15 Funny AF Things In Skyrim You Never Found

As the fifth installment in Bethesda's legendary Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim is a game with a serious reputation for its scope, gameplay, and overall quality. This open-world roleplaying game is the sequel to games such as Oblivion and Morrowind. Even though Skyrim was released close to six years ago, it is still just as popular and beloved amongst fans today as it was on its original release date.

Most people consider Skyrim to be a very serious game with an immersive world, and for the most part, those people are correct. Playing through the game makes you feel like you're actually a legendary warrior in an ancient Scandinavian village. You start off in the game as the Dragonborn, an ancient warrior who has been foretold of in legends. In Skyrim, you are free to roam around the world of the game and play at your own pace. As you explore, you find thousands of unique interactions and items scattered throughout the world of the game.

But behind the vast landscapes, rich stories, and numerous battles that wait for you in Skyrim, there are actually a handful of Easter Eggs and hilarious moments that are just waiting for you to find. Even seasoned players who have completed Skyrim multiple times might not have found all of these secrets. There are even a handful of pop-culture references and surprises that you might not have expected could make their way into an Elder Scrolls game.

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15 Ysgramor's Soup Spoon Is Actually A Fork

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For the incredibly low price of two Septims, adventurers can make the choice to enter Windhelm's famous tourist attraction, Calixto's House of Curiosities. After paying your admission and having a brief conversation with the museum's curator, Calixto Corrium, you can peruse various tchotchkes of dubious worth, including one of the most unusual and notable: Ysgramor's Soup Spoon. Fans of game lore will know that Ysgramor is a legendary warrior who primarily resides in Sovngarde and can be found inside of the Hall of Valor. On closer inspection of Ysgramor's Soup Spoon, players will immediately notice that it is, in fact, a fork. When Calixto is pressed for an explanation of the item, he quickly claims that Ysgramor was such a mighty warrior that he could eat soup with a fork.

14 There's A Ghostbusters 2 Reference

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When visiting the Soul Cairn for the first time during the quest "Chasing Echoes," you'll notice that you can talk to the various souls floating around over the map. Certain souls will tell you lines of dialog explaining how they ended up being trapped inside this realm. One soul, in particular, is definitely worth your attention. If you get lucky, you'll run into a soul who is supposed to be none other than Vigo the Carpathian, the main villain in the Hollywood blockbuster film, Ghostbusters 2. When you interact with the soul, it prompts a line of dialog that says: "Death is but a door, time is but a window: I'll be back." Movie buffs will tell you that this is Vigo's the final line of dialog from the film.

13 The "Three Billy Goats Gruff" Make An Appearance

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When heading westward towards Hag Rock Redoubt, you can run into a scene from the classic children's folktale, "The Three Billy Goats Gruff." If it's your very first time coming across this specific part of the map, you will have one chance to trigger and witness the event. Go directly south of Markarth near Purewater Run heading west. There you'll come across a long stone bridge that's directly next to a waterfall. When you reach this location, you'll see two goats running quickly across the bridge. As you reach the end of the bridge, a third goat will come out from under it and join the other two. If you venture down beneath the bridge, you will find the body of a large dead Troll.

12 Ulfr The Blind Has A Hilarious Book

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If you ever make your way to White River Watch, a cave with a small bandit group that is located just to the east of Whiterun, there's a silly little joke put into the game by the developers. The gag is so subtle that even experienced Skyrim fans on their second or third playthrough might have missed it. Immediately after you enter the cave, you will see an NPC sitting a small table. This is Ulfr the Blind. Now, if your Sneak skill is leveled high enough, you can move past Ulfr, but if you do that, you'll miss out on an excellent Easter Egg. Make your choice to either kill or deceive Ulfr, and take a look at the item "Ulfr's Book" on the table. Giving a blind guy a book full of blank pages is a cheap gag, but it's still pretty funny.

11 Barbas, The Telepathic Dog From New York

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One of the weirdest and least expected moments in Skyrim comes right at the very beginning of the quest, "A Daedra's Best Friend." You can find Barbas when you are traveling in the woods near Falkreath. Barbas will appear to you, and will request your help in a honking New York accent. After a game filled with Old World accents from Scandinavia and the British Isles, it's somewhat jarring that Barbas sounds like he owns a car dealership in Schenectady. Barbas requests that you reunite him with his master, the Daedric Prince known as Clavicus Vile, who is the god of trickery. After you complete the quest, you're given the choice to either kill Barbas and keep the Rueful Axe, or to spare him and keep him as your new pet.

10 An Unusual Outcome At The Honorhall Orphanage

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If you're interested in joining The Dark Brotherhood, the first thing that you have to do is that you have to complete the quest "Innocence Lost." After hearing some rumors about a "cursed child" in the town on Windhelm, you will be able to locate an abandoned house in the Grey Quarter of the city. Inside this house is a small makeshift shrine, where a young boy named Aventus Artino makes a request for you to kill Grelod the Kind, the cruel and abusive woman who runs the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften. If you make the choice to kill Grelod inside the Orphanage in front of the children, not only will the kids not choose to report you to the Riften Guard, they'll actually cheer and celebrate the death.

9 The Most Hated Bard In All Of Skyrim

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Another Dark Brotherhood quest takes you to the city of Morthal. Once you receive the quest, "Contract: Kill Lurbuk," talk to Nazir to find out more information about your mark. Nazir will tell you that Lurbuk is widely regarded as the worst bard in all of Skyrim, and that so many requests for his death have come through to the Dark Brotherhood that Astrid had to hold a lottery to decide who got the honors of killing him. If you want to test out Lurbuk's skills before you kill him, head to the Moorside Inn in Morthal. There you can meet Lurbuk face to face and request that he sings you an atonal and nonsensical song about fear and death.

8 Skyrim's Worst Hangover Of All Time

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After you've hit at least Level 14 in the game, a very unique quest is available. An NPC called Sam Guevenne will appear in the first tavern you enter after reaching this level. If you speak to Sam, he'll offer you a chance to win a staff from him in a drinking competition. After three pints, your scene blacks out, and your character awakens in the Temple of Dibella in Markarth. What follows this is a wild goose chase where you have to collect seemingly meaningless items, steal a goat from a Giant, and annul a wedding to a Hagraven. You eventually learn that Sam, your drinking buddy, is actually Sanguine, the Daedric Prince of drunken debauchery. You get a halfway decent Daedric Artifact out of the quest, so all's well that ends well.

7 Improvising At The Bard's College

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If you decide that you want to join up with the Bard's College in Solitude, there's one quest you have to complete in order for Viarmo, the school's headmaster, to accept your application. Viarmo sends you on a mission to find the book of Olaf One-Eye located deep within the ancient Nordic tomb called Dead Man's Respite. After fighting through several waves of Draugr and Frostbite Spiders, you discover that the book is smudged and missing several verses. When you take it back to Viarmo, the two of you have to work together to fill in the blanks of the story. Depending on your Speechcraft level, the story you tell can be an absolutely ridiculous tale of a human-dragon hybrid that nearly destroys all of Solitude.

6 A Tavern In Whiterun With A Unique Origin Story

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The next time you decide to make a stop in Whiterun to sell off some loot or restock on potions, take a minute and pop on over to the Drunken Huntsman. Most of Skyrim's taverns have names that are silly or somewhat memorable, such as the Winking Skeever and the Dead Man's Drink, but there's a unique backstory to this one particular location inside the game. Once you're inside the Drunken Huntsman, make your way over to Elrindir, the owner of the tavern. When asked about the name of the location, Elrindir will tell you an amusing story about a boozy nighttime hunt with his brother, Anoriath, that went wrong when he got shot by an arrow in his rear end.

5 An Amusing (But Totally Useless) Weapon

One of the most memorable and fun Daedric adventures involves Sheogorath, the Daedric god of madness. Once you begin the quest entitled "The Mind of Madness," players have to travel deep inside the mind of Pelagius III to help him deal with some of his mental health issues. Once the player has calmed the mind of Pelagius III, Sheogorath rewards you with the Wabbajack, a Daedric Artifact that gives players the power to cast any number of randomized spells which are sometimes helpful, and sometimes not. The staff has a high chance to transform Mudcrabs into Chickens, and Guards into Sweet Rolls. Very rarely, the staff will summon Sheogorath himself, who appears before you and somewhat unhelpfully does a small dance.

4 NPCs Notice If You Go Streaking

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People who have gone through multiple playthroughs of Skyrim will tell you that different NPCs have different reactions to you depending on the class you choose at the beginning of the game. Even on your first game, you'll notice that leveling different stats can prompt a different reaction from certain characters. Not many people know that removing all items and walking around "naked," so to speak, also prompts a series of hilarious and unusual comments from the NPCs in different locations. For example, if you wander around without any items equipped in Markarth, the beggar Degaine will comment, "Either I'm drunk, or you're naked. Possibly both." Possibly the funniest (and most direct) comment is made by Kayd of Solitude, who bluntly points and shouts "Naked naked naked!" when you walk past.

3 Unintentional Hilarity From Glitches

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Skyrim is a groundbreaking game with vast levels, seemingly endless content, and flexible playability. However, even the best game has some small glitches, and the ones found in Skyrim can be an absolute riot. A popular and somewhat common glitch is the phenomenon of what's known as "Hover Mammoths." For some reason, in certain parts of the open world map in Skyrim, Mammoths will randomly spawn hundreds of feet in the air. These are the Mammoths that are usually being farmed by Giants, so if you're trying to find your own Hover Mammoth, start by looking near Giant Camps. You have to look quickly, because a few seconds later, the Mammoth will fall to the ground, killing it on impact. There's yet to be any explanation for this in the game, but it does provide an easy way to acquire Mammoth Tusks.

2 There's A Pac-Man Easter Egg In A House In Markarth

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If you're doing a quest that takes you to the city of Markarth, there's a cool Easter Egg that you can't afford to miss out on. After entering the city, use your map to locate the house of Endon, a Redguard silversmith who is often found in town with his daughter, Adara. Endon's home is located on the northern side of the city right next to the house of Ogmund. Once you pick the lock to Endon's door (watch out for roaming Markarth Guards!) and go inside Endon's house, go straight to the back and look at the lowest level of the bookshelf on the western wall of the room. There you will find a Sliced Goat Cheese, Garlic, Slaughterfish Egg, and Glow Dust arranged to look like a scene from Pac-Man.

1 The Unlimited World Of Fan-Made Mods

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As a game with an enormous following even to this day, Skyrim has a wide fanbase full of creative and interesting ideas. Some fan-made modifications to the game improve technical aspects, such as the graphics or UI of the game, while others exist for sillier reasons. One of the best and most pointless changes you can make to your game is the Macho Dragon mod. This modification will turn all of the dragons in your game into former WWE superstar Macho Man Randy Savage. The mod uses a plentiful amount of voice samples from Savage's illustrious wrestling career to add a hilarious background track to this very silly update to your game. Not a wrestling fan? No problem. You can download another mod to change your dragons into the beloved children's cartoon, Thomas the Tank Engine.

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