most lucrative one to fight is the Stone Talus, a literal pile of giant rocks that can only be felled with mining equipment. If you can take him down, you'll be rewarded with a grand assortment of gems and items that will net you thousands of rupees. And since there are at least eight of them to be found across Hyrule, you'll be able to grind out a few of them and then wait for a Blood Moon for them to respawn. Not a bad way to make some cash. If you have access to a sledgehammer, it is even easier to take these gargantuan down. And remember, you can also grind these guys out when you're trying to make some armor or upgrade it!

4 Transmute Potions To Rupees: Hylian Alchemy

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Remember when I talked about ripping apart enemies for their entrails? Turns out, there's a lot more you can do with them than just dropping their remains willy-nilly into a pot - you can follow a recipe! Depending on which recipe you follow, Lynel parts end up being the most lucrative. Two Lynel hooves, two Lynel guts, and one Hightail Lizard end up netting you a Hasty Elixir, which sells for 1,410 rupees apiece. Even better, four Lynel guts and a Restless Cricket will net you an Energizing Elixir, which sells for 2,250 rupees each. Finally, four Lynel guts and a Tireless Frog will end up giving you an Enduring Elixir, which sells for 2,300 a pop. Those are, without a doubt, the single-highest-selling items in the game, and the only way to top that is to do some serious farming.

3 Breath Of The Meaty: Link Starts A Food Truck

via Polygon

So here I am, back to speaking about genocide. In the north, there's a field that spawns frosty tundra beasties rather regularly. When you take them out with arrows, they drop an item called Raw Gourmet Meat. Well, if you can get five of those at once and throw them into a cook-pot, you'll end up with a meat skewer that restores all of your hearts.

Score, right?!

But nah. You wanna sell that jazz. Because if you sell it, you'll net 490 rupees, only ten less than tracking down a diamond, and this is something that is readily and easily farmable. Even if you don't get a lot of Raw Gourmet Meat, you'll definitely end up getting a ton of Raw Prime Meat, which you can fry five up for and sell for 210 rupees a piece. Not a bad day's work there, pitmaster.

2 Oooooh, Shiny!

via NintendoLife

So, I left one ore out of the gem-farming entry. Luminous Stones are a very easily farmable resource, and they sell for seventy rupees a pop. You really need to farm them at night, since they glow and become much more visible. The better part is that they grow alongside other, sometimes more valuable pieces of ore, and a few hours of grinding can net you a massive profit. Also, Luminous Stones can also be used to upgrade the Radiant Armor, by far one of the coolest sets in the game. I recommend running around in the set while grinding for maximum cool points.

Now, this final method is by far the best way to make bank in BotW. But before we move on, I need you to realize that what you're going to be doing is not only awesome, but it's also as silly and grindy as video games can get. I'm talking about...

1 Dragon Farming: Much Less Suicidal Than It Sounds

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There are three dragons found in the land of Hyrule: Farosh, Naydra, and Dinraal. They are three creatures of immense primordial power who shouldn't be trifled with by mear mortals.

And you're going to shoot one in the face!

See, all dragons drop valuable items that don't despawn after a while like some more common items. Farosh starts every morning by emerging from Riola Spring. If you set up a fire just to the north, you can camp his location until you're sick of it, shooting him in the horn with your bow. When you're ready to harvest, each horn shard will sell for 300 rupees. Depending on how long you took, you'd have a fortune worth tens of thousands of rupees in practically no time at all!

Got any better ways to farm rupees in Breath of the Wild? Let us know in the comments!

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