15Final Fantasy X

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Final Fantasy is an interesting series. It's like a reverse Metal Gear Solid, as it's a series that doesn't take itself too serious and looks like a ton of fun on the surface, but, deep down, Final Fantasy has its heart wrenching moments. At first, Final Fantasy X looks like a

fun entry to the series. It's bright and colorful with a diverse cast of characters, it has fun music, and jokes all around, like the Macarena reference mid-game. But, beneath its cheerful exterior, is a world of death and loss. The people of Spira live in fear of the monster Sin. Well, Sin is less of a monster and more of a natural disaster that occurs every once in a while. Sin destroys cities without much of a thought. So, the people long for a summoner with the strength to kill Sin and bring the Calm. But, the monster comes back after a decade and the cycle starts over. And there are a lot more depressing aspects to Final Fantasy X, like racism and the oppressive religion, making this a tough game to play through more than once.

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