15Steal Everything In Sight

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When you’re just starting out in Elder Scrolls Online, it can be difficult to earn money. Doing quests and sidequests is fine until you find out you’re under leveled to continue. If you’re desperate for money, you can steal almost everything. Items that are stolen appear in red. Just like

most Bethesda games, you can loot almost any item. You can also pickpocket NPCs. After your inventory is full of stolen goods, travel to the Outlaws Refuge. They are available in every city. There, you can sell these items, as stolen items cannot be sold to regular merchants.

If you decide to steal from an NPC, make sure you don’t get caught. You will have to pay a small bounty to clear your wanted level or you will be forced to hide out until your wanted level decreases, which could take several real-world hours. Stealing is a quick, but risky, way to make easy money at any level.

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