15Sam & Max: Season One (Wii)

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Sam and Max Save The World is a joyful adventure game full of charm and humour which features a detective dog teaming with a rabbit to solve a variety of crimes. The Nintendo Wii version is more or less the same thing, except that it adds several unnecessary obstacles to

the experience. The lesser of the game’s problem is the awkwardness of using the Wii remote as a cursor. Some of the puzzles require a lot of accuracy and while the remote is neat when it comes to sports games or general shaking motions, it feels too floaty here. There’s also the cursor’s tendency to get jammed at the bottom of your screen if you accidentally point outside your television and the constant slowdowns every time you interact with an object.

The biggest issue with Sam and Max for Wii is its unfortunate habit of freezing in the middle of a puzzle, with the only solution being a complete reset of the console. The game’s autosave feature stops this port from being totally unplayable, although it is not for a lack of trying. Have I mentioned that the developers had to compress the textures to fit on WiiWare, giving the game an unpleasant fuzziness? Good writing can only take you so far.

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