15 Games That Punish You For Rage Quitting

With how much the gaming industry has advanced in the past generation, we are now blessed with the opportunity to play all sorts of games with people from all over the world. Whether they are fighting games, first-person shooter games, or party games, there are nearly endless ways to play.

However, with the addition of online play come some caveats. The big one is that there are many people who are better than you at certain games. This leads to many people getting bodied within seconds, and many get so frustrated that they just quit the game on the spot. "Rage quitting" has become a common theme among many popular online games (and some local ones as well). Because of this, many developers issue penalties for people who rage quit, as it dampens the experience for other people in the process.

Get your tempers in check, then, because we're looking at 15 games that punish you for rage quitting.

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15 Halo

via: halowaypoint.com

One of the first games to bring online play to the masses, the Halo series has always prided itself on their varied modes and top notch gameplay. Because the series functions around this style, you'll naturally have some people who leave because they're upset or aren't doing well.

More often than not, the result for this is that you'll be temporarily banned from the matchmaking. In Halo 5: Guardians, the penalty became a little more intricate. Quitting in the middle of a match is just one of the misbehaviors that can be reported. As you continue doing it, you will be banned from matchmaking appropriately. If you continue, you could get an extremely long ban at anywhere from a full day to an entire week. Best if you try to keep your nose clean then.

14 Super Smash Bros. (Wii U)

via: battlefy.com

While Super Smash Bros. Brawl had a lot to learn in terms of how it handled online play, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U had worked out most of the kinks. Among them was a penalty for people who decided to shut off their game in frustration or leave because they were upset.

The next time you go to boot up the game, you'll receive a notification that you can't play online for 10 minutes. However, you can't just shut off the Wii U and do something else for those few minutes. The game has to be running in that time for you to be allowed to go back in. The only sad part about this is that the penalty is active if you accidentally disconnect (but that is unavoidable for a lot of games).

13 Street Fighter V

via: fightersgeneration.com

Rage quitting is a serious problem for some games, and Street Fighter V is one of them. Due to the nature of the mechanics, some people will learn the combos in and out while others are left behind in the dust. This leads many to get utterly creamed before they even know what hit them. More bodying means more rage quitters.

Ever since the game released, there has been a big problem with these kinds of people. Because of this, Capcom took extreme measures to make sure that it wouldn't happen as much. Any person who rage quits will be banned from online matchmaking (around 24 hours for a few infractions), will lose 1,000 League Points, and will be branded with a special symbol to let all other players know that they're fighting a rage quitter. It turns out the most powerful punch in Street Fighter V doesn't come from any of the characters.

12 Mortal Kombat X

via: ign.com

NetherRealm doesn't take rage quitting to the extremes of Capcom, but they do recognize that it's a problem. Instead of banning you or taking away your points, they decided to go with a much more subtle approach.

Most people that play fighting games online value their ratings. When their name shows up, they at least want a good win to loss ratio so that people don't think they're a scrub. Mortal Kombat X uses this desire to fuel their rage quit penalty. If at any time during a match you decide to leave, then your head immediately explodes and the win is given to your opponent. As you can imagine, your loss numbers will increase while everyone else gets a win. And there's nothing more painful in a fighting game than handing the match to your opponent.

11 For Honor

via: forhonor.ubisoft.com

For Honor is one of the more recent brawler games. You take the role of a historical soldier and you fight other types of warriors in a match to the death. As you can imagine, this can lead to some very one-sided fights where the person getting the short end of the stick will want to do nothing but leave the match.

While it didn't have a rage quit penalty at first, For Honor now implements a somewhat fair system to prevent it from happening. If someone tries to quit an online match, they will receive a warning that they will be banned from matchmaking for 10 minutes. If they go through with it, then they get the ban. If they're the leader of a group, then everyone in that group is subject to the ban (a little unfair, if you ask me). However, to prevent people with bad connections getting banned, there is 30-second grace period at the start of each match.

10 Splatoon 2

via: nintendo.co.uk

Nintendo has more recently been constructing games that lend themselves better to online play, and their upcoming title (at the time of writing this piece) is Splatoon 2 for the Switch. Being a direct sequel to the Wii U game, Splatoon 2 will build upon the online formula of its predecessor. However, this means that Nintendo will be putting a rage quit penalty in place, something that wasn't present in the original game.

If you leave or disconnect, you will receive an expertly-worded message about how that was suspicious activity. If you leave again, then you will be banned from the online play for the game (as the message tells you). No details have yet been given as to how long the ban lasts or if it will increase as you continue rage quitting. I'd go out on a limb and say it would be better to avoid disconnecting, though.

9 Smite

via: playstation.com

Hi-Rez's online MOBA is so intense that it requires everyone working together at all times. Unfortunately, if someone leaves, the other team is instantly given an advantage... one that almost guarantees an easy victory. Because of this, the team in charge of Smite has some pretty hefty deserter penalties in place to ensure that it doesn't occur frequently.

If you leave during a game and it finishes without you returning (you can return if you disconnect), then you are instantly hit with a 30-minute deserter penalty. If you drop out when people are selecting gods or readying for the match, then you get hit with a 2-minute penalty on the spot. Smite is a serious game that necessitates everyone on the team be working together. If one person leaves, all balance goes out the window.

8 Pokkén Tournament

via: pokkentournament.com

Pokkén Tournament was a collaboration between Nintendo and Namco to take popular Pokémon and put them in a fighting arena. As you can imagine, the game thrives on the online community, where people know how to capitalize on their specific characters and earning more wins for themselves.

As such, there is a rage quit penalty in place, although it's not as bad as you might think. If you leave an online match of Pokkén Tournament, then you the match will automatically be counted as a loss and you'll be short of 200,000 coins. However, before you start losing your mind, understand that it's easy to make that money back, and they're only used for buying outfits for your trainer. It's not like they hold massive significance anyway.

7 Overwatch

via: knowyourmeme.com

With a massive game like Overwatch, there's no doubt that people will be leaving matches for various reasons. As such, Blizzard felt that it was important to put a rage quit system in place to prevent this. However, it's not quite as simple as banning people from the matchmaking. As a matter of fact, it's a bit more crippling.

Overwatch prides itself on progression. You gain more experience to unlock more items for your characters and get more points to spend. If you continuously leave in the middle of a match, then you will receive a brutal penalty on how much experience you gain. You will end up receiving 75% less experience if you continue to leave while in an online game. The only way to resolve this is to have a better ratio of completed games, which could take a while depending how far gone you are.

6 League Of Legends

via: battelfy.com

League of Legends is another big MOBA that requires people working on the same team in order to claim victory. If one person isn't pulling their weight, the whole game could come crashing down. Because of this, the people in charge of this game created their own automated system to crack down on players who were abandoning games.

Titled "Leaverbuster", this system will activate if you leave in the middle of a game. Your first infraction will grant you a 6-minute ban on online play. If you do it again, you will receive a 15-minute ban. Furthermore, if the game was ranked, then you will lose 3 League Points for the first and 10 League Points for every infraction after that. Overall, it's a solid method to discourage players from leaving their teams.

5 Animal Crossing

via: gamespot.com

This game is not online-based, so you may be wondering why there is a rage quit penalty. Well, Animal Crossing functions on many time-oriented mechanics and difficult to find objects. This means you could be hunting for certain things on a particular time of day to make good progress in your playthrough.

However, it's all too easy to screw up, lose money, or some other bad circumstance. It seems so simple to just shut the game off and turn it back on before any permanent damage is done then. Well, Mr. Resetti will have something to say about that. This mole will appear at your front door and give you a long lecture about how it's bad to just reset your game. Do this multiple times, and he'll get even angrier.

4 Dead By Daylight

via: bleedingcool.com

Dead By Daylight is a tense experience. Pitting four survivors against one killer is no easy task, and it's one that requires every human working together to fire up all of the generators and get the heck out of Dodge. While the game is still beatable if one of the survivors leaves, it makes it extremely difficult. On top of that, if a Killer leaves, then the game is over.

While the developers didn't want to prevent anyone from playing the game, they do attack your progress if you decide to rage quit or leave for any reason. For both survivors and killers, you will lose three points that go toward your rank as well as all of the BloodPoints you got during the match. Furthermore, as a survivor, you will lose all of the items and/or add-ons you used during the playtime. It's not the most brutal penalty, but for the people that care about progression and strategy, that's more than enough incentive to keep playing 'til the end.

3 Counter Strike: Global Offensive

via: steemit.com

One of the biggest multiplayer shooters of all time, Counter Strike: Global Offensive came out back in 2012 and still holds a massive count of players to this day. There is a ranked community, a local community, and just about anything else you could think of. Clearly, there has to be some systems in place to stop people from rage quitting all the time.

As it stands, CS:GO will penalize you for leaving by restricting your access to the online matchmaking. You'll start with a small penalty of a few minutes, but it will keep growing as you perform the action multiple times. Many people have reported being banned for 24 hours as a result of multiple disconnects or rage quits. Perhaps it's better to just stay in the game.


via: forbes.com

Nintendo's newest online-focused game, ARMS, brings motion controls to the competitive scene. You have two options when playing online: Party Mode and Ranked Mode respectively. While you won't get any penalty for quitting while playing in Party Mode, Ranked Mode will see more of a decrease.

First of all, you will lose more points toward your Rank than simply losing the match, meaning you'll go down the numbers pretty quickly. Then, the match is counted as a loss to you and a victory for the other person. One thing to note about ARMS is the fact that you cannot hit the Home button while playing online. The only way to leave mid-game is to physically turn off the console, which is rarely at your fingertips while playing this game (you won't be playing it in handheld mode).

1 Rocket League

via: amazon.co.uk

Rocket League is one of the most fast-paced games you can play today. Taking the role of rocket cars as you try and smack a ball into another person's goal seems stupid on paper, but is excellent in reality. Because of the nature of the game, it has spawned both a ranked and a casual community.

While there is no deserter penalty for casual play, the blow is softened by the fact that anyone can join any match in progress, so you won't be down a player for long. If you leave a Ranked match, then you will be banned from that mode for 15 minutes. It's not a massive penalty, and it will probably only work for those who only want to play Ranked. That said, at least Psyonix has done something to penalize rage quitters.

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